Ever had one of those moments when you’re reading a very good fanfiction and there’s this part of the story where person A was being a fucking dumbass or do some embarrassing shit in the story and you start getting all FUUUCKKK and WHYYYY at him and you start banging the table and slowly put down your phone(or get away from your laptop) get down on the floor and start rolling around while screaming your FUCKS and WHYS, then you start crying on the floor then your mom/dad see you looking like a fucking possessed motherfucker and starts questioning if you’re theirs…

Guys… I’m ashamed.

Everyone who meets me thinks I’m this shy girl but meanwhile all I’m doing is thinking about Dean/Jensen being all like “Fuck I mean just fucking look aT HIS LIPS. Fuuuckkk and those bowlegs. That’s some good shit™ right there dude… Can you imagine all the things… Oh fuck and that jawline maaaannn and those fucking shoulders they are so bROAD like fuck he can pick me up with those arms anytime” and two seconds later I’m like “Umm yeah global warming is horrible”

Tell me I’m not the only one…

I mean look at him:

I CAAAANNN’TTT……. Make it stop!!!!

Daddy’s Little Girl (Jimin Smut)

 Jimin smut, Word count: 1,677 (2 pages-ish)

Features: bath tub sex, thigh riding, and daddy kink

Note: How you and Jimin ended up having bath tub sex is up to your imagination, lmao, but here’s what went down ;)

Jimin’s back laid flesh against the back end of the tub away from the shower head. He bent one leg up slightly making you a seat with his body. You understood this motion and sat yourself on top of his muscular thighs. You feel one of  Jimin’s hands creep up from under your legs, opening your bottom lips so your clit laid flesh against his quadriceps. He began sliding the leg you were sitting on back and forth so your clit rubbed against him in harmony. You moan “fuuuckkk” unconsciously as the pleasure overwhelms you. Because of the lube you infused in the bath water mix, your already wet core easily glid across his thighs, feeling every little ridge of his muscles contracting and releasing from beneath you. Being able to feel him at the edges of your entrance, in between your folds, and on top of your clit simultaneously sent you into a state of complete euphoria. You could feel your arousal dripping from your entrance as your core began to tighten from the pleasure. While still emerged in the feeling of ecstasy and euphoria, Jimin breaks your train of thought– “mmmmm…I love watching you squirm all over me like this” he hums, slightly mocking how you have become so vulnerable to him. So turned on, you begin pressing your core harder onto his already stroking thighs. You squeeze your breasts with your hands as you begin to feel your climax approaching. “Ahhh, fuck Jimin I’m soooo close. Sooo-fucking-close, ahhhhh-“ you whimper into his chest after collapsing onto him from the numb feeling of your approaching orgasm. “Do you want me to make you cum baby?” he teases into your ear as his strokes begin to increase in speed and intensity. “Yes, Yes babyyyy. Make me cummm” you pant desperately whining into his neck. 

You suddenly feel the seat he created for you with his thigh collapse from beneath you. You look up at him confused from this abrupt halt in his motions. You look up into his muddy eyes and see that they have become dark and lustful. He raises his pointer finger and motions it side to side with teasing eyes as he says, “No, not yet. You can’t cum until daddy tells you to”. Daddy?, you thought. You’ve never heard Jimin refer to himself as daddy before but your body couldn’t deny how turned on you were by it.

He pushes you off him and arranges you on all fours with your ass facing him. He hovers from behind you and you can feel the warmth reflecting off of his body. “Mmmm, you’re such a good little girl” he purrs into your ear as his hands begin tracing the deep line of your spine as you arched your back in full submission. You can’t help but hum from the electrifying sensation that his teasing touch sent through out your body. You can feel the tip of his member graze across your ass lightly, feeling the drips of his pre-cum. “What’re you trying to do to me daddy?” you say in a submissive whiny tone playing along with the daddy kink he used earlier on. Milliseconds after asking the question, Jimin sharply smacks your ass causing your core to tighten as small droplets of water reflect off you onto the bathroom floor from the large impact. “I’m going to have you dreaming about me for days” he says in a husky dominating voice as he soothes the newly formed red hand print on your ass with the circulating motions of his palm.

He used his knees to part your bent over thighs as he slid his fingers over the lips of your aching core. Your moans returned but this time they were longer and full of desperation. You couldn’t wait to feel him fill you up as you hugged his member in a wet embrace. He parted your lower lips as he began running laps with his intricate fingers to and from your swollen clit to your dripping entrance. Your knees began to tremble as he began slighting tugging your inner labia and your core gushed a waterfall in response. “You’re so fucking wet baby” he says somewhat proudly from the response he’s getting out of you. “It’s because you’re so good daddy” you can’t help but purr back to him. He slowly inserts his two fingers into you making sure you feel every second of it. You moan for the entirety of it. You can feel him acrobating inside of you, twirling and flicking against your walls. You hug his fingers in pleasure, thanking him for how good it feels. Your breathing changes and you begin to pant as you can occasionally feel him strum against a very sensitive area inside of you, which you begin to assume must be the mythical “G-spot”. Whatever it was, every stroke against it led you to the point of tears from the rush of dopamine sent through your nerves. With his fingers still hooked inside of you, he begins flicking and rubbing your clit with his thumb. “Tell daddy how it feels” he grunts, while picking up speed as he circles your swollen clit. “It feels so good daddy. Don’t, s-st..oooooop” you screech as you squirm helplessly over his thick penetrating fingers. You cum all over his fingers helplessly as you pant a mixture of curses and Jimin’s name. Your body felt like a mixture of electricity from the excitement and numbness from the dopamine rushing through all of your nerves. Your legs didn’t feel stable anymore from the rush of your climax so you lowered your ass, splashing against the bath water mixture with his fingers still inside of you. You can feel yourself still pulsing around his thick fingers. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. 

