You’ll encounter a lot of frustrating situations in life. But I struggle to think of one worse than falling for someone who doesn’t believe they deserve to be loved.
—  especially when you’ve fallen this hard
I mean, I can remember — when you’re a smart kid, or you’re just a very sensitive kid, and you have a lot that you need to say that’s very important to you, people don’t really take you seriously — I can remember being so frustrated, just constantly to the point of tears. I think the thing that I said most in my life for the first ten years was ‘Just listen to me. Listen.’ And even when I say that now, I always have a little flashback from those years, because I had so much trouble being taken seriously. I can remember people saying, ‘You’re twelve, Fiona,’ and just disregarding everything I had to say. All of my very deep, intense, serious worries and fears and wonders were just kind of disregarded because I was a kid and I was crazy and I was weird.
—  Fiona Apple
Silver Ravenwolf.

Get ready for a long post.

As many of you can probably tell, I cannot stomach this woman. As I’ve gotten older, I have figured out WHY I cannot stand her.

As a figurehead for Wicca, she has taken it upon herself to “educate” the younger generations about “witchcraft”, even though what she is actually educating them on is WICCA. Due to so many young people buying her books and taking what she says as though it is 100% factual, it has caused for so many people to be inadvertently confused about the difference between Wicca (earth based religion) and witchcraft (practice involving manipulation of energy for desired outcome through any array of outlets and vessels).

To knowingly mislead younger, inexperienced, trusting, and naive minds who are eager to learn is blatantly manipulative and abhorrent.

Let’s start with the popular book Teen Witch. In this book as well as on her website, she states:

“There is no difference between Wicca and WitchCraft. Anyone who tells you there is a difference is experimenting in the theory of Occum’s Razor.”


Ms. Ravenwolf also does a WONDERFUL job of promoting the idea of hiding and lying one’s practice from family:

Then we’ve got the double sneak-attack – working only with angels. Angels, angels everywhere and Mom or Dad won’t even care. Sure, because everyone likes angels. (Page 232.)

Word of advice: Do not lie to your family about what you are doing. As a Mental Health Therapist who works with families, I have seen the first hand effects of how damaging lying can be to a bond between Parent and Child. It is going to cause more harm TO YOU to lie than to tell the truth. If you have to hide what you’re doing, chances are, you’re not proud of it.

Moving on.

To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft? More like “LET’S ATTEMPT TO INDOCTRINATE YOUNG MINDS BECAUSE I LIKE HAVING A SENSE OF POWER”. This book is such a mess. It makes my skin crawl. For starters, this passage actually exists:

Satanic Witch: One cannot be a Satanic Witch because Witches do not believe in Satan. (Page 13)

This exclusion mentality she presents with this statement is misleading on a number of levels. For starters, YES THERE ARE SATANIC WITCHES BECAUSE WITCHCRAFT IS NOT A RELIGION. It implies no other type of witch is valid EXCEPT for the type SHE describes, which is actually a Wiccan. She is also intentionally misleading and misrepresenting (see the theme here?) the many types of witches and witchcraft practices actually exist. I wonder what she would say if she learned that Jewish, Christian, and Muslim witches exist? I wonder how she would feel knowing *gasp* SECULAR witches exist?

Another misleading and factually wrong statement is:

Another name for a solitary Witch is a “Natural Witch”. (Page 14)

No. No it’s not. A solitary witch is someone who works alone, without the support of a coven or community. I don’t have any idea where or why the term “Natural Witch” is used. It was as if she was thinking “Hmmm…how can I confuse everyone even more? I know! I’ll create a new phrase”.

Now…now we get into more promoting of lying to new witchlings (Wiccans but at this point, it’s all the same, right?!):

I personally don’t recommend telling your friends or distant family members with the first year of your study of the Craft that you have taken on a new reality. (Page 32)

First of all, no one asked your opinion on when to share anything. This false sense of entitlement and arrogance is appalling. On top of that, stating one has taken on a new reality sounds cultish with a twist of “us vs. them”. “They don’t get me”. “They are beneath me”. “I am so much more enlightened than them”. This is potentially dangerous thinking.

