Commissions Closed Permanently

Commissions (after this current batch is complete) will be closed permanently. Time just isn’t allowing for as much commission work on the weekends as I would like, and it’s not fair to make people wait so long for updates for paid work. I’ll be redirecting my efforts back to personal art and prints, tutorials and ‘follow along’ streams, and expanding out to more conventions in the coming year.

I currently have a list of commissions in progress on my DeviantArt front page. This will be updated every other weekend until all commissions are complete.

Thanks to all those that have supported me and helped me grow as an artist! And sorry to all those that were hoping for commissions! I’ll definitely arrange some YCH auctions and follower give aways before the end of the year. Keep an eye out!

(( I’m sorry dudes! My hand is KILLING me. I’ll go on a mini hiatus, just until it’ll stop hurting. It may take a day or two, it may take a week. I’m not sure, but don’t worry! This blog, and the other one is NOT dead! I just want to make sure I’ll be actually ABLE to use it to draw instead of exhausting it so it won’t be able to. ))

Heads Up

If you have an iPhone, downloaded iOS 8.4, and signed up for the new Apple Music free 3-month trial, here is something you should do:

1. Go to the top left corner and click that button.
2. Click “View Apple ID.”
3. Under Subscriptions, click “Manage.”
4. Click “Apple Music Membership.”
5. Uncheck “Auto Renew.”

You have now saved yourself hundreds of dollars in frustration that you might not have realized until far beyond your 3-month free trial is over.

Is it ok to paint my turtles shell? Answer: NO!  I get many asks about painting a tortoise or turtle’s shell. “Whats the big deal? Isn’t it like painting your nails?” NO. There are several reasons this is extremely detrimental to their well being:
  • You’re blocking UV rays from being absorbed, this impedes their ability to get the needed vitamins for healthy growth from sun/light, etc! Without UVB they aren’t able to metabolize calcium.
  • Chemicals from the paint can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the shell and can taint the water the animal soaks in, being even more directly absorbed into the blood stream.
  • The fumes alone can cause respiratory issues, one of the leading causes of death in turtles and tortoises.
  • For wild turtles and tortoises? You are not only harming them with chemicals and inability to absorb needed vitamins, you are taking away their natural ability to avoid predators. 
These are just some basics on why its simply not ok to paint a turtle or tortoise. We’ve got to remember that the shell isn’t like a “hat” , Turtles and tortoises aren’t living in a cardboard box they walk around wearing. Their shell is like their skin.  About The Turtles In the photo  (Source: & Wildlife Center of Virginia) WAYNESBORO, Va. — Please stop painting turtles. That is the message The Wildlife Center of Virginia has for people who might find a turtle wandering through their yard. The center posted that message online this week after a Lynchburg woman found an adult Eastern Box Turtle covered in pink latex paint. “Other than the paint, the turtle was in good condition and had no injuries,”  The Wildlife Center said. “Staff [members] began short scrubbing sessions each day to remove the latex paint; within a week, the team had most of the paint removed. The turtle should be able to be released in the spring. Turtles must be released back into their small home range for the best chance of survival.”

The Wildlife Center said it had experience dealing with painted turtles.

“In 2013, a very bright and colorfully painted turtle was admitted from the Natural Chimneys Campground,” the center said.

To hammer home its point, the center created Wilson’s “Turtle Promise.” It urged people to leave turtles alone and not to keep a wild turtle as a pet.

Click here to read more “turtle tips” from the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

conversation i just overheard my brother and his best friend having while they were playing video games
  • friend:yeah like i kinda get the one direction thing now... harry styles is a legend and we should respect him
  • brother:i know he's so cool
  • friend:like... he bagged taylor swift and kendall jenner
  • brother:he's gay he's like fuckin engaged to another dude in the band i've already told you this
  • friend:taylor swift like wrote songs about him tho
  • brother:that's not even confirmed man
  • friend:i saw a picture of him looking at her butt once
  • brother:taylor swift doesn't even have a butt...
  • friend:he was looking at it!
  • friend:dude just let it go like he's not gay. he and that other guy are probably just really good friends. like we can be pretty gay sometimes too, you know?
  • brother:you're telling me you would get like ten matching tattoos with me
  • friend:what the fuck they have matching tattoos?
  • brother:i've told you about this!

Know Safa Idriss Nour (then & now)

Super model Waris Dirie Somali model insisted Safa Idriss Nour, the child who played her suffering FGM in biopic, had to be spared the same fate

When she was three years old, Safa Idriss Nour received something no girl in her slum in Djibouti had been given before – a signed contract from her parents stating they would never inflict genital mutilation on her.

In Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, an estimated 98% of girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM), a procedure that usually involves cutting off the clitoris and some of the labia, so this was a remarkable event. Equally remarkable is the story of how Nour came to get the contract and, indeed, of her battle to ensure that her parents stuck to the terms of the deal.

Nour starred in a film adaptation of Desert Flower, the international bestselling autobiography by Somali model and anti-FGM activist Waris Dirie. Published in 1997, her first book follows Dirie from her birth into a nomadic family in Somalia – from whom she fled, aged 13, after her father attempted to marry her to a 60-year-old man – to her becoming an international supermodel.

In 2007, Nour was asked to play the young Dirie as she undergoes FGM – on condition that her parents sign a contract agreeing never to perform the same ritualistic operation on her (keep reading)

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

Blingee is closing down

From their website:

Dear Blingee Fans,

After more than 130 million Blingees made, the time has come for Blingee to ride off into the sunset. It’s been an amazing 9 years, from the simple idea of making it easier to create animated images, to the explosion of creativity we have seen, and the wonderful and lively community that grew around it. Thank you for your passionate support over the years.

Before we close the site down, we wanted to give you the opportunity to save your Blingees to your computer. Here’s how:

  1. From your account Dasboard, select ‘My Blingees’ from the navigation column on the right side
  2. Choose the “< >” icon on the Share line for the Blingee you wish to download
  3. Click on 'Get Code or Download’ for the size you want
  4. Click the “Download this Blingee” button on the right side of the page
  5. Repeat for the Blingees and sizes you wish to keep

The site will be turned off on August 25th, so please grab your Blingees before then.

If you have any questions or would like to share some thoughts, please join this forum thread

Thanks again for being one of the best communities on the internet! We wish you all the very best!

The Blingee Team