Ok, so, Shaggy needs to win a big road race against monsters driving individually-themed cars to win a bet in order for Dracula to turn him back into a human after a combination of moonlight and hiccups werewolf’d him while on a date at a drive-in.

No, seriously. I’m not making this up.

Were-Shaggy has the fastest car by far, but Dracula is doing all he can to prevent him from winning.

He’s well in the lead, but– oh, what’s this?

All the other cars got stuck and flung backwards by a giant spiderweb!

What luck! Shaggy speeds ahead.

The competition has all sustained major damages, and aren’t even seen in their vehicles… it’ll be ages before they can even get unstuck, assuming their cars are able to driv–

…oh, no, never mind, they’re all right back behind him instantly like nothing ever happened.

A little later, however, they all get stuck inside a massive snowball, and roll backwards a looooong way.

Once again, completely trapped! Phew, looks like Shaggy’s gonna win after al–

…oh, no, never mind, they’re all right back behind him instantly like nothing ever happened.

Next, quick-dry cement. 

The cars lose their wheels. 

Physically have nothing to drive on anymore.

Oh, no, never mind, they’re all right back behind him instantly like nothing ever happened.

The race is going normally, when… uh… wait, what are they freaking out about?

….um… ok? 

This just happened for some reason, I guess?

The movie doesn’t even bother to show us what occurred, nor does it give a reason for it, nor tie it into the plot at all, but… dang, those cars are trashed.

They even bothered to show all the parts that broke off, and everything is a smoking mess… they’re out of commission for go–



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Why does your blog say "don't freak out"? Because you're too amazing that when people find you they freak out?


I think that’s the description I made such a long time ago I might not properly remember, but I have a feeling it was some sort of Doctor who reference back in the day. I’m no longer sure, it’s been too long..

But no, it’s not because I’m this amazing…I have heard of modesty:’)


rip my memory

someone mentioned it and I have wild flashbacks

Roses (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Summary: Shawn and Y/n are best best friends and shawn is crazily in love with her. However Y/N gets a bf and get engaged, and shawn writes roses. The song gets nominated for a grammy and he takes Y/N to the awards show where he will be performing it. His performance makes viewers worldwide jaws drop.

Originally posted by anthony-samaniego


Shawn’s mood was visibly going down. It all started one day, when his best friend Y/N got a boyfriend. Y/N and Shawn had known each other since high school, but have never really talked since Shawn was two grades older. When they both graduated however, they had reconnected when they both moved to LA and couldn’t keep away from each other ever since. After spending increasingly longer time together, Shawn could already feel himself falling for her and repeatedly told himself to not catch feelings if he didn’t want to wreck this beautiful friendship.

They were 20 and 22 when they first started getting close. What started out as a casual text turned into late-night deep conversations, one minute phone calls turned into 6 hour long discussions and a night over turned into “I’m half moved-in”.

For six months they were inseparable and these were Shawn’s happiest months of his life.

They shared such a pure love for each other. Each time Shawn wrapped his arms around her in a hug, his world disappeared and all he felt was the love and happiness Y/N had for him.

Each time he saw her he would hug her, longing the feeling of her, the feeling of their love.

However, slowly his mind wandered off of hugs and he wondered how her lips felt. How they tasted, how they would move against his if he ever had the guts to kiss her.

Just when Shawn felt like he maybe had a chance with her, just when Shawn looked in her eyes and thought he might see in them what he felt for her, Luke came into their lives.


It all happened one Saturday night where Y/N’s parents called her to a family dinner party and that they had family friends that they wanted her to meet.

Obviously Shawn was also invited, Y/N’s family loved him and whenever Y/N came home, he would also be there.

They were at Shawn’s LA apartment when she got the call.

“Ooh Shawn I gotta go, my family’s having this dinner thingie. Wanna come?”

“Obviously yes!”

Shawn changed into a loose black shirt as Y/N found a red summer dress lying around. Walking out of his apartment they got a few pictures taken of them.

“Shawn! Y/N! You two look adorable!”

“Y/N can you turn this way?”

“When are you two gonna announce you’re dating goddammit!”

Shawn swallowed and continued smiling until they reached his car. Stepping into Y/N’s parents’ home, her parents greeted them and then stepped out of the way. A blond charming blue-eyed man walked in front of Y/N.

“Hi Y/N. I’m Luke.”

And from that day on, Y/N was taken away from Shawn. They still had conversations, but those would be those typical best friend ones about Luke. Y/n asked Shawn for dating advice, outfit opinions, and told him all the cute things Luke did for her on their dates.

And Shawn listened every day, even though each word she told him was just twisting the knife in his heart and sinking it deeper. He did it because he loved Y/N. If the only way to keep Y/N in his life was like this, he would do it.

