Teacher Writes 100 Letters To Her Students. The Reason Why Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes.
Brittni Darras, a teacher from Colorado Springs did something amazing. She has shown her whole class and the whole world how to be kind. For this, she did nothing else but wrote 100 letters. source Two months ago was the first time I cried during parent/teacher conferences. A mom of a student who I have...

I just know I’m not the only who thinks of this for either a Crossover or AU………….ADMIT IT!!

I just find it an interesting concept and almost every Undertale character has a suited role with the Wizard of OZ characters. Apparently, Frisk would take on the role of Dorothy, the main protagonist, and T-bone(Toby Fox) as Toto! From there, I believe Sans would be the Scarecrow because he’s the brain and that Papyrus would be the Tinman because he is the heart! XD I could go on and mention more of the characters and their similar roles but I’ll have to save that for another time. For now you have Frisk who is DoroFrisk! Toby as Toto! XD Sans as Scarecrow and Papyrus or Pipe-pyrus as the Tin man!(even though he doesn’t have the tin hat, you get the picture!) What about you? Who do you think plays the role better?