F R O M   T O W E R   T O   T O W E R | Chapter One

Rapunzel/Tangled AU: Locked away in a tower for eighteen years by a witch claiming to be her Mother, long-haired Sansa seeks freedom and a chance to regain her crown as Princess of the kingdom. But the tower is high as she has no means to get down, aside from her incredibly long hair, and no guarantee of safety in the outside world she has been warned about. One night, when the witch is out, and a thief who climbs the tower seeking refuge happens upon her, she stuns herself by taking a chance and asking him to help her escape. Assuring him that she will have all charges against him dropped when he returns her to her rightful parents, she embarks on a series of first discoveries with her new bandit friend Jon. [x]

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Technically my Inktober day 2 drawing that I wasn’t sure I liked enough to post. Didn’t bother replacing my terrible hand written text.
Could also be seen as a Season 3 spoiler so Im sorry!! Hope you’re caught up!
Just couldn’t resist drawing my lame idea FTTT also… Anyone else notice how terrible and gloriously mismatched Mauls space t-shirt is? Couldn’t resist

no no for real

imagine even, ienzo, xion, and repliku as a family.

big bro ienzo showing xion around the lab and letting her help out with some of his experiments, because when he was little even used to let him help out

proud papa even showing off all his kids work to anyone who will listen

repliku pretending to be all “fttt my brother’s a nerd and nerds are lame” and “yeah she’s my sister but she’s really annoying” and “nah my dad’s a loser he’s not cool” but really he loves them all dearly and he WILL fight anyone who tries to hurt them

xion loving her family just so so much and she tells everyone about about how COOL they all are like repliku’s great at fighting and her papa and ienzo are both scientists


these four as a family


Can’t breathe, you guys. I got way too much going on right now.
Photoshoot, costuming, AX reservations/registration, 36 hours at work, and most of all trying to patch things up with a friend.

Too much guys. I always start unconsciously holding my breath when I get this nervous, and only realize it two minutes later when I wonder why I’m getting dizzy and have to sit down.

At least I’m forcing myself to eat this time, so thankfully I won’t be randomly dropping twenty pounds. XD

Now to work on this wig and hope I get enough dreads sewn in to make headway so I can mostly concentrate on my costume tomorrow before I pass out for an eight hour shift tomorrow starting at 5am. WOOOOO!!! Anyone have any opinions on how a cyberpunk Medusa should dress? Any suggestions are helpful, all I have so far is a corset and perhaps some red leather pants.