After roughly two months since Luke first appeared at that dinner party, Y/N was positively glowing from her relationship with him.

Every day, he prayed for Y/N’s feelings towards Luke to subside, but instead their relationship was getting even more serious.

Fans noticed her glow, and noticed Shawn’s gloom.

He would scroll down his Twitter every day and see his fans sending him happy thoughts. He tried to smile at these, really.

But there was no greater pain, then a pain caused by love. On the bright side, he wrote a ton of songs to express his feelings. They charted well, and were award-winning.

His biggest, saddest song yet, would be about Y/N and Luke’s engagement.

In fact, Roses got so successful, it got a nomination for a Grammy. The joy of that distracted Shawn for a couple days, until his invitation to the Grammys indicated he can bring a guest. One name came into mind.


It has been a long time since he really spent time with her, unless choosing between roses and lilies for the wedding centerpiece counted as hanging out.

He drove up to Y/N’s and walked in her living room, they had keys to each other’s homes.

There she sat, glasses on, in front of a million magazine clippings splayed across the table.

“Oh hi Shawn, tell me would you rather see me in a satin gown or a silk one?” She said, holding up two fabric samples.

Shawn merely smiled at her.

“I’m nominated for a Grammy.” He said.

Y/N dropped both items and pushed the table out of her way, not caring how many files got knocked over.

She ran up to him and hugged him. Shawn wrapped his arms around her waist once again and relaxed, but still holding her tightly.

It has been such a long time he had had a Y/N hug. As if she seemed to read his mind, she pulled him even closer and even put a hand in his hair.

A single tear fell from Shawn’s eyes and landed on her skin.

She pulled away.

“Shawn are you crying?”


“Aw it’s okay I’m about to as well hahaha! You’re nominated for a Grammy! A GRAMMY! We did it Shawn!” Y/N ran across the room and opened her window and started shouting.

Shawn beamed. The fact she said “we did it” made his heart melt. It was just like the old best friend days were back.

“So um, my invitation says Shawn Mendes and Guest, aaand I was wondering if-“

“I’D LOVE TO BE AND GUEST” Y/N jumped up and hugged Shawn again.


Shawn looked at him nervously in the mirror. Not only was he taking Y/N to the Grammys, he was going to perform Roses. That was about Y/N. In front of Y/N. Deciding that no matter how long he stared at himself in the mirror his hair would not lie flat, he went to go pick up Y/N.

Ringing the doorbell, he waited outside. He heard a shout through the door.

“Shawn can you come inside and zip me up?!”

He walked in and almost choked.

Y/N turned around, smiling. Her hair was loosely curled and the top half was pulled back, leaving a few strands in the front out. The dress she had on was tightly fitted but classy, and the bottom flared out around her.

“Hi, I’m sorry we’re running a little late, I just can’t reach the back of this. Freaking. Dress.”



“I mean uh yeah yeah I’ll help you, turn around.”

“Thanks.” Y/N smiled at him. “Sooo how do I look?” she twirled.

“Like an angel.” Shawn said. He felt like a boy at a candy store, except he wasn’t allowed to get any candy. And yet the candy was right, there, in, front, of, him.

“Thanks Shawn. Look at us eh? About to go to the Grammys. I love you Shawn. And I’m so proud of you.” she looked up at him.

Shawn felt his eyes burn slightly from holding back tears. God, he loved her so much. And he couldn’t have her.

“C’mere.” She said, pulling him into a hug.

They drove to the Staples Center, chatting the whole time and reminiscing about all the fun times they had.

“Ready?” Shawn asked.

“Of course, I’ve done loads of carpets with you. Although imagine their faces when they see my ring haha. Hum.” She cleared her throat.

“Y/N is everything okay?”

“Wha? Yeah yeah great.”

“Is it Luke?”

Y/n looked up at him with sad eyes.

“Look let’s not talk about that, this night is about you.” Y/N placed her hand on his.

It was these close intimate moments that made Shawn think that they could be something. Their connection was undeniable, if only he had the chance to show her how much happier she would be with him, how much more love he could give her. There was a flame, and he didn’t know if he should start a fire with it. But he knew that if he did, that fire would be bold, powerful, but would never burn out.

He stepped out of the car to a crowd of cheers and walked over to the other side to open the door for Y/N. She had already opened the door however and pushed Shawn who grabbed her hand, both of them toppling over.

They laid on the ground on top of each other and made eye contact. The two burst into delirious laughter which lasted at least fifteen minutes, before they stood up, fixed Y/N’s dress and walked down the carpet.

