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In sixth grade I went to go get my eyes checked and the eye doctor got really excited over something in my eye, I think its like this detached floating vein in my eye that doesn't do anything but float and my science teacher got so excited she tried to stick my head under a microscope but forgot that wouldn't work until like the third try.

oh wow


what a teacher


I first got glasses when I was in kindergarten


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Interesting fact: I was a loner growing up so now I can play full chess games and have full on conversations with myself and my memory's terrible so if I leave encouraging notes for myself I'll forget and find them later and we'll, be encouraged

it’s really cool that you could learn to play chess by yourself

I mean,

I can barely do it with someone else!


I joined my high school’s chess club cause my friend had a crush (and later dated) the guy who was the president of chess club

let’s just say that I was able to learn more chess than her

(cause, focus)(wasn’t on him)(yea)(he was a cool guy though)


Coffee for 6 please

Jay I can see as only having coffee every once in a while, he’s more of a tea person. But when he dose drink coffee its generally when he’s having of a very long day where he just needs a little something to keep him going.

Zane drinks the blackest coffee you have ever laid your eyes on. Its seemingly sludge and more coffee grind then liquid. He will stare you directly in the eye and drink it never blinking once.

Kai actually likes a scalding coffee. Being the elemental of fire I head cannon that he has a unusually high core temperature making it so in order to taste or feel the warmth it has to be hotter then what most people would like. He takes it with two sugars and a cream.

Cole likes a nice latte with an extra shot of espresso. Whole milk. Ever since he came back from being a ghost he has a hard time around liquids so generally something with foam is quite nice.

Lloyd had coffee once. Never again. Give him a nice chai tea and he’s set. The chai tea he makes is a family recipe taught to him by garmadon that has been passed down in the family for generations. Jay is still trying to pry it out of him. Lloyd knows he’ll probably eventually give it to him because the ninja are his family.

Nya has a 24oz cup of strait espresso. Don’t mess with her. She will fuck you up. She lives with 6 boys and is a badass samurai. She has mastered the art of making coffee and if you ask nicely while she’s making some she may make you some to. Unless your Zane. She won’t make the monstrosity he calls coffee.

Fun Fact: Well, scary fact. In 1946 a plan to melt the polar ice caps with hydrogen bombs was put forward by none other than Julian Huxley brother of philosopher Aldous Huxley, then the Secretary-General of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and which was almost implemented by the Eisenhower administration. 

This was called “atomic landscaping”. The idea was to cause global warming to warm up the northern latitudes and open sea routes across the Arctic. Thankfully, level heads prevailed and this was not done but we got close. Too close for comfort.

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Fact: my first technical kiss was in kindergarten. A kid said he'd give me a dollar if a girl kissed him. My little self was just 'fuck it lets go'


I wish I still had the confidence as when I was a kid


I was a jerk as a kid and I remember in kindergarten purposefully getting a kid in trouble, cause I didn’t like him




Fun Facts about Plants from Your Friendly Botany Major

• Cacti are some of the only plants to photosynthesize from their stems. Their needles are really just modified leaves.

• Avocados are only around because people pollinate and disperse them by hand. The large seed is indigestible to small mammals now. It was originally eaten by giant sloths who would poop them out far away from the parent tree so they can grow. This is called an evolutionary anachronism.

• Banana candy does not taste like bananas because it was designed to taste like the Gros Michel banana which was eaten in the pre-1950s. It was wiped out by a fungus called panama disease. Since bananas are asexual all of them are genetically identical making it easy to wipe them all out at once. However fungus is sexual so it evolves more quickly. This means eventually we may lose the modern banana, the Cavendish, to it as well.

• There are actually three different types of photosynthesis: C3, C4, and CAM. Which type is used depends on the aridness of the environment, and are increasingly more efficient as listed.

