Light and Noise have posted a live set of Converge from FYF 2012.

SMD @ FYF 2012 

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Thu 11 Oct - Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin, DE
Fri 12 Oct - The Warehouse Project, Manchester, UK
Thu 18 Oct - Paradiso Grote Zaal, Amsterdam, NL
Fri 19 Oct - Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Cologne, DE
Sat 20 Oct - Ubel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, DE
Sat 27 Oct - Fire, London, UK
Fri 2 Nov - L'Usine, Geneva, CH
Sat 3 Nov - Pitchfork Music Festival, Paris, FR
Thu 8 Nov - Twisted Pepper, Dublin, Ireland
Fri 9 Nov - Limelight, Belfast, UK
Sat 10 Nov - The Arches, Glasgow, UK
Sat 17 Nov - Masque, Liverpool, UK
Fri 30 Nov - Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, CA, US
Sat 1 Dec - Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA, US
Sun 2 Dec - Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR, US
Mon 3 Dec - Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room, Seattle, WA, US
Tue 4 Dec - Venue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Thu 6 Dec - Webster Hall, New York, US
Fri 7 Dec - Vouyeur, Philadelphia, PA, US
Sat 8 Dec - Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC, US
Tue 11 Dec - Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA, US
Thu 13 Dec - Club Soda, Montreal, QC, Canada
Fri 14 Dec - Toronto, ON, Canada
Sat 15 Dec - Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL, US
Sun 16 - Wed 19 Dec - SS Coachella, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Mon 31 Dec - XOYO, London, UK


White Fence: And By Always

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fyf 2012


“Jane Doe / Dark Horse” - Converge.
FYF 2012.

Today has been a weird day and all I can think about is how I want to relive this night at FYF. Converge opened their set with “Jane Doe” which is one of my favorite songs they have ever written. Their whole set was incredible and the only thing better than their set was the fact that American Nightmare played right afterwards on the same stage. I didn’t even have to lose my spot right in front/against the barrier. How often do you get to see two of your favorite bands play in one night? American Nightmare and Converge speak to me like no other bands can.


FYF Fest 2012
this seems like a verrry long time ago

I guess I would like to start off by saying, FUCK YEAH FEST is rightfully named. 

It was superb and I actually enjoyed it more than the last musical festival I went to.

What i liked was arriving to the park with my friends and finding myself being handed a FYF tote bag with cool goods inside, a carton bottle (it looked like everyone was drinking milk the entire weekend) water in a milk carton look alike thingy. because people, boxed water is better for the earth. along with the boxed water there was an FYF iPhone case… to bad i don’t have an iPhone. but I’m going to save it for when i die someone can throw in an iPhone in my tomb with this iPhone care. Also there were some earplugs so our ears wouldn’t explode at Lightning Bolt and Cloud Nothings and Converge and Refused and all those bands that could possibly make your ears explode. The free tote bag made me happy :) it was funny seeing everyone with their tote bags and drinking water from the boxed cartons, it looked like everyone was drinking milk. Pretty neat.

Above is attached a picture of Nancy and yo con Paul Banks.

I missed seeing Wild Nothing to go to Paul Banks . Was is worth it? Absolutely. There is no doubt.  Paul Banks doing a signing is a rarity, it is like catching a nun running around in underwear screaming “i regret not taking that shot of vodka”   Irrelevant. I’m sorry.

I made sure to sit under a tree an hour before the signing began, i eyed the origami vinyl stand (where Paul was going to sign at) like an eagle. When i saw fans starting their line at the table i made sure to hurry myself over there. Got a great spot in the line and Nans and I waited for Vic and Bryan to hurry back from Joyce Manor. They got back right on time and Paul was being escorted in a cool golf car thingy whatever they’re called. I noticed many of the fans standing in line were Latinos. When Paul got off the cart one of the homies a bit behind me yelled out “ CHINGON!!” where Paul looked up and smiled at him. :) I’m glad i saw that. I wonder if he notices that he has a strong latino fan base, i think that makes him happy. He lived in Mexico during some of his high school years and he learned about our culture and I think that is why many of us like about him above sooo many other things. 

It was finally our turn to meet him. Nancy and I with out stuff to get signed. Fudgesicles man… Paul was just patiently sitting there. I don’t know how to describe his presence but he is some elegant “chingon”  .  Poise.  I don’t know. But he was just sitting there but the way he sat , i might be crazy but idk. and his EYES. They were so lively, they were observing and when he looked at you it made you feel for an instance that you were part of a moment in his life. I said hello . and couldn’t stop smiling. I accepted the idea that i would not be able to tell him anything special or rare, everyone i am sure had said everything that i was thinking and everything that i wanted to say at the moment. So i decided to keep my face and just smile, I wanted to enjoy it. All i did was smile (smile a lot ) and say thank you twice in Egnlish and that last time I said it in Spanish “GRACIAS” a strong gracias, i didnt mind at that moment if my gracias came out in a deeper voice than normal, hey it was the last thing i would every tell him. He said in his voice, a strong “ De Nada”  I shook his hand.  All of that. 

that was all i needed. 

I left happy. 

Vic and Bryan were next to meet him. Paul complimented vic on his Mr. Shake shirt. He asked him if he had made it.  

I wasn’t prepared for anything of this, it was a surprise.

am i pleased? 

NO, I want it to happen all over again.

But was I happy when it all happened? NO, I was more than Happy.

I was ecstatic+happy.  I was Ecstappy. 

Now I’m sad it is over, but hey. maybe another surprise like yesterdays can happen in another few years. 

