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Spanish Tenses

An anon asked me to explain the differences for the Spanish tenses so I’ll try to make this post as short as possible.

Indicative mood expresses actual situations and facts.
It parts in 2, simple tenses and perfect tenses:


Present is used to express:

  • the actions that take place at the moment of speaking
  • frequent actions/habits
  • future actions

Imperfect is used to express:

  • an action that started in the past without being said if it has been finished or not.
  • past habits

Preterite is used to express completed actions from the past.

Future expresses action that will take place in the future

Conditional is used to express something that isn’t certain. (similar to would and could)


Present perfect is used to express:

  • an action that started in the past and it’s still going on
  • an action that took place in the past but it can repeat any time in the future

Past perfect is used for an action that was completed before another, both taking place in the past.

Preterite perfect is used for past actions that were completed before another past action. Usually it is used with apenas (barely) and it appears in literature.

Future perfect is for actions that will have taken place before another future event.

Conditional perfect is used for actions that would have been completed in the past. (But these actions aren’t because something stopped them, like that moment when you would have asked your crush out but you got scared)

Present Progresive Tense
This tense is for actions that are taking place in the moment you speak. (I’m talking to you now).

Subjunctive mood is for uncertain, possible, desired actions


Present subjunctive is used after clauses that express intent, possibility, hope, wish, doubt.

Imperfect subjunctive is used just like the present subjective but the main verb is in the preterite, imperfect or conditional tense.


Present perfect subjunctive is used to describe
past actions that are connected to the present
actions that are expected to be done by a point in the future

Past perfect subjunctive is used to express hypothetical situations in the past, past conditionals and past actions that preceded other past actions.

Imperative mood is used to express orders.

If i have any mistakes please tell me, I’m not a native so i might have said something wrong.


Nearly everyone and their mom has seen this fan-made trailer by now, and I personally can’t stop watching it myself, but I think I have to take the time to say why I think this trailer is important, to me at least. 

This trailer, to me, represents Doctor Who as it should be, The Doctor, an explorer, a traveler, a lover of the beauty of the universe, traveling through space and time, and sharing that beauty with some brilliant person he’s picked up along the way. I found, in recent years, my love for Doctor Who had been waning, and that made me sad, that made me extremely sad, because I am a lover of the show and mythos. My dog is named Pond for Godsakes. I wondered for a while, why my love and enjoyment of the series had been waning so much in recent months and I think the main reason is because the show changed. 

I realize that all shows change, and the key selling point of Doctor Who is in fact change (Being the only show in recent memory that replaces its lead actor-or hopefully someday actress ever few years) but what I mean is the show changed fundamentally. It doesn’t start when 11 takes the helm, Matt Smith is an AMAZING Doctor, and his first series, series Six was such a massively good series. We had The Eleventh Hour, such a great introduction for a new Doctor, Vincent and The Doctor, which is one of my favorite bits of Doctor Who media of all time, and even the season closer, Big Bang Too was a rip roaring good scifi fun.

For me, the problem starts right at the end of that series.The crack in the TARDIS monitor. They kept that plotline going. This is not to say that  Doctor Who can never have long running plotlines, it has, and does consistently does them well, but that was the first time it had done them for so long. It fell into a trap a lot of network TV shows fall into of the ‘Overarching mystery’, the 'Thing to keep the audience coming back to find out what happens next’. Suddenly we were trying to 'Figure out the Doctor’s Name’ and 'Just what’s up with River Song’. Almost every episode of the series on up through the most recent ones, had something to do with solving the 'Mysteries’ that really didn’t need to be answer. River Song was better when she wasn’t Amy’s super daughter from the futurepast, the Doctor’s Name should never be a long running mystery, because even if he had the most interesting awesome name in the universe that is a fifty year old question. At this point the answer doesn’t matter, because there can't be a satisfying answer. The best episodes of series six had nothing to do with that storyline. The Doctor’s Wife and The Girl Who Waited were amazing. They were amazing because they were one off stories where The Doctor was traveling, and exploring as he always does and finding some singular problem to be over come. 

Series Seven suffered even worse from this because suddenly the companion was the overarching mystery. Suddenly no episode was free of that  lingering 'Gotta keep'em watching but we’re not gonna reveal it till the finale’ feeling. There were no one off adventures, no freedom from a multi-episode story-line to just be Doctor Who. I feel that in the haste to change things up and make things fresh and new the show lost something vital. It lost it’s adventurous spirit, and it lost our connection to the companions. Clara was a mystery, she was hardly a character, and Amy suffered from similar problems towards the end. 

To me, Doctor Who has at its heart been something that doesn’t really exist on TV much anymore, an anthology show. Every episode was a new, fresh story, with new, fresh characters and two constants, The Doctor and his companions. The episodes could be connected, but at the same time be totally singular. You could sit anyone in front of eight out of ten episodes with no prior knowledge other than 'Madman with a box’ and they could ride along with you for the most part. Now you’d have to explain 'Oh River’s an assassin from the future, and also Amy’s Daughter’ or 'Oh Clara’s this girl who keeps dying, and we’re not sure why, he’s met her like three times now.’

To me, this trailer is just…so wonderful, it made me love Doctor Who again, really love it. When I see Capaldi open those doors, no words, no plot threads attached, no mysteries, and just…take Clara’s hand, and show her something so magnificently beautiful…just because, just because it is there to see…It kinda makes me tear up. It’s like finding an old VHS of a movie you couldn’t stop watching as a kid, and remembering when you dressed up like the characters and bounced around on the couch…only it’s new…it’s fresh, and it’s here…

And I hope to Galifray the writers are listening.


Many forms of mass transportation are now possible, such as tramways, monorails, conveyer systems, buses, trackless trains, helicopters, hydrofoils, and hovercraft, which can be used in moving people to and within a park. Roads should not be considered for internal use until a thorough and thoughtful determination has been made of the most meaningful way in which people can experience the park
—  National recreation and park association special publication #1501 1975

malachitegrey replied to your post: March 23rd me: The rest of the river drive won’t…

Is this April 23rd of 2012 or have you had a vision of future conversations?

THANK YOU for catching that! I am always confused and in need of being watched closely and even more so lately. I made that same mistake on several posts, hopefully I got them all. Those conversations happened in March.


It was another typical day in the run down, Victorian shack of William Shakesphere. Birds chirping, gay sex ringing in the ear of the estates spherical proprietor. The date, September 1st, 2370. The day the world will truly realize the greatness that is William Shakesphere! He sits in his study, dreaming of his future in the world of theatre, his manservant and trusted platonic companion Whiteman Whitmin walks in.

“Whiteman! How are you doing today dear boy?”

“Oi! Great to see ya on this fine day Mr.Sphere! How goes your process this afternoon?”

He scratches his chin with a wild twinkle in his spherical eyeball. 

“Today, Whiteman! Today I will show the world my magical plays!”

Whiteman smiles, but then grows a concerned look upon his face.

“But…sir, aren’t you worried about your…Conditions?”

“Look here boy,may be a heterosexual sphere in a world full of flat gays, but I SHALL overcome! The world will know my name! WILLIAM SHAKESPHERE!