Bioware @ Solavellan’s: “Sure is a nice healing scab you have there :) “

Solavellan’s: “Please dont..” 

Bioware: “Would be a shame if someone were to …”

Solavellan’s: “W-we still haven’t recovered from the previous heartbr-”

Bioware: :) … *rips* …. :))) 

(My personal predictions for the Closure we will all be waiting on)


I’m trying to keep up with all the awesome messages and tags that you all have sent me, but between prepping for a giant vacation, wrangling three kids, and work coming to a close this week things have just been CRAZY. I’m here, I’m trying, and I’ll probably much more active in the late evenings this next week.

[;;hey! I won’t be on tonight except to maybe lurk a little or reblog some things. I’m doing a big move tomorrow and I’m still packing of course xD – be back soon!]

For anon!

I do NOT fit in this anymore but I made it when the album came out in 2006 so I’ve got 9 years of pudge on ANYWAY. 

Yep. Bullets armband to go with it. Remember your roots. BONUS PHOTOS of me at 16 in October 2007 at a meet-and-greet at Vintage Vinyl in NJ. Yes, those are Mikey’s glasses from that era. Yes, my face is embarrassing. Yes, Frankie and I took a selfie:

Heads Up

If you have an iPhone, downloaded iOS 8.4, and signed up for the new Apple Music free 3-month trial, here is something you should do:

1. Go to the top left corner and click that button.
2. Click “View Apple ID.”
3. Under Subscriptions, click “Manage.”
4. Click “Apple Music Membership.”
5. Uncheck “Auto Renew.”

You have now saved yourself hundreds of dollars in frustration that you might not have realized until far beyond your 3-month free trial is over.


uswnt by club teams

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PSA: our iPhones are restarting bc of the tumblr app!

i deleted the app yesterday and my iphone has not restarted since. i spoke with jeff from apple support and he ran a diagnostic which showed that tumblr has been crashing many times.

if you want your phone to stop restarting itself, then delete the tumblr app and wait for tumblr to fix it with an update! if you don’t want to delete the tumblr app, i suggest you download xkit or just suffer with the restarts.

staff david pls fix

FYI, folks, if you receive an email from a sender that seems to be Paypal that looks like the following:

Do not open it. This is a scam / fishing / malicious attempt. “Paypal” is spelled with a capital “i” and references an issue with your account in an attempt to look legit, but if you hover over the sender name (if you are using Outlook), you will see the sender is not legit at all. Just delete the email, don’t open it.