This is a snippet from the STB Spirk fic I was talking about - I was already thinking about it when that K/S turbolift scene post cropped up on my dash and I took that as a sign to start writing. It was originally going to be a one-shot, but I’m seriously considering exploring the entire movie from an Spirk standpoint. Thoughts?

“Your heart really wasn’t in this, was it?

Spock blinked. “My heart,” he repeated, brow furrowing slightly.

“It’s a saying, Spock,” Jim said with the barest hint of a sigh, leaning back in his chair to down the remainder of his whisky. “What I mean is you seem preoccupied. In fact, you’ve been quieter than usual for a few weeks now.” His gaze swept Spock’s face, noting again the absence of any kind of reaction to his words. “If you need someone to talk to… I’m here.”

“I do not believe that talking would resolve the situation.”

Jim hesitated, unsure how far to push, but he decided to at least broach the subject. “Is this about Uhura? I heard that you two broke up… I’m sorry.”

“No apology is necessary. It was a mutual decision.”


“Indeed.” Spock abruptly rose from his chair. “If you will excuse me, Captain, I shall return to my quarters to meditate before I retire.”

“Spock.” Jim jumped to his feet and, without thinking, reached out to catch his hand. It was only meant to prevent Spock from leaving, but it had rather more of an effect. Standing so close, Jim heard the sharp inhale of breath and saw the way Spock’s eyes widened. In the moment, he’d forgotten that Vulcans were touch-telepaths. Cursing his stupidity, Jim snatched his hand away as though he’d been burned. He could only hope that he hadn’t let too much slip during those few seconds of contact, but he feared that the hope blossoming in his chest had been hard to miss. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“There was no discomfort to speak of. However I did sense that you, too, are perturbed.”

Damn it. “Yeah, well… that goes with being a starship captain, I guess.”

“Can be of assistance?”

“I don’t think so, Spock. I just… ” He shook his head, giving the whole evening up as a bad idea. “Never mind. I’ll let you go meditate.”

Attempting to step back, he stumbled and Spock was instantly there, long fingers closing around his upper arm to steady him. Jim’s heart skipped a beat as he found himself almost nose to nose with Spock, who showed no signs of removing his hand.


Gazing into the dark eyes locked with his, Jim felt like he was standing at the edge of a precipice. He didn’t know if Spock would catch him or not, but the numerous glasses of whisky in his belly made him bold enough to jump.


Becourt Military Cemetery, Somme. by Nick J Stone
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OK guys so for this week’s Fan Writers’ Wednesday imma tell you about @canoncanoff who is in so many ways the writer I wanna be when I grow up. The first thing I ever read of Sam’s was, I think, this, which blew my mind. My absolute favourites of her stuff are this and this. And this which destroyed me. Dean!girls, read this and this. Sam!girls, read this and this. Honestly, guys, I swear to god, Sam is one of the stars of kinky fanfic as far as I’m concerned and she can do no fucking wrong.

When I finally clued in that like alllll these fics I was finding and loving on ao3 were by Sam (her handle back then was @superwhocrankthatsouljaboy), I found her 100 Kinks Masterlist and pretty much mainlined the whole thing. Please do yourself a favour and check it out! Tons of SPN but also some DW and Sherlock (and crossover) and multifold variations of het/slash/poly. 

Sam’s blog is also where I first saw the phenomenon of sexy little asks and, guys, if you have not devoured these till you’re dizzy and blueballed, you h a v e n o t l i v e d. She’s got sexy little asks for every possible taste. 

The great and astounding thing about Sam is twofold: she writes so so many different pairings and kinks, and she can make ANYTHING hot. I admire her so fucking much on both these points. I have read things that I NEVER thought I’d find hot, like, things that if you’d asked me ‘is this gonna do it for you?’ I would have laughed in your face, and I’ve loved them. She is just that good. 

Don’t walk, run.