[PIC/TRANS] [160728] FT_FANCLUB’s Twitter Update

#FTISLAND #Take_Me_Now 오늘도 느낌있게 즐겨주신 PRIMADONNA 여러분 감사합니다💕 내일 만나요!! 촤~!!🤘🤘

[TRANS] #FTISLAND #Take_Me_Now Today too, PRIMADONNAs who came and made it fun, thank you💕 See you again tomorrow!! Cha~!!🤘🤘


[ENG SUB] Starcast - FTISLAND First Show Behind the Scenes

cr. DJ.Pri + Cranberry_31


[PIC/TRANS] W Korea - FTISLAND “Another Level” Behind Cut

These boys who are ambitious with their rock music who have received relatively limited attention as compared to the boys who dance and rap has come. They who have endured and grown through it all to the end, and have been toughened together, FTISLAND’s next stage. 

K-Pop in 2016

Group Debuts: Astro, Pentagon, Cosmic Girls, SMrookies, Imfact, Neo School

Comebacks: Orange Caramel, Winner, Seventeen, 4minute, Nu'est, AKMU, FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA, Teen Top, Mamamoo, Gfriend, Stellar, CROSS GENE

Solo/Group Activities (basically doing whatever like photoshoots/ads/idk but also maybe movies or dramas) : SNSD, BTS, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Infinite, GOT7, After School, Sistar


[VID] [160728] SBS Cultwo Show - FT ISLAND & Eric Nam (talk)

cr: KVIDs


[VID] [160728] M COUNTDOWN EP.485 - FTISLAND “Take Me Now”

cr: Mnet K-POP