Can’t breathe, you guys. I got way too much going on right now.
Photoshoot, costuming, AX reservations/registration, 36 hours at work, and most of all trying to patch things up with a friend.

Too much guys. I always start unconsciously holding my breath when I get this nervous, and only realize it two minutes later when I wonder why I’m getting dizzy and have to sit down.

At least I’m forcing myself to eat this time, so thankfully I won’t be randomly dropping twenty pounds. XD

Now to work on this wig and hope I get enough dreads sewn in to make headway so I can mostly concentrate on my costume tomorrow before I pass out for an eight hour shift tomorrow starting at 5am. WOOOOO!!! Anyone have any opinions on how a cyberpunk Medusa should dress? Any suggestions are helpful, all I have so far is a corset and perhaps some red leather pants.