"Oh Deer Me, They Were Looking To Play Another Game"

I’m a black sheep trying to fit in,
even though I don’t hate the lack of light reflected by my wool.
The fact that either one of us expects it to happen,
might make both of us the fool.

I’ve dug myself such a nice hole,
that I hope trying to climb out isn’t wrong.
I’m just tired of using it’s acoustic properties,
to sing the same ol’ sad song.

The chains of status begin to feel heavy,
as their judgment cracks it’s whips.
All they had to do is add some sugar to the complacency
and pretend that I’d let death steal his next sweet kiss from these very lips.

I see some in love
and I see some in lust.
I see myself surrounded by more loneliness,
than people I can trust.

My heart represents nothing more than a bag of chips to me
but I still can’t say that selling emptiness is as easy as can be.

"Non-Nordic Ode In Words"

If only one of those shooting stars,
was a meteoric wish about to crash into me.
I keep feeling as if I’m surrounded by an illusion,
that I was never born to see.

Shame is circulating around in my head,
telling me my bank account won’t be the new capitol.
Things aren’t always what they seem,
that diamond in the rough didn’t always look admirable.

The hot breath of the wolves doesn’t warm my neck,
nor is the chill in the air what makes me feel numb.
Let it be no secret that I’d rather bake my own bread,
then beg anyone for a crumb.

Perfection eludes me still,
I hope God realizes I have flaws.
I would of gave the world what it wanted,
had it not abandoned it’s own choices to leave me distraught.

Poison every last root to the core
until one day the bitterness doesn’t grow anymore.


Curated by Art Dealer and Historian Wendy A.Meakin

Hand Painted by Artist @the27life

Photographer Graphics: @freethoughtism ,

Model & Makeup: @lainfreefalltattoo ,

Hair: James Langan ,

Banner: Wolfbags

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Lingerie: Agent Provocateur

Boycotting the Inauguration

I have lived through several U.S. presidents, and I have never tuned in to watch their inauguration on television. Such a thing has never held even a little appeal, and so it has never occurred to me to do so. I see no reason to change the practice this year. I guess that means I will not be watching Donald Trump’s inauguration.

I suppose I should take to social media to tell everyone that I am “boycotting” Trump’s inauguration. If I leave out the part about how I’ve never watched an inauguration and wouldn’t watch this one no matter who was being inaugurated, people on the political left might briefly admire my virtue.

"I Wonder If DNA Has Ever Felt Stranded"

A leopard can’t change it’s spots,
even if it can feel a lion in it’s heart
and a king can’t be one of his subjects,
even if he is good at playing the part.

Some answers aren’t known
until they reveal themselves.
Some say it’s our own thoughts bringing them out of hiding
and some say it’s something else.

As numerous as the stars,
no wonder the universe is expanding.
Oh to be an inverted image reflected seven fold
and a world nothing short of damning.


LiBRE BRAND: Freedom of Flyness
The word Libre means liberty and freedom in the Spanish and French language and the reason we chose brand is because we want to make intelligence and freedom a viable and socially acceptable lifestyle. We are representatives of the free thinkers, the artist, and the socially conscious. Our website is from there you can see our upcoming projects and purchase apparel. Enter code Free2bFly for free shipping on purchases.

"I Just Can't Turn A Blind I To It All"

I feel as if I am a bum,
just one step removed from being homeless.
When you feel as if you are breathing their air,
you feel as if they are always hoping you take your last breath.

They expect me to complain,
about my foot being in a trap
but even though I feel stuck,
I still love where I’m at.

I was hoping to find your heart
and maybe massage away it’s growing pains
but I never got the chance to know it
or to taste of the wine in it’s veins.