((Greetiiiings all of you awesome followers and friends.  Probably either not going to be able to or will be extremely slow in getting back to posts today.

Let us just leave it at “reasons”.  I apologize and I will try to get back to you all tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience and for RPing with me!  You are all pretty great (yes even those of you I have not talked to yet.)))

kvotheunkvothe  asked:

Fitz, Fool, Patience, Verity, Kettricken, Chade


Push Fitz off a cliff (but go get him after. besides he’s rather endured worse so he’ll be all right)
Kiss the Fool
Marry Patience
Set Vuh HUH HUHHHH noo i can’t write it nooo i can’t say “set Verity on Fire” even tho technically it wouldn’t harm him bu NoThoHTgnbor ghrhghb nr oo, no ok never mind i am not answering this question and instead i’m going to light a fire FOR Verity so that he can relax and roast weenies over it, i dunno. goddamn. nooooo i love Verity but i don’t want to set anyone else on fire D:
Wrap a Blanket around Kettricken
Be Roommates with Chade

aaah no
hrm hrm
i’d prefer to wrap a blanket around him or be roommates but since he’s sort of [SPOILER REDACTED] neither of those things would really work and KVOTHE DAmN YOU NOW I AM SAD

not irreparably tho. to kiss the Fool is a balm indeed u3u

kvotheunkvothe  asked:


AND MIRIAM! *chomps hot dog*

Cathy’s duvet smelled sweet. It had just been washed. It was fluffy and poofy and irresistible. Miriam flopped on Cathy’s bed and buried her face in it. Muffled, grateful cackling rose from the mounds of fabric.
“I haven’t touched a bed in three weeks,” she mumbled into the mattress. “I’ve been on hard-packed earth the whole damn time.”
Cathy sat down beside her, carefully, keeping out of the way as she inched her way up to the head of the bed to faceplant in the pillows. “That sounds awful,” Cathy commiserated.
“Horrible.” Miriam nuzzled the pillow and reached up to grab fistfuls of the pillowcase. “I haven’t touched a pillow like this for much longer.”
“Really?” That sounded like bullshit, but Miriam was an odd sort. 
“And I haven’t had a pillow fight in years,” Miriam concluded. She paused for a moment to let that sink in for a minute, arms tensing, fingers tightening in the pillowcase, prepared to spring up and determine whether or not this was actually a good idea, but before she could make any move at all she felt something soft impact the back of her head with a heavy WHOP.
“Me neither!” Cathy gathered back her pillow and bounced onto her knees as Miriam scrambled upright, bracing against another WHOP as she fumbled her pillow into position. She nearly knocked over Cathy’s bedside lamp with her wild pillow haymaker, then leapt off the bed and swatted at Cathy to get her to do the same. 
They beat each other into the living room with their pillows, giggling like twelve-year-olds. The patter of tiny startled feet could be made out amidst the whopping as Schrodinger the cat streaked away from the battlefield. It was hard to tell if anyone was winning– Miriam was more tactical, but Cathy was absolutely ruthless, caught up in the moment.
Then Cathy gave Miriam a wallop that knocked her clean off her feet. Caught by surprise, she went down like a felled tree, and landed on the couch.
“Oh my god, Miriam, are you all right?” Cathy cried, clutching the offending pillow close as if trying to prevent it from misbehaving again. “I’m so–”
Miriam cut her off by lobbing a couch cushion at her face, laughing. “No apologizing in a pillow fight!” she declared, swaying to her feet.
Cathy staggered back, but righted herself quickly and released her pillow, battering Miriam with a hailstorm of puffy strikes which she blocked handily, unable to get her own hits in before Cathy’s onslaught. 
“You’ve gotten fast!” she exclaimed, and in that one moment of laxity received a pillow to the mouth.
“I’ve got a lot of pent up rage,” said Cathy, unrelenting now. “Yah!”
It was time to play dirty, apparently. Miriam grabbed Cathy’s wrist to pull her onto the couch and rain down pillowy wrath upon her, but was met with a pillow to the back of the head. She retaliated blindly. She swung her pillow at Cathy’s head, this time, and the satisfying WHOP it made when it connected transformed into a wheezy PFOO as one of the seams ripped and the down inside burst out in a feathery explosion. 
They both stared at the ruined pillow. Cathy spat out a tiny mouthful of feathers.
“You win,” they said at the same time, then burst out laughing.

Okay so things that happened in the last week:

  • I played Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
  • Won at German test
  • Got my ass kicked by Chinese
  • Beat Revelations and cried tears of blood
  • Got really sick
  • Like I saw bile created in sixth grade kinda sick
  • Missed classes due to prior two bullets
  • Got my ass kicked on a Spanish quiz