'Decadent Western Brony'

Dear invinciblemaozedong and other concerned parties,

First off, thank you for the most charming insult I’ve received in a long time! I will be sure to use it copiously.

As to my political affiliation, this has never been a secret and I am happy to clarify the matter to anyone who bothers to ask. I have been a member of Workers World Party for almost 24 years, including spending some years as a managing editor of its central organ, Workers World newspaper. 

Finally (and not for the first time), I can’t resist observing that of all the weighty controversies addressed on this blog – Stalin, North Korea, sex work, Ukraine, etc. – nothing causes more drama than when I make a rare pony-related post to interject some humor. 

(BTW, I have two young daughters who got me hooked on My Little Pony, but I have absolutely no problem with childless Bronies. It’s the most girl-powered show on U.S. television and very endearing, despite its toy-company origins.)

Best wishes for Hearthswarming Eve, everypony!



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my brain just produced the words "what if fyml and minisoc are married" and I share my intrusive thoughts on anon to cope

the fact that this is, potentially possible really scares me

What you won't see on CNN about the venezuelan "peaceful protests"
This post was submitted to FYML. The author wishes to remain anonymous due to harassment from the right-wing.

I am a venezuelan and I am tired of seeing CNN and other media lie about the attacks of the opposition to fit the narrative of peaceful students fighting against an opressive government when it’s so far from the truth.

While there’s many people in the opposition who would never take part in violence and want the protests to stop so that all venezuelans can find a democratic solution for our problems the most violent extremist have no qualms about silencing their own people or intimidate them.

I want to show you how many opposition protesters think and why the government calls them fascist

External image

For the people who don’t understand spanish I will translate the tweets:

  • @__LeoDice:  I want a concentration camp, for chavistas :)
  • @metocaslaflauta: Feeling like killing chavistas :D
  • @A_ndreina: Dear God please take away this desire to kill chavistas… Amen
  • @Alxndr_e: Venezuela needs to start creating concentration camps to annihilate chavistas! Cont..
  • @AdriianaQ: @yireRamirezR I want to kill chavistas
  • @PeteerGarcia: @DaniiVeren Wanting to go out and kill chavistas
  • @TheStroks: @JailinOver let’s make a concentration camp for chavistas and kill them and that’s it.

That sounds horrible coming from “peaceful students” right? but there’s more

External image

Again I’m translating:

  • @Eddnav: @NelsonBocaranda all chavistas are an embarrassment, we’ll have to build a concentration camp for them when this governement crumbles
  • @VerchkaCrespo: I hope one day it will be born a venezuelan Hitler to put all chavistas in a concentration camp
  • @HitlerCriollo: Venezuela needs a concentration camp for chavistas
  • @MariVasquezG: We should build a concentration camp, get all the chavistas “enchufados” (that’s an insult that opposition leaders call chavistas, it means corrupt or someone that’s only in the government for money) there and then burn them
  • @jesusalbertopl: When the usurper falls we’re gonna have to hunt down all those chavistas politicians re-open Guasina an old concentration camp and lock them up
  • @OrlandoWTF: I would love to be president and get all those chavistas in a concentration camp!
  • @cristoepueblo: fucking disgusting chavistas, someone still doubts that what they should suffer is an holocaust? We should lock them up in a camp and that’s it!

One of the first tweets is replying to @NelsonBocaranda, this guy is a journalist who has promoted violence against chavistas and encourages the opposition to share chavistas’ personal information on social media in what has been lately known as “Mision Sapo” this has resulted in many chavistas reporting threats and harrassment. For example:

External image

The censored parts are personal information, above you can see the harrassment and how the opposition uses the Guy Fawkes symbol of anonymous to share personal information of a chavista resident of Las Palmas, a neighbourhood in Caracas.

  • @PALMAS_ANONIMO: @JessiMariMG you’ll never get out of your house again feeling safe… oops or maybe from your apartment ******
  • @PALMAS_ANONIMO: @JessiMariMGfor being a fucking bitch… apathetic.
  • @PALMAS_ANONIMO: @JessiMariMG good morning Jessica ****** Mena ******…. Welcome to your nightmare..

