1056. Lily taught the boys how to play truth or dare but immediately regretted it because James used it as a means to pressure anyone who played with him to do something extreme. That's how Peter found himself naked all night on top of the astronomy tower and Sirius and Lupin found themselves making out to him cheering in the background and Lily found herself over and over again forced to name all the things she loved about him or confess her love for him in public. He was bloody brilliant at it.

This is a snippet from the STB Spirk fic I was talking about - I was already thinking about it when that K/S turbolift scene post cropped up on my dash and I took that as a sign to start writing. It was originally going to be a one-shot, but I’m seriously considering exploring the entire movie from an Spirk standpoint. Thoughts?

“Your heart really wasn’t in this, was it?

Spock blinked. “My heart,” he repeated, brow furrowing slightly.

“It’s a saying, Spock,” Jim said with the barest hint of a sigh, leaning back in his chair to down the remainder of his whisky. “What I mean is you seem preoccupied. In fact, you’ve been quieter than usual for a few weeks now.” His gaze swept Spock’s face, noting again the absence of any kind of reaction to his words. “If you need someone to talk to… I’m here.”

“I do not believe that talking would resolve the situation.”

Jim hesitated, unsure how far to push, but he decided to at least broach the subject. “Is this about Uhura? I heard that you two broke up… I’m sorry.”

“No apology is necessary. It was a mutual decision.”


“Indeed.” Spock abruptly rose from his chair. “If you will excuse me, Captain, I shall return to my quarters to meditate before I retire.”

“Spock.” Jim jumped to his feet and, without thinking, reached out to catch his hand. It was only meant to prevent Spock from leaving, but it had rather more of an effect. Standing so close, Jim heard the sharp inhale of breath and saw the way Spock’s eyes widened. In the moment, he’d forgotten that Vulcans were touch-telepaths. Cursing his stupidity, Jim snatched his hand away as though he’d been burned. He could only hope that he hadn’t let too much slip during those few seconds of contact, but he feared that the hope blossoming in his chest had been hard to miss. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“There was no discomfort to speak of. However I did sense that you, too, are perturbed.”

Damn it. “Yeah, well… that goes with being a starship captain, I guess.”

“Can be of assistance?”

“I don’t think so, Spock. I just… ” He shook his head, giving the whole evening up as a bad idea. “Never mind. I’ll let you go meditate.”

Attempting to step back, he stumbled and Spock was instantly there, long fingers closing around his upper arm to steady him. Jim’s heart skipped a beat as he found himself almost nose to nose with Spock, who showed no signs of removing his hand.


Gazing into the dark eyes locked with his, Jim felt like he was standing at the edge of a precipice. He didn’t know if Spock would catch him or not, but the numerous glasses of whisky in his belly made him bold enough to jump.

mckirk veterinarian au (snippet #3)

A/N:  I honestly thought I had shared more bits of this fic (and that people were probably like, omg, all right already, we’ve had enough of it, stahhhhp!  But as the last time I shared any was in early May, apparently I’ve been keeping it under wraps for no particular reason.  Have a little more of Jim trying to get with hot veterinarian Leonard McCoy! ~368 words.

“Oh!  Hey!” Jim jumps up when Bones walks in unexpectedly, sending his phone clattering to the floor.  "When I checked in at the front desk, they told me you weren’t around?“

Bones rolls his eyes and bends to pick it up.  "It’s been a hell of a busy day. But we had a cancellation, so here I am.”  He hands the phone back to Jim and his fingers brush Jim’s knuckles.  "Anyway.  You ready to meet this new guinea pig?“

"You know I am,” Jim exclaims, taking a step forward.  Somehow he catches the chair with his back foot and stumbles, but he manages to twist around and grapple with the chair so he doesn’t knock it over.

“All right, just calm down.  Stay still and don’t break anything,” Bones advises before he leaves the room.

Jim gives himself a full-body shake to get himself back in the game and prepares to smile at full wattage as soon as Bones returns.

“This here is Anthony,” Bones tells Jim as he re-enters and sets the container with the new guinea pig it down on the examination table.  "He’s up to date on all his shots and in good health.  You’d just have to do that quarantine and gradual introduction to Duchess that we discussed.  I know Christine gathered a set of pamphlets explaining everything for you, so hang on while I dig them out.“

"He’s actually pretty cute,” Jim admits as Bones turns away.  Anthony has begun to sniff the air and scuttles forward a couple of centimeters, showing off his mostly caramel coat.  He has one little fluffed up white patch, right on the top of his head.  It makes him look like he’s styled himself the guinea pig version of a faux-hawk.

Bones turns holding a sheath of papers and glances at him.  "I’d figured you already thought guinea pigs are cute, seeing as how you have one.“ 

"Oh, yeah, yeah.  Super cute,” Jim says absently, his eyes scanning from the wary expression on Bones’s handsome face to his fitted black v-neck sweater that Jim wants to slip his hands under.  "I definitely want him bad.“