“Did I say you could cum yet?” he grunts while gripping your hair from the scalp to tilt your head back so you could look at him. “I’m sorry daddy. You just felt soooo good, I couldn’t help it” you say in a breathy, innocent tone. “You know what happens when you don’t listen to daddy right?” he says slyly as he releases your gripped hair. 

He turns you around with a little more aggression than usual so you’re facing him. He rests his back against the tub again but this time with his hips slightly raised so his erect member is above the water level. “You were such a good girl earlier, but now you’re being naughty” he says seductively with one brow raised as he bites the corner of his bottom lip. He pats his thighs twice motioning you to sit on top of him cowgirl style. As you’re getting into position he slaps the inside of your thighs before gently stroking in between them with his fingers. It was this combination of aggression and gentleness that drove you fucking insane. At this point you wanted to ride him until he came just as hard as you did. He inserts the head of his member a few times to tease you first before fulling putting it in. He enters you slowly so you can feel every inch of it stretch you out and fill you up. “Ahhhh, fuckkkk Jimin” you moan automatically as your mouth naturally parts from the satisfaction. “Naughty girls like you need to be punished” he says while gently thrusting himself into you. “Punish me daddy. I’ve been a bad, bad girl” you whine looking up at him with puppy eyes. You can feel his heart rate increase from these words as he sucks in his lower lip from excitement. His strokes become much more intense and more frequent. “Fuck me Jimin” you moan trying to keep eye contact with him as you wind your hips in harmony with his thrusts. You wrap your arms around his thick neck, laying your cheek against his fiery orange locks as you moan helplessly. With this new found easy access to your breasts, Jimin begins sucking on your neck leaving bruises everywhere his lips touched. He scrapes his teeth gently across your neck down to your collarbones causing you to grab a fistful of his hair in pleasure. His kisses make it to your breasts, sucking and nibbling on your hard nipples. He tugs at them gently with his teeth as he circles around them with his tongue. He smacks your breasts before sucking one of them as much as he can fit into his mouth. You’re so turned on by the visual of his plump lips engulfing your breast that you begin clawing at his back and neck. You begin riding his erect member up and down in repetitive motions, occasionally winding your hips onto his. He breathes deeply into your jaw, licking gently around its edge. He nibbles at the edges of you lobes and you begin to ride him harder because of how good it feels. “I want you to cum daddy” you pant as you tighten your walls around his throbbing member. “I want you to cum so bad” you whine while your motions intensify, causing your breasts to jerk in sync with your motions. “Cum, Jimin, cum for me pl—“ you cheer lead him on, and before you could even finish he cuts you off, “shiiiiiiiit (Y/N)” he grunts as he tilts his head back in pleasure, moaning in a pattern of staggered panting and suctioning through his teeth. You feel the warmth of his seed fill up inside of you as it overflows onto your inner thigh and drips into the bath water. He leans his head back onto the edge of the tub with his eyes closed, mouth parted as he tries to stabilize his breathing. Still sensitive, he shudders slightly as you gently peck him across his neck, around his jaw and finally to his lips. He peeks at you through his lashes before stroking your hair behind your ear, leaving his hand to cup one of your cheeks. He smirks at you slightly as he tilts his head and says, “We’re going to need a real shower after this”.

[NOW I NEED TO GO DRENCH MYSELF IN HOLY WATER OMFG. this is my first smut/fanfic, don’t hate me. also don’t know if I should do more, bye ]





You’ve learned about C-Major scale, sharps and flats, and the music staff. Now you’re going to learn about asshat key signatures. Looking at the figure below you might be thinking “Fuuuckkk this is bullshit I am not prepared to do this shit man,” Well Ima make this as straight forward as that one bitchy friend is. First lets take a look at those hashtag fuckers, sharps, “BUT WAIT! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A KEY SIGNATURE IS!” fuck man you’re right lemme clear this shit up, key signature’s tell us what major scale we’re in, what note we’re gonna start our scale on. Now I labeled these fuckers for you but you’re probably looking at this shit wondering “man how the fuck did they get G major out of 1 sharp?” well buddie, that one sharp we’re look’n at for G Major is F# (read as F-sharp) the next note up from F# is G, thats how you find what scale you’re in*. “okay I can see that but we got fuckn F# and C# Major over there spooking me out” as you can see in F# Major the last sharp in the scale is E# now we’d normally just say “haha its F major!” BUT WAIT, WHATS THIS!? IT CAN’T BE! E# AND F ARE THE SAME FUCKING NOTE! Thats why we cant call it F major, its gotta go by F# Major, its the same idea with C# Major. You can also remember it because F# is already sharped in F# major’s key signature, so it wouldnt make sense to have the note F in that Key. Whatever sharps are in the key signature stay in the fucking key signature.**

Now with our flat homeboy’s instead of going up we’re going down. The way to figure out what key we’re in, when we’re dealing with flats, is to count how many fuckers there are and go one flat down, like in Db Major we got Bb,Eb,Ab,Db and Gb we just look at what flat comes before the last flat in the key signature and its as easy as that! Now you’re wondering what the fuck F major is doing here, we’ll cover that next lesson, but for now just accept it. 

Next Lesson, my least favorite fucker, the circle of 5ths

*Review the order of sharps and flats, and if this isn’t clear contact me

 **Its the same for flats