✨ Quick and Easy "Fresh Face" Makeup✨

💄 Hopefully you have already washed your face and moisturized 💄

*note at very bottom if you wanna wear foundation/ have more time!! *

1.) apply 100% aloe vera gel to the high points of your face / anywhere you wanna highlight and allow it to get tacky.

2.) once its tacky apply (starting very lightly) your highlighter over top

🐝 this makes you look so luminous omgg

3.) if you have any problem areas conceal and powder them now , only powder over the concealer !! (please make sure it matches seamlessly )

4.) apply a cream blush of your choosing to your cheeks.

5.) run either tinted or clear brow gel through them brows sweetie. Clear mascara works too!!

6.) spray your face with a setting spray or rose water ( rose water gives your skin an extra pick me up)

7.) apply however much mascara your comfortable with ( if you have a little more time you can apply individual lashes to give yourself a fuller lash look while still looking natural. )

8.) put on your lip liner , lip gloss , tinted lip balm or all three !!who cares!! , and then you’re ready to go . 👑

*note for my foundation wearers/ u have more time : skip the aloe part altogether unless you put it under your makeup as a primer , once your primer is on set the t zone with translucent powder , let sit for 10-15 seconds , apply your foundation as you normally would ! Apply Cream blush with your finger tips , conceal under eye circles if you have them. Set with translucent powder and spray face with rose water / setting spray. While its still slightly damp highlight your face ! *follow other tips proceeding * ✨🌺


My razor was looking a little rusty and I was too lazy to find another razor part so I just didn’t shave my armpits, for me personally I like to be hairless, I find it more comfortable I feel more clean, but that’s just me. I felt like the hair showed a lot more than it actually did lmao, I really felt like it would show up so that’s the point of these photos but oh well, either way, I’m very behind the movement of empowerment of women and men and whatever else. To just be you. I love when people are different. I love when girls don’t shave their armpits and guys do. Or when girls have short hair and guys have long hair. No matter what it is, be proud to be who you are, cause being the little hippie rockstar that I am, I love you for it.


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inbetween shadows: a playlist [x]

i. lovesick banks / ii. falling short lapsley / iii. never had oscar isaac / iv. superficial love ruth b / v. oceans seafret / vi. thinkin bout you frank ocean / vii. distraction raye / viii. losin control russ / ix. losing h.e.r. / x. say you won’t let go james arthur / xi. walls kings of leon / xii. shadows sabrina carpenter / xiii. thinking ‘bout you dua lipa / xiv. new york city the chainsmokers / xv. i’m ready niykee heaton


april: a playlist [x]

i. war cry montgomery / ii. my own way kita alexander / iii. 
zimt lissa / iv. gettin’ old 6lack / v. little bit of you kevin garrett / vi. xo eden / vii. i don’t wanna dance coin / viii. trigger raelynn / ix. he don’t blaise moore / x. u don’t know justine skye / xi. i got you bebe rexha / xii. scared to be lonley martin garrix / xiii. symphony clean bandit


as i missed day 1 (my housemates decided it was time to watch iron fist so i lost my evening) here’s day 1 (firsts) and 2 (growth and change) combined.

jesse as a freshfaced yound gangster kid ready to smarten himself up by joining overwatch, and the tired but hopeful gabriel who has already taken jesse under his wing

cut to two years later on new years and jesse is drunk as a skunk and head over heels for his commander. cue drunken new years kiss that jesse totally forgets (but gabriel remembers in vivid detail)

a year on from that, and while they’re both suffering under the pressure of blackwatch, they’ve been dating steadily for six months and finally go for it (i might actually properly line and colour that last image….)

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“Photography is the easiest medium with which to be merely competent. Almost anybody can be competent. It’s the hardest medium in which to have some sort of personal vision and to have a signature style.”
-Chuck Close

Dylan Fender by Mark Benjamin