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gh0st-glitter  asked:

Hello! I am simply in love with your Mercy cosplay ❤ I've never used a 3D printer in my LIFE but as I try to figure out Mercy's wings and caduceus staff, it seems printing would be the best way to go. Do you have any tips? I have EVA foam as a back up because my sister will be doing Genji!

Thank you T__T. We will actually be vacuum-forming her wings after all (to make them at light as possible). I have seen quite a few carved from EVA foam or insulation foam that look phenomenal! My friend Stella sells a great template for Mercy’s wings if you need a place to get started! 

Having a disagreement...
  • Boy: You're just mad cuz you're on your period.
  • Me: Excuse me, when is the last time YOU bled profusely from one of your organs and were forced to go about your life as if nothing were wrong while your muscles are cramping and you are under constant anxiety that you will accidentally get blood all over yourself and everything you sit on?
  • Boy:
  • Me:
  • Boy:
  • Me:
  • Boy: Wow.
  • Me: Thank you.