The harrassment is not only on twitter or facebook

External image

“Chavistas from Morro you will never sleep peacefully again.” That was written in a chavista home. The opposition also hangs dummies or dolls that are dressed and styled to look like chavistas or like Chavez and Maduro.

External image

The picture above was taken during a protest while Maria Corina Machado, one of the opposition leaders, talked to the people, she was completely ok with this display of hate. Today, 21/03, she is talking to the OAS.

And that’s just a tiny example of the true nature of some protesters. What’s worse is that chavistas have every reason to fear the opposition since the number of deaths linked to the cleaning of the barricades (called guarimbas in venezuela) is rising as the opposition gets more frustrated with the lack of military help from USA. The opposition extremists even go so far as to threaten or physically harm anyone who dares to move their barricades when people just want to be able to go to work or to school. In the guarimbas they hang wires across the streets so that they can kill or harm motorcyclists who are specially targeted and stigmatized as criminals or chavistas (which to the opposition seems to be the same) even if they’re just regular people going to work

External image

In this video you can watch the struggle of a communty living with guarimbas, in the minute 4:25 you can see the moment the protesters (called guarimberos) start shooting against the people and only stop once the GNB (Bolivarian National Guards) arrives. At least 30 people have died due to not being able to get to a hospital because the guarimberos wouldn’t let them go through. 6 GNB, cops and other public workers have died in the violent protests. 8 people have died because they tried to clean the barricades/guarimbas.

The last (and probably the most horrible) action they have committed is burning the UNEFA, a public university and one of the first universities founded in Chavez government.

This is when the fire first started:

External image

And this is how it looks now

External image

External image

What kind of student protests would attack an university?

Is this democratic?

Is this peaceful?

Welcome new followers!

This weekend Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism passed 11,000 followers. The number has doubled in a little over a year.

My goal was to create a blog that balanced exploring the rich and varied history of the international communist movement with the living struggles of the working class and oppressed peoples today. 

Most important, I wanted to demonstrate to the Tumblr community (and beyond) that communism is a living, breathing, fighting movement in the world today.  

I’m proud to hear from so many of you that you love the blog and value it as a resource to your own revolutionary thought and activism. And others I’m proud to piss off on a regular basis. 

For me, the best thing about FYML has been discovering other revolutionary Tumblrs from all over the world, from Turkey and Chile, to Egypt and Britain, to Pakistan and the former Soviet Union, and right here in the belly of the beast. 

I wish I could follow and reblog all of you. Since I can’t possibly do so, I invite you to contribute photos, documents, and reports of the class struggles you are involved in.

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what do you think of fuckyeahmarxismlenism's endorsement of north korea?

It’s reprehensible obviously, but not surprising - I think it’s good to be reminded that when these people talk about “socialism” they mean a system similar to that in North Korea…it helps if you’re ever tempted to take them seriously about anything.

Nothing surprises me since I had that argument with some tankies on here, not fyml but some others, redbirch and one I don’t remember, they were saying that Robert Mugabe was some sort of working class hero and giving him all this praise…it’s a different planet these guys are on…

Story about Kim Jong-un's uncle being fed to dogs originated with satirist

Lurid story about Jang-Song-theak’s death apparently first appeared in satirical post on Chinese social media network.

The story, which was first reported by a Hong Kong tabloid and then picked up in the western press, apparently originated with a satirical post on a Chinese social media network, turning a thinly-sourced horror story into an astonishing example of the media echo chamber gone awry.

Think about the succession of lies just in the past year – Kim Jong Un plans to nuke the U.S., Kim Jong Un had people executed for watching south Korean TV shows, 60 percent of north Koreans are meth addicts, Kim Jong Un had his uncle devoured by 120 dogs – I’m sure there are more.

Why does the imperialist media keeping dishing out this kind of bullshit? 

When working people are bombarded with the demonization constantly, even if they recognize certain instances are unbelievable, it has a cumulative effect – “Korea MUST be awful because some of the stories must be true.” The Korean people are turned into subhumans that are a perfect target for a war of mass destruction.

That is why we must combat this war propaganda at every turn. - FYML