Then, the Christian bashing begins:

If you intend to grovel before a God form, please stop here and throw this book away…The common act of sniveling at their feet is unacceptable. If you truly want that type of relationship with “higher-ups”, there are plenty of well-cultured religions that will gladly open their arms to you. (Page 43).

What’s that, Lassie? A lure to hook people into thinking she has something BETTER to offer than those pesky monotheistic religions like Christianity? That’s not manipulative AT ALL! Does not have a single hint of a cult-like mentality AT ALL.

Next Emmy award winning statements goes to:

There are two kinds of [divinatory] readings, those for magickal people and those for “once-borns”… Once-borns belong to other religions that do not believe in reincarnation or magick…A once-born will get “hooked” before a magickal person, because they are totally unfamiliar with the intricacies of magick and divination. (Page 158)

Essentially, she is implying that non-magick practitioners are INFERIOR to magick practitioners, so they need special tarot card or divination readings that are simple enough for their non-magickal simple minds to comprehend. This is so absurd, I can’t believe this is someone’s thought process.

Then, there’s this gem that features even more Christian bashing:

I believe one of the biggest problems Witches face today is the influx of Christianity and its “turn the other cheek” melodrama. More and more individuals are leaving the Christian Kingdom in favor of ours, but they bring with them brains that have been hammered for years with another philosophy. (Page 270)

If you’re going to bash Christianity, AT LEAST understand its basic teachings first. The meaning of “turning the other cheek” is about forgiveness. I have no idea why that is such a terrible lesson to learn. On top of that, there’s a made up phrase (Christian Kingdom? Where the hell is that, exactly? Is it a secret location?) included. The ultimate irony is “they bring with them brains that have been hammered for years with another philosophy”…Silver, hunny…Isn’t this what you’re also doing through this very book targeting young and impressionable minds?

I almost laughed out loud at the absurd “special snowflake attention seeker” admission she makes in this statement:

I began by telling my father [that I was a witch], then my children and my two best friends; I went on to others that had known me for several years, and progressed to those who did not know me well at all. I told my new employer before I even accepted the job. (Page 277)

Word of advice: DO NOT EVER VOLUNTEER PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF TO A POTENTIAL EMPLOYER DURING INITIAL INTERVIEWING AND HIRING PROCESSES. It is NONE of their business what your personal beliefs are, and if anyone during an interview asks you any type of question that fishes to finding out personal information (if you’re married/engaged, have children, religious practice, any plans to move, etc.), respectfully state you are legally not obligated to answer that question. After the interview, contact your local Department of Labor to report inappropriate questioning during an interview. By law, a potential employer cannot ask about personal information.

Overall, this woman, in my opinion, has done far more harm than good to the Pagan community. If you agree, wonderful. If you disagree, let’s have a discussion.

When the Moon Signs Face Frustration
  • Aries:Their mind gets scattered with vexation. They want to take action and they want to take action now!
  • Taurus:They feel like an animal trapped in a cage, watch out, they will likely charge.
  • Gemini:They will become vocal and complain. Annoyances don't stay bottled up for long.
  • Cancer:They could take out their anger on others through passive-aggression. Their mind is clouded in a red fog.
  • Leo:There is an aggressiveness about them when frustrated. You will see the lion's claws and teeth, watch out for bullying and yelling to move past a frustrating problem.
  • Virgo:You can see the frustration on their face as they try to tackle the problem. They ask for advice and can be mad if you don't give the answer they were looking for.
  • Libra:There could be angry tears but mostly they try to fizzle down the frustration with rationality and time to think.
  • Scorpio:Like a bug constantly hitting against a window to escape, they can have a one-track mind when frustrated.
  • Sagittarius:Energy is scattered, they are snappy, and they try to ditch or escape the situation immediately.
  • Capricorn:They bottle it up behind flushed cheeks and an unreadable stare.
  • Aquarius:They laugh, yell, and maybe throw something to exert their frustrated energy. They are communicative with annoyances yet might get even more mad when you say you "understand" or "can relate".
  • Pisces:They feel like a cold and fast river when frustrated. They ask for help and is impatient with others. Frustration can make them feel lost or unable to figure out a problem.