Dugout chests may be the oldest design of all chest designs known to us. No joinery is required–you just cut a log in two lengthwise, then hollow out both halves to make a chest. Chests constructed in this way are heavy, and take a long time to make. Even so, a few surviving examples show that chests were still being made this way in the early Middle Ages.

Very few examples of this type of chest survive, making it hard to generalize about their decoration (or lack thereof). Their heavy, legless design seems unsuitable for carving or other decoration, but this is mere supposition.

Karma comes back to Sikh man who removed turban to help boy

Harman Singh made international headlines when he took off his turban to cradle the head of Daejon Pahia, 6, who had been hit by a car.

Mr Singh, from India, is in Auckland studying a business course. He said he was overwhelmed with all the praise and didn’t think twice about helping the little boy.

When Seven Sharp went to meet Mr Singh and congratulate him on his heroic deed, many viewers commented on his lack of furniture.

Simone from Tauranga emailed the programme, saying “it upsets us all to see such a lovely kind man living in such an empty home”.

Mr Singh’s flatmate Ravi and Lily from Big Save Furniture came on board to help fill Mr Singh’s house.

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The Rising Shell: Stunning Wooden Chair

Known as the Rising Shell, this stunning range of wooden chairs are fabricated from laminated bamboo. Their architecture and mechanism are inspired by the opening process of a fan. Designed by Robert Van Embricqs, the chairs provide three important elements of home design: beauty, function, and they utilize little space. 

Functional NES Controller Coffee Table

Use furniture to play your favorite Nintendo games by decorating your room with the functional NES controller coffee table. This handmade gem gives the room a unique retro feel while allowing you to actually hook it up to your NES for unparalleled levels of gameplay.


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