megumi spy au hcs 

best decoy to infiltrate parties / meet ups / occasions.

‘i get to play under cover dress up and its so worth it honestly’ 

best social skills to casually shift the topic to needed information, can hold a nice poker face or make it seem like the data isn’t anything she’s interested in / good at masking / feigning emotions 

although if push comes to shove, physical matters of torturing to gain the required information isn’t something she’s above. she just doesn’t like to get physical, but won’t hesitate to do so.

the squad guides her through her current locations, gives her commands / tells her what they’re specifically looking for / need to know && she’ll do her best to wander around without looking suspicious !!

again, her main choice of weaponry results in knives, axes, bats, brass knuckles, sledge hammers, etc.

regina george voice: she knows everything about everyone, its why her sweaters so big — its full of secrets 

so i just had a goddamn epiphny

if you combined All Might and Bakugou and gave them an obsession with football, you’d get Hiruma Youichi

seriously, just…. wh at the t h e fu ck

the foul mouth, the explosions, the guns, the Super American Influence, the Dad Figure/Supportive Figure roles, “WE’LL KILL THEM!!!”, the pointy hair/design, they’re all very self aware of their abilities, Bakugou and Hiruma are both incredibly intelligent, both All Might and Hiruma break their arms, the sheer drive and determination……………. 

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I hate to be that guy but your mobile banner has been driving me nuts. Like its a perfectly beautiful cake but then NOPE THERES A FORK IN THE CAKE THE WORLD IS A MESS. And the movement of the fork goes down and then to the left so it's like ?????????? And I'm sorry but when it gets on my mind I can't get it off Jesus fu ck

LOLOLOL 😂 sorry it’s tortures you so


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What if Toby heard his brother swear (like, just yell f u c k at the to0 of his lungs) and kinda just copied him, causing Matt and edd to flip and Tom just kinda watches silently like "I knew he'd pick it up"

Tord; aH- FU CK

Toby: Fuck!

Matt & Edd; nO MY PURE BABY

Tom; … heh.