This is my dad on my 21st birthday. It has taken him 21 years to call me his son. It’s taken 21 years for him to tell me that he’s proud of me. It’s taken him 21 years to tell me that he loves me. It’s taken us 21 years to love each other.

When I first came out as transgender my dad didn’t understand and so he reacted with hatred, anger and disappointment. He shamed me for my gender expression and we had to cut off communication.

But after my chest surgery in December of 2016 he finally opened his eyes to how happy I finally was. He made the decision to attend rehab and therapy to better himself and focus on his own mental health issues in order to restore our relationship.

Since my surgery he’s been nothing but loving and supportive. He always calls me Liam and uses the correct pronouns. He calls me his son and we’re more connected now then ever.

In these photos I’m opening a birthday present from my dad. His present was a black ball cap that read “The Jet-Lag Club”. He explained that it was a bar in Japan only for international flight crews. A bar that his father had gone to and he had frequently gone to as well. He got the hat from being such a frequent customer, but it has closed since and now there is no possible was to get one of these hats. He told me it’s his most prized possession. And then he handed it to me and said…

“It’s yours now. It’s tradition, from father to son.”

Remember that people can grow and change. They can accept and love even after hatred emerged. Remember that people can see who you are. Don’t give up just yet, things can change and they can get better.

I’ve heard a lot of things about being “trans enough” lately and its been making me mad, so i made a comic. 

Remember my inbox is always open, so feel free to message me! I hope you are all doing well <3

Disclaimer: This comic is intended for ftm trans guys or anyone identifying as masculine

Gentle reminder

If you’re a gay guy and you fall for a not guy, that’s fine.
If you’re a lesbian and you fall for a not girl, that’s fine.
If you’re asexual and you experience sexual attraction, that’s fine.
If you’re bi - or pansexual and you mainly fall for one particular gender, that’s fine.

It’s just a label. Things can change, maybe they’re short-term, maybe they’re permanent. Who cares.

Hey quick reminder that:

Wolverine is 5'3
Genji Shimada is 5'5
Prince was 5'2
Lucio is 5'2
Bruno Mars is 5'5
Robin Williams was 5'6

Trans guys don’t always get the privilege of being conventionally tall but there’s plenty of both real and fictional men who weren’t towering giants either, and they’re still fantastic. Great things sometimes come in small packages, and you’re not any less manly for it.

2017 needs to be the year that cis people stop complaining about how hard a trans person’s transition is for them. it’s not always easy to remember a new name or to adjust to using different pronouns, but i can guarantee that if you think the transition is hard, it’s a hell of a lot harder for the person actually transitioning, and i want to see more cis people being mindful of that instead of making the situation about themselves and their own feelings 

Support trans men that don’t fit the pastel, feminine, flower prince archetype. Support trans men who present as the stereotypically ‘masculine’ and trans men who don’t conform to archetypes at all. 

Support trans men who wear leather jackets and combat boots, who paint themselves as aggressive and intimidating and come home with blood on their knuckles or their lips because they got in a fight defending themselves or someone else again. 

Support trans men who aspire to having a deep voice and broad shoulders and a scruffy beard. Support trans men who are rough and tumble, who drink straight scotch, who don’t have a single feminine streak to their appearance.

Flower princes are beautiful and deserve support. But all too often, the community forgets that some of us don’t fit that mold, and we fit something a little more stereotypically masculine.

Support trans men who are rough and gruff and the opposite of soft.

witches protecting trans boys

Witches drawing a sigil on trans boys’ binder labels to make sure they stay safe and healthy while wearing them

Witches helping trans boys to destroy their dysphoria by getting them to stomp their feet and shaking it all out, quickly sweeping it away with their broom

Witches enchanting a necklace to give trans boys happiness in their hair cut and jaw line

Witches taking trans boys for a calming walk in the forest, making them an antler crown from broken twigs and saying they look like a very handsome forest Prince

Witches giving trans boys a piece of Carnelian to squeeze every time they take a deep breath and prepare to speak to give them confidence in their voice

Witches making up specially charged cups of tea to send positive energy from head to toe as a substitute for T when trans boys are really down for not having it yet, as a magical “tea” shot

Witches cursing transphobes and not letting anyone harm their trans brothers

Witches falling in love with trans boys and being so excited to watch their boyfriends grow into charming young men full of star dust

Witches protecting trans boys

Please don’t infantilise trans guys. Especially trans guys in their late teens/20s who look younger than their cis counterparts because of a lack of T. If you treat a cis boy as mature, you better not talk down to a trans guy of the same age as if he’s somehow more ‘innocent’ or in any way less mature just because he might not have the “”“signs”“” of being a grown male.

Wow I am SO here for black trans men.
Feminine black trans men.
Masculine black trans men.
Black trans men who love women.
Black trans men who love men.
Black trans men who are unsure of themselves.
Black trans men with mental illnesses.
Black trans me with wide hips or large chests that are hard to bind.
Fat black trans men.

Not every trans guy is a skinny white dude.

shoutout to trans guys

mid-transition trans guys don’t get nearly enough recognition on this site. it feels like all trans guy positivity is either geared towards pre-everything Soft Boys™ or towards ‘fully transitioned’ cis-passing men, so here’s a shoutout to all my in-betweeners.

here’s to the guys who are out but aren’t respected.

to the guys who are on T but still don’t pass.

to the guys who work out but don’t see any results.

to the guys who have binders but still don’t feel flat.

to the guys who have the right legal name but the wrong legal sex.

to the guys who still aren’t sure which bathroom to use.

to the guys who are impatient about their patchy facial hair.

to the guys who are insecure about how their top surgery scars are healing.

to the guys who feel stuck in the gray zone between ‘boy’ and ‘man’.

to all the trans guys waiting, it’s okay. you are worthy of respect.