Facts That Most Hetalians Probably Don’t Know:

-England has a tattoo of a guitar on his ass.

-France’s last name is actually pronounced “Bon-fwah,” not “Bonnie-foy.”

-Russia’s first name is pronounced “ee-vahn,” not “eye-van.”

-Sweden bought Sealand off of E-Bay.

-America’s glasses represent Texas.

-His curl also represents Nantucket Island.

-Norway’s curl represents his fjords.

-Hanatamago is a girl.

-Russia’s scarf was given to him by Ukraine when he was a child.

-Canada once made America cry by pointing out all of his imperfections.

-Estonia is modeled after Himaruya himself.

-Prussia once asked Italy out on a date, but Italy was too oblivious to notice (expertly avoided the gay.)

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Ẁ͓ ̙̲͔͢ͅH͍̗͍̝̭̥̉̐ ̾A̮̪̳̟ͦͨͥ̈́̚ ̱̝̼̻̩̊T͓̩̙̗ͨ̄̆̉ ͚͖̃̊ͨ͗͜ ̴̯̺̼̓͛̚W ̶͇̺̠̩͓ͪ̈͋É̢̐ ͈̗̩͉̅̄̍̓͊͛ͨ͝ ̭͆̉̓ ̙̬Ř̟͔̼̯̹̙ͯ̊ͨ̏ ̏E̢͖̜̦̺͔͊̌ͣͦ ̫̟̽ͮͫ͆͋A̲͈̹͈ͯ̈ͩͤ ̙̝̗̻͔̒Ļ̰͓ͤ ͈̄̅ͅL̙̙̣̖͇̬̏ ͍̬̼͓̞̫̔̏̉̔̚͜ͅY̙̫̠͓ͭ̇̈́̓̎ͧ̾ ̭͕͗͞ ̗͇Ḁ̱̙̌̈́͘ͅ ̖̳͚̻̯͔̜̓́̂̌R̫͍̅̚ ̸̺͓̝̙͙͎̉̽͗ͅE̗̥̅́̈̿

I’ve had the urge to doodle this ever since I saw @flamboyantwreck‘s Dorian Time episodes pop up on my dash and on Parle’s YouTube. Which I happen to enjoy very much.

This image was inspired specifically by a part from Chapter 2 (quoted below):

“I think, if I were Inquisitor, the crime rate would go down. Do you know why? Because I would enforce much stricter punishments.”

“What’s that? You… You blew up the Chantry?! Ten years in plaideweave!

Glorious. Truely glorious and I immediately thought of a certain feathered apostate and decided to doodle this monstrosity of an image. Ugh… plaidweave is indeed a horrendous pattern. Oh well, Anders, it’s only 10 years. Fwah, fwah, fwah ;P

(Suppose it’s a little gift-doodle for Jack… I guess.)

The story of Kane-san and Kunihiro (part 4)

☆ I received the permission from 蛇野らい to translate their comics and here’s the last installment of a four-part story! The artist is also on tumblr @ hebino and twitter!

[PIXIV LINK] Here, I am only providing the text translation. Please rate and bookmark their artwork!

Synopsis: The climax of this long story is, basically, smut. And there are 40 pages of it. For better enjoyment, please make sure you’ve read the 3 other parts.

Characters: Izuminokami Kanesada, Horikawa Kunihiro, Nikkari Aoe.

Warning: R-18!! NSFW!! MATURE!! VERY EXPLICIT!! SMUT!! Please read only if you’re legal to do so and if you’re not and you get caught, I’m in no way responsible for it.

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I'm all for top!Jungkook. Before I was indifferent towards top!Jimin but when now I cannot see Jungkook as a bottom no matter how hard I try, especially after Puberty-nimTM smashed into him with a force of a sledgehammer... Powerbottom!Jimin ftw ^^

lol the puberty card. always valid ;P

in my mind, I always think of bottom!jimin seducing the hell out of jungkook, especially with how Jimin’s been acting lately. i mean, are you even human if you can resist jimin like that? he’d probably be a complete tease and with jungkook’s tendency to be all hot-blooded and passionate…I’m sure all the tension would probably translate into a lot of aggression later… ;)