Loki - 2013

art by moi, please don’t remove the credits thanks

part of my 13 portraits for ‘13, this one is a quickie that brings me so much joy oh my gosh this was so fun to do yes.

art rage - pencils, about 2.5 hoursish

Tea Review Time!
This is the ‘Full Tilt Diva’ tea by Beastly Beverages, a UK based bespoke tea maker whose tea blends are mostly made to compliment the characters of TV series/movies such as 'Doctor Who’ and 'Supernatural’.

'Full Tilt Diva’ is a Gunpowder Green Tea and Mint blend, which admittedly I probably over-brewed here due to severe Muffin-brain today. I recommend brewing it for no more than two minutes, with a teaspoon to a teaspoon-and-a-half of the tea, as this is a flavour that works best when it’s kept light.

As a blend it’s really quite lovely with the mint picking up where the gunpowder leaves off, and it’s definitely something to keep on hand as a wake-up blend when you don’t want the neon cattleprod that is a double espresso shot.

How does it match up to the character it was designed for?
In this case 'Full Tilt Diva’ was blended to match up with Marvel’s 'Loki’ as played by Tom Hiddleston, with the name referencing Tony Stark’s description of Loki in 'Avengers Assemble’. The character is multi-faceted with a lot of depth so trying to capture all of that in one blend is impossible. This tea feels like the 'redeemable trickster’ qualities of Loki’s character and as such I think it matches the character very well.

Overall verdict:
Very nicely presented (even down to the packaging), a well-made blend that doesn’t come across as too strong, and is flavourful without loading you with caffeine. 

My new teas from beastlybeverages came! The Morning Star and Full Tilt Diva. 

The Morning Star has dark and bright notes; it is spicy and tart and was a wonderful kick for breakfast! 

Full Tilt Diva is minty green, sweet and brisk tasting. It is very soothing, and it is doing a wonderful job of clearing up my head (friggin’ seasonal allergies). I am in love. 

So, now I’ve tried The Morning Star, Full Tilt Diva, and Always End Up Here. I don’t have a bad thing to say about them. They are all delicious. I could drink Beastly Beverages teas for the rest of my life.


30 Day Marvel Challenge

Day #3 My Favorite Diva: Tony Stark

He is the epitome of throwing shade.  Everyone gets his shade: Thor, Captain America, Nick Furry, All the villains, all the heroes just everyone gets it and he doesn't care  about throwing it around.  And his name on everything he does yeah. He doesn’t even have a secret id. Just throw around the fact that he is Iron Man 

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