“It was an enormous challenge to do [Hamilton] every night, and yet who to blame but myself? I wrote the part! And it was also the most thrilling roller coaster every night. You know, I got to fall in love, I got to win a war, I got to write words that inspired a nation.

Getting to go through that experience, it’s something I’ll never get old of, which is why I really tried to downplay my departure as much as possible, because I don’t think I’m remotely done with it.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda speaking to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
Exploring The Nationalistic And Christian Right Influences On Trump
Sarah Posner, a reporter with The Nation's Investigative Fund, talks about how the Steve Bannon-Jeff Sessions-Mike Pence nexus is influencing President Trump's policies.

Today’s Fresh Air is a must-listen, in my opinion.  It’s fairly obvious what Bannon/Sessions/Pence think about America and the various issues here, but this interview lays some things out rather clearly (and scarily).