Navicula pendant lamp by David Trubridge

The Navicula pendant lamp is another nature inspired design by the New Zealand based designer, David Trubridge. The lamp, that just recently got recommended for the Darc Award 2017, is inspired by the many microscopic diatoms that float in the ocean. It is illuminated by grow of LED pin point lights at the inside of the skeleton, that is made of CNC cut Bamboo-Plywood.

When You’re a Witch (Pt. 8)

Me, to my boyfriend when talking about rearranging furniture: Yeah, it’s a good idea to move things around every so often so that stale energy can be stirred back up and everything gets refreshed!

Boyfriend: …Yeah… I just need a change in scenery, but you do you.

We did get the furniture moved, by the way. The room looks lovely, and he’s happily relaxing at his desk. Funny thing is, the fact that he’s relaxed is exactly what I was talking about! XD

Warhol Crank Table with Steel Top by Vintage Industrial Furniture