What kind of a deep connection must have Sloane and Hurley had if Hurley agreed to the offer without any hesitation, not even trying to change Sloane’s mind while for the latter it wasn’t the only option. How much of a whole had they already become by the moment if the idea of an eternity together as one did not require any discussion. How much love did they have for each other to do it so peacefully, almost happily. How heartbreaking should’ve it been for them to chase and hide and lose touch if they had all of this

So. OMG. I won. Which is insane. 

Fall Through Time

(I’ve managed to get some water, and thankfully I’m feeling better enough to make this post, I wanted to make it last night…but I started feeling off around 5:30, and then it got super bad around 7-8. Pretty sure I have a stomach bug or food poisoning, the former is more likely.)

I want to thank so many people, so many. If only my brain would co-operate.

@prattster666 @m1sc1efmanaged @mischiefpuff you two have been reading this since forever, and I’m so grateful for the both of you. I love you very, very much.

@shayalonnie thank you for making me fall in love with time travel fics. Just thank you, you and @colubrina really helped me gather up the courage to write my fics.

@henriasownbinder you amazing, darling friend. I love you forever.

Thank you to everyone who voted, @ashenrenee @mechengmama @littleredsiren3101 @olivieblake and just @ everyone (I’m really sorry I can’t think straight right now. UGH).

Just thank you. FTT officially had almost 720 reviews, and I am still stunned. Gosh. Just thank you.

@disillusionist9 @ash-castle @chiseplushie @laisvega @sableunstable @hogwartsaheadcanon @protectnevillelongbottom @ff-sunset-oasis @moonnott @siriuslyorionwicked

I’m so sorry if I missed anyone, but I love you all.

me using a Ouija board: ok how did you die

ghost, spelling all of this out: i did,dn..ftt mmean to ddie it was a   mistake annd im ujstt s o so ssorry ande ii jus thoppee youqiu cann forgive mne ik,,now im jus tta tee  rrible peersson but pLease  ,,forgiive me  ii ffeel so terrib;le, abouut al  Of thtiis nad i jju

I am alive.
I am not updating for another two weeks at least (probably).
I am pretty sure you are the same guest reviewer as before, and I am sorry I haven’t updated. I’ve gotten ‘subtlety’ shady reviews already asking how over a month is equal to every other week. I’ve gotten reviews saying they demand I update.
Well I also wrote in my A/Ns that I would try to update every other week, but that I had SCHOOL, and that my schedule was going to get more hectic.
I love writing fanfic, I really do. It is killing me a little inside every day that I haven’t written anything substantial (for fanfic or my original writing). By substantial I mean I get out maybe 100 words before I have to go back to work, or my muse fucks off to go and run about.
However, I am not obligated to update whenever anyone fancies, I have real life obligations and commitments. I have a LOT of schoolwork right now, I just woke up in the middle of the night (2:33 AM) randomly, and my first thought was maybe I should do some work since I’m up.
Then I saw this.
I am sorry I haven’t updated, I am sorry if this sounds snitty, I am sorry about a lot of things, but I have major projects due, and then I have a lot of studying because my exams are just around the corner.
Trust me though, the FTT chapter is open on my laptop, it practically mocks me when I try to write anything new. The same goes for the next Dalliance chapter. I got maybe 50 words into the Dalliance chapter on Thursday before all of my words failed me.
So combined with stress, lack of time, lack of sleep, I am also combating writer’s block.
I was going to try and write something for FTT tomorrow, I don’t know if I’ll be successful, and I sure as hell don’t know if it’ll be decent if I do get ANYTHING written (I am also making not a single promise).
I really do wish you had a signed account so I could at least respond to your review, but I can’t. Plus I haven’t been responding to reviews on a whole even though I see all of them (which I would LOVE to do) because I simply haven’t had the time.
I barely have time to pop in, reblog a few things and say hello to my friends. Which sucks.
Again. Sorry. Please respect that I have real life things I am dealing with, and that I can’t even manage to organize my time to sit down and answer asks (I am NOT ignoring them, and I’m so sorry I haven’t responded to yours if you’ve sent me one).

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Relationship Status: lol what are dates

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick on top of chapstick. Nice and smooth

Last movie I watched: The Road to El Dorado. It’s my nail painting movie….and immediately after it I watched Emperor’s New Groove. It’s my backup nail painting movie. 

Last song I listened to: “I’m Still Standing” from the movie Sing!

Top 3 Shows: Currently? Voltron: Legendary Defender, Legends of Tomorrow, and Prison Break (THEY BROUGHT IT BACK I’M SO HAPPY)

Top 3 Ships: Klance, Atomwave, and…..uhhhhhhh probably Sara/Michael (they don’t have a ship name why don’t they have a ship name)