Amari tossed a few pebbles at Masu’s window.

After getting her attention, Amari stumbled with their words. “Sorry you couldn’t make it to the festival! That-That really sucks! We were thinking about getting you a jar of fireflies to keep you company!”

“But then I remembered they die really fast that that would be a sucky end for the night wouldn’t it…” This voice teetered to a disappointed tone.

“But uh I have something else! I just couldn’t do it inside.” There eyes shift from side to side. One because they don’t want to accidentally blowup the house…again. And two, Amari heard other voices inside and this is kinda embarrassing that they don’t really want anybody else to see what they are doing.

“Uh This is just for you okay! >:U”

And with a small prayer, Amari emits some lights from their hands and lets them hang by the window. 

Its just magic thats all.

In her feverish state, she didn’t really understand what was happening until the lights were right in front of her face.

Regardless if it was ‘just magic’ or actual fireflies, the fact they thought about her inability to participate, let alone actually go out of their way to do something about it, left her almost overwhelmed. Her chest was full. It was… starting to get hard to breathe?

“This is just for you, okay!”

In the midst of all this, she almost forgot to talk. “Th-thank you very much!” 

“This is just for you, okay!”

“You honestly didn’t have to..! You already stop by so often!” Ah, her chest is starting to hurt.

“This is just for you, okay!”

Breathe in, breathe out. She smiles through obvious effort, easily explained away with her weakened state. “Thank you so very much, Ama!” 

“This is just for you, okay!”

They’re just really nice (and probably embarrassed), that didn’t mean anything. Calm down, calm down. Why was she even reacting this way? 

“Thank you.”




Come to think of it, I never introduced myself. I’m Jellal Fernandes. Erza…

Me? I’m Erza. Just Erza. 

Only one name is lonely. 

Hey! What are you…? 

That’s a beautiful scarlet. That’s it! Lets make it “Erza Scarlet.”

Erza Scarlet… 

It’s the color of your hair. This way, I’ll never forget you.