Facts That Most Hetalians Probably Don’t Know:

-England has a tattoo of a guitar on his ass.

-France’s last name is actually pronounced “Bon-fwah,” not “Bonnie-foy.”

-Russia’s first name is pronounced “ee-vahn,” not “eye-van.”

-Sweden bought Sealand off of E-Bay.

-America’s glasses represent Texas.

-His curl also represents Nantucket Island.

-Norway’s curl represents his fjords.

-Hanatamago is a girl.

-Russia’s scarf was given to him by Ukraine when he was a child.

-Canada once made America cry by pointing out all of his imperfections.

-Estonia is modeled after Himaruya himself.

-Prussia once asked Italy out on a date, but Italy was too oblivious to notice (expertly avoided the gay.)

오늘 비가 쪼륵쪼륵 내리는 고만~우리 너무 안본지 오래됐죠?ㅜㅜ 뭔가 비오니깐 감수성이 퐈~~그래서 더 보고싶어서 사진 퐈~~ 시간 늦었으니 일찍들 주무세요~~ pic.twitter.com/H79RfBIhfW

Today’s the rain been falling like jjo-reuk jjo-reuk (*sounds of rain)~ It’s been really long since we got to see each other right?ㅜㅜ Somehow with the rain the emotions and feels just fwah~~Since I miss you all even more so a photo fwah~~ It’s getting late so do sleep soon~~ pic.twitter.com/H79RfBIhfW

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kvotheunkvothe  asked:

Fitz, Fool, Patience, Verity, Kettricken, Chade


Push Fitz off a cliff (but go get him after. besides he’s rather endured worse so he’ll be all right)
Kiss the Fool
Marry Patience
Set Vuh HUH HUHHHH noo i can’t write it nooo i can’t say “set Verity on Fire” even tho technically it wouldn’t harm him bu NoThoHTgnbor ghrhghb nr oo, no ok never mind i am not answering this question and instead i’m going to light a fire FOR Verity so that he can relax and roast weenies over it, i dunno. goddamn. nooooo i love Verity but i don’t want to set anyone else on fire D:
Wrap a Blanket around Kettricken
Be Roommates with Chade

aaah no
hrm hrm
i’d prefer to wrap a blanket around him or be roommates but since he’s sort of [SPOILER REDACTED] neither of those things would really work and KVOTHE DAmN YOU NOW I AM SAD

not irreparably tho. to kiss the Fool is a balm indeed u3u