“The Fugazi anti-rape track “Suggestion” is written from the perspective of a female, speaking out against sexual harassment and assault. At Fugazi show in 1991 at Washington, DC community hall, they asked Fire Party’s Amy Pickering to perform the visceral track to make the socially conscious track intensely more personal.

“Why can’t I walk down the street/Free of suggestion?/Is my body my only trait/In the eyes of man?”

– Fugazi. Suggestion from the self titled EP, released 1988, Dischord© (peyoteshaman, 2007).

Pickering recites MacKaye’s original writings and delivers the track ranging from a whispered inquiry to a raging accusation. “Suggestion’s” power and versatility was also demonstrated in 1988 at a show in Washington, mere days after a violent skinhead, white power demonstration had abused and assaulted members of the gay community in the same town. Mackaye performed and dedicated this song, usually about the victimization of women at the hands and eyes of men, and turned the tune into a song about homosexuals being attacked in the park at night.”