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Coat au

Yoosung: The only other hoodie he’ll put on

Zen: Give me Zen in leather or give me death

Jaehee: It’s her favourite thing to wear on her days off

Jumin: Never wears this if he thinks someone from work will see him

Saeyoung: Also the ony other hoodie he’ll wear

V: He thinks it’s sassy and he loves it

Saeran: fuckin y e a h b o i

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What is this that I see

oKAY OKAY…. I was about to make another reaction request when I saw these gorgeous gifs of Chae Pepe Hyungwon

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are u tryin’ to kill me boii? deym 

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boi, stahp it dis instant!! don’t stop pls huuhuhuh

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look at that gorgeous smile of his help mah hart kennot handle too beautiful to handle hELP

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just look at him lolololo pepe r u lost no? okay….

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look at him. just look at this perfection ;^;

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another perfection. perfection everywhere

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boi, did i just get electrified by you? wait, waht? am i trying to make some cheesy pick up line?

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he looks like a kid who’s planning to murder the lego he stepped on ;-; im so sorry….

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hey baby, are you made of copper and tellurium? coz u’re so damn cute… wat? huh? who said that?

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he’s prettier than the flower… and he’s even prettier than me hELP

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srsly…?? why…. hyungwon baby im sorry but please dont

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hi to you too babe *wink wink*

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isn’t he the cutest? ;u;

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just look at him eat <3 

me every single time that i see a picture of him:

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Me: *is planning a story in-depth*

Me: *is planning a story that can be divided into four fics*

Me: *realizes what I’m doing*

Me: *gets a quarter of the way through planning the first fic*

Me: *realizes that I’m in over my head*

Me: *is trying not to let fear get in the way*


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Reason Why Heathers the Musical is the Best #317

It contains lyrics like this:

“Hey, could you face the crowd
Could you been seen with me and still act proud?
Hey, would you hold my hand,
and could you carry me through no-man’s-land?”

“I was alone. I was a frozen lake. But then you melted me awake, see now I’m crying too”

“We can start and finish wars, we’re what killed the dinosaurs. We’re the asteroid that’s overdue!”

“You know, you know, you know, it’s cause you’re beautiful. You say you’re numb inside, but I can’t agree. So the world’s unfair, keep it locked out there. In here it’s beautiful”

But then also contains lyrics like this:

“I’ve decided I must ride you till I break you”

“Seems every time I’m about to despair, there’s a 7-eleven right there”

“Say goodbye to Shamoo”

“Whoa. You can punch real good”

Sometimes within the same song

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i just wanna talk about jikook 25/8 because they're so in love it makes me want to sob? like they just drop so many hints and i just think jungkook has just grown to love jimin so much? in 2013-2014 he was scared shitless of him, like of how much jimin showed his affection. and then he just gave in. he has a soft spot for jimin for sure. jungkook is dominant af but goes soft for jimin when he needs to. that spank was so much more than just for the skit tbh. u don't just do that to your hyung.

I feel like Jungkook has always appreciated and been fond of Jimin, but definitely back in the day he struggled. He was a bit shy, a little introverted and he said himself that he struggled with expressing his emotions and saying what he feels. He was really upset about his inability to be open about his feelings back in the day, if you’ll remember, when talking to/about ARMYs. I’m sure that carried to all of his relationships. As much as he struggled with interacting to and talking to ARMYs, it was probably that way with Jimin too.

That’s why he ended up just kind of freezing up or running away or teasing Jimin when Jimin was cute @ him. But ya know, he doesn’t struggle nearly as much now. Barely at all actually.

Jeongguk has really grown into himself. He’s a confident, affectionate, respectful and loving man these days. He still doesn’t speak his emotions much, because he’s a very action oriented man. That means he tends to speak through glances, through attention and touches. He’s a physically grounded man and I think more than anything, you can tell that Jeongguk is affectionate towards Jimin.

To me it seems like, over time Jeongguk learned that if he isn’t good at speaking his thoughts very much, he would just show them. And I think around that time he started growing up, stopped being quite so shy, learned how to express himself better, was the time you can see a difference in the way he responds to Jimin.

It was never about Jeongguk not liking Jimin back, it was always about him not knowing how to deal with their relationship, and how to express himself well about it either.

He definitely has no issue now. Between touches, stares, unspoken things literally EVERYWHERE, and even occasionally voicing his thoughts, or at least, expressing his fondness through teasing, he clearly has gotten used to both Jimin’s presence and their dynamic, as well as expressing himself to Jimin .

Jikook has the best dynamic in BTS when it comes to unspoken agreements and understanding each other.

ALSO, abt the a$$ slap that changed the world, Jeongguk took the MOST enjoyment out of that it was fkn WILD. I will nEVER be over it. It was 100% more than just a skit slap, anyone with EYES should be able to see that tbh.

Also can we talk about Jikook’s chemistry because???? 👀👀👀