I thank you, Paul Banks for supplying me with enough happiness to last a lifetime through your music.  

Three years in a row i have seen you and hope this is a set continuum. 




Refused is ripping up every show on their 2012 reunion tour including their stellar performance at FYF - Dennis Lyxzen told the crowd “it took us 20 years to get to LA” along with sharing many other heartfelt emotions between song. These guys kicked ass.

NOTE: I usually do not shoot videos from the pit because of sound issues and not being able to show the performance from the audiences perspective BUT I broke my cardinal rule and shot from the pit frequently at FYF this year. It was jut the way the day panned out for me. Hope you enjoy this just the same.

FYF Highlights that Made Me Believe in Music Festivals Again

Fuck Yeah Fest was advertised as the “best weekend of the summer.”  My hopes and excitement were mild, based on previous events at Coachella.  But it turns out, the marketing was accurate.  In addition to the fact that I wasn’t sexually assaulted this time around, the crowd was much more chill, the line-up, stacked, and I didn’t see a single used tampon the entire weekend!

Here are various highlights:

  • Slamming Svedka/Coke Zeroes outside of the gates and making gross faces as security watches and patiently waits - Shots at noon followed by drinking Coke Zero bottles filled with more vodka than pop, and then taking the the empty bottles through security and using them for water receptacles throughout the festival.  Rules are rules, bitch.  
  • Biking to the festival - It felt great, biking through Chinatown traffic to get to the festival.  Saw Premium Rush last weekend, which I guess influenced me to weave drunkenly through cars like an asshole. 
  • John Maus jacking our shit up - John Maus was the perfect first act to see.  He was intense as fuck, and the crowd went crazy.  He sporadically punched himself in the eye, like, a bunch of times, throughout the entire show. 
  • The soft pretzels from the food vendor - Bought two of these fuckers each day, and they served as sufficient sustenance for the entirety of the festival.  Felt delightfully trashy when I would reach into my bag, in the middle of a show to break off a piece, and stuff it in my face.  Also entertaining to empty all of the salt from my backpack at the end of each night.
  • Neil Hamburger totally shitting on EVERYONE at the festival - Fact: Neil Hamburger does not like hipsters or Dinosaur Jr.

  • Eric Andre Show live - Overall, a mixed review, but it was amazing and surreal to watch him cut off the Octamom, mid sentence, and yell: “holy fuck, it’s the middle point of the show!” and watch him tear off his clothing, destroy his desk (for the 2nd time), run through the audience with a wiffle ball bat, and pour an entire gallon of milk over his head.  All while The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Tatyana Ali watched from side stage.
  • Warpaint giving me a physical and cerebral boner - First off, they’re all hot as shit.  Second, their music is fucking beautiful and hypnotic and I nearly jizzed my pants.  Perfect every time I see them.
  • Watching this kid’s vibe get totally harshed, when he got hassled trying to smoke “like, the smallest bowl ever” next to this pregnant woman, before the Warpaint set - Sorry, brah.
  • Sean’s relentless down for whatever attitude - One of the best festival buddies ever.  Down for any show, at any time, and down for a taxingly efficient and brutal set-time plan that includes minimal rest/eating/bathroom breaks.  
  • Purity Ring melting our fucking faces and making us question if anything else in life is worth our time - Sacrificed seeing Sleigh Bells to see them again and it was totally worth it.  Played the entire album underneath a full moon with an incredibly trippy, home-made light show.  I was totally disoriented after the show, as if I just got the shit fucked out of me.
  • Hearing this Cholo Mexican dude next to me singing along to Purity Ring, in a high pitched voice, catching himself, and stopping - This happened twice.
  • My badass iron bladder that totally did me a solid - So like, I didn’t have to piss the entirety of the first day.  I was like, damn, that’s weird, but I pissed like a race horse on our way out, at the end of the night.  I realized that my bladder is a fucking boss that went into hibernation and was totally in tune with my mind.  This is probz incredibly unhealthy.
  • Regressing into an angsty Jewish 15 year old boy, when I saw Cursive - Waited 10 years to finally see Cursive and even though I haven’t listened to them in years, I remembered every word of every song and sang my fucking guts out.  I almost called my High School girlfriend to tell her fuck you/love you/hate you, just for old time’s sake.
  • The giant smoke cloud coming from the 4,000 acre wildfire in the distance - There’s something about an impending sense of doom that makes a music festival feel even more euphoric.     
  • The shameless, sweat drenched Glass Candy dance party, complete with endless crowd surfing - An Italo-Disco synth pop set with the intensity of an incredibly violent thrash show.  There was moshing, violent dancing bordering on trampling rioting, and dozens of people crowd surfing over and over, including the gorgeous lead singer, twice.  Sean got kicked in the head and didn’t give a fuck.         
  • The gay guy next to me yelling “George, fucking fuck me you fucking gorgeous stud!” during the Twin Shadow show and eliciting a smirk from George, the lead singer, on stage - Nuff said.
  • Getting to the front for The Faint - The relentless, brutal set plan worked perfectly, so Sean and I were up front for the final show of the festival.  The show was another high energy dance party and was made even better, due to the gorgeous girls behind us who warned "just to give you a heads up, we’re probably going to be rubbing up against your booty the entire show.“  They proceeded to do so, numerously, and apologized for it.  Also, this other girl jumped off of the stage and face planted into the front gaurd rail, less than 10 feet to my right.  It was hilarious.  She was fine, I think.   


Purity Ring playing Ungirthed at FYF 2012