• Moss is amazing. The fuzzy part of the moss is called the gametophyte stage and it is haploid meaning it has one set of chromosomes like a sperm or an egg cell in humans. If you look closely, sometimes you will what look like little tiny seeds on stems coming out of the main body. This is the sporophyte stage and it’s diploid, or has two sets of chromosomes, like our body cells. Moss is the oldest type of plant.

• You can usually tell what animal pollinates a plant by the color and shape of its flowers. Red flowers are hardly ever pollinated by bees because bees cannot see red well. Butterfly flowers have long deep centers. Bird pollinated plants can bear weight and are wide and open. Bat pollinated plants usually smell strongly and are darkly colored.

• Almost all American native elms and chestnut trees are extinct because of fungi. Asian chestnut and elm have replaced them, because they are resistant to the strains.

• There is a type of fern that has over 1200 chromosomes. For reference, humans have 46.

• If you shine consistent low level red light on a plant it will grow extremely tall, because red light tells the plant it is being shaded by and competing with other plants. If you shine consistent green light on a plant it will not sprout or die (if already sprouted) because plants absorb red and blue light to use. This is also why plants are green, because the unused green light is reflected back out.

TLDR; Plants are frickin cool and should get as much love as our animal friends.

On Good Friday 2017, someone chained a cross to the fence on Gay Street in NYC. 3 days later, they put it on Micah Latter’s gate- so she bought some Champagne, texted ‘we’re rainbow painting the cross’ to the neighbors, and over 50 people came to help. They also superglued the locks to keep the cross in place, because it 'belongs to the street now.’ Source Source 2

I have now watched So Much Critical Role that I’m starting to notice everyone has their own styles of rollin’ dice and they’re all real cute

- Marisha sorta just drops hers but she lifts her hand way up in the air afterward like there’s RECOIL on that shit

- Sam leaves his hand up in the air too but it’s very Gilmore-esque. Quite elegant, 9/10 for style. “Ah yes, what is this thing that I rolled - ah, ‘tis garbage”

- Liam just tips his dice over like a cat knocking something off a shelf. Sometimes he does this sneaky lil finger twirl thing. tryin 2 be stealthy.

- Once in a while Laura holds dice in both hands. prayin to dice gods probably.

- Taliesin always shakes his dice back and forth a bunch of times - obviously one must warm the dice up before rolling if one wishes to guarantee a fuckton of nat 20s (Laura does this too, but Taliesin will do it for D A Y S)

- Travis has some nasty SPIN on that throw and sometimes he puts his SHOULDERS into it dude rolls dice like a MAN doin a SPORT and I love it

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Interesting fact about me! I led half of my class in a mini-riot after reading the end of Crime and Punishment in my Classics of Western Literature class at College. (The other half of the class disagreed with us, but the teacher still tells stories about me - I haven't even graduated yet and people know about me. V proud to be the Riot Girl lmao)

oh my


i’m so impressed, man

what a glorious name to be bestowed upon you


I like to make up stories if I’m bored while studying at the library 

especially if they’re talking loudly and all that


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Is there any way to know what type of coat a golden retriever puppy will have full grown? I'm not a fan of the curly coats but love the straighter feathery coats. Can you tell from their puppy coat what it will look like when they are full grown?

Lots of dog breeds are bred in two different lines: show lines & working lines. When it comes to Golden Retrievers, your show line is going to give you a fluffier, lighter colored, and bigger boned dog. These are supposed to be the calmer, easy to train Goldens.

A field type Golden is going to have a smaller frame, be darker colored, have a smoother coat, be more energetic, and are generally healthier. 

Now this isn’t guaranteed. Some field bred Goldens can still produce fluffy, light coated puppers - but those are the generic differences. When it comes to looking at your puppy, the same characteristics hold true. A show Golden puppy with be fluffy and chunky, while a field type puppy with be slimmer and smoother.

There are also American, British, & Canadian style Goldens! 

Never adopt any puppy from a backyard breeder or pet store (unless they are a rescue). Reputable breeders typically do not have to advertise their puppies on flyers. You can also find quite a few Golden Retrievers on There, you can already tell what kind of coat they have!