They posed together like they have countless of times before they moved on to the interview. If anyone wasn’t a fan of Shawn’s, they would have guessed they were a couple.

“Shawn! And Y/N! It’s so nice to see you guys back together, we missed our favourite BFFs!”

“Hahaha thank you.”

“So Y/N, what are you most surprised for?”

“Uuum, what am I not surprised for, it’s the freaking Grammys!!! But um the one thing is I’m excited to see Shawn perform Roses, I’ve actually never heard the song.”

“Oh really you’ve never heard it?”

“Nooo, Shawnie over here.” She giggled, turning her head towards him and only looking at him for the rest of her answer. “He wanted it to be a surprise so when he released it he made me promise not to listen to it at all! But it was cute, because he told me this song meant everything to him and he hoped it would do incredible things, and it did, it’s nominated for a Grammy!”

“Aww how cute! Now I’m SO sorry to ask but Shawn are you two dating?! Because I mean come on, look at you two.”

Shawn smiled as much as he could before saying; “I love Y/N, I really do. But we’re just friends.” He could swear someone was stabbing him in the chest as he said that.

Y/N turned and saw her favourite singer Ariana Grande.

“Oh my god it’s Ari, I’m so sorry I gotta say hi! I’ll be right down there Shawn kay?”

“Kay. Try not to faint!” he chuckled.

The interviewer, seeing that it was only her and him now asked:

“Now Shawn is the song Roses about someone particular?”

Shawn was still looking at Y/N who was now semi-crying at Ariana who was hugging her.

“Yeah it is.”



Y/N stood on the edge of her seat, positively shaking with pride.

Shawn came out on stage and looked directly at her.

“This one’s for you.”

I’m not try'na start a fire, with this flame
But I’m worried that your heart might feel the same
And I have to be honest with you baby
Tell me If I’m wrong, and this is crazy
But I got you this rose
And I need to know
Will you let it die or let it grow?
Die or let it go?

It’s not that I don’t care about the love you have
It’s not that I don’t want to see you smile
But there’s no way that he can feel the same
‘Cause when I think of you my mind goes wild

Y/N swayed to the music but stopped dead in her tracks when she caught on with the lyrics.

The song was ending and Shawn pulled out a single red rose and climbed down into the crowd. He made his way to Y/N and stood in front of her with the rose.

“I got you this rose, and I need to know, will you let it die or let it grow?” he sang softly to her.

part 2

First crush (part 1)

Originally posted by dailymcugifs

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, Tony Stark (dad) x Reader

Summary: After being home schooled your whole life, it’s finally your first day in high school. You are so excited to finally have a chance to live a normal teenage life. Well as normal as you could get. 

Word count: 1544 (this part is pretty long, the other parts are going to be shorter)

A/N: This is the first thing that I have ever written so please go easy on me. I have written five parts to this story and I’m going to post a new part everyday. I would really appreciate constructive criticism. So, if you think of something that I could do better let me know! So here we go. I hope you guys like it!

PS You can send me requests if you want! I can write about almost any Avenger. By sending me requests you can help me improve myself. 

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

You were Tony Stark’s biggest secret. You were his daughter. Only his closest friends and the Avengers knew about you. You were tired of it. Last weekend while the Avengers were on a mission you watched all the teen movies and romantic comedies you could find on Netflix. After each movie, you were more and more tired of the way you were living. Your whole life you have been home schooled, you’ve never had any real friends or boyfriends. Not even crushes (well if you don’t count the short crush you had on Bucky when he first moved to the compound). You wanted to experience the whole teenage life. All the high school drama, hating your teachers for giving you too much homework for the weekend and crushing over all the cute high school boys. So, when your dad came back from the mission you went to him immediately and told him that you wanted to go to a regular high school. “Why in the hell would you wanna to go to that teen hell?” was your dad’s first reaction. After hours and hours of persuading him, your dad finally gave in.

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Y'all worried about Yoongi who hasn’t posted since like March… Simon D hasn’t posted since FREAKING OCTOBER OF 2016……um….so I don’t wanna hear it😂😂

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Your highschool AU gives me life so I was thinking, what if the gang and MC are at their school at night because they're going to do a 'test of courage' but at some point mc and their s/o get separated from the other group and a scared MC reveals that they're afraid of the dark aaand what would the scenario be for all of the chars with mc if that happened ?

omg this is so good i HAVE TO


  • Yoosung and MC alone in the dark? no problem, he’ll be totally cool and-
  • except that it’s a HUGE problem
  • because Yoosung is afraid of the dark too
  • he’s so scared that he cant even enjoy the fact that MC just asked if they could hold his hand
  • “uh, yea, s-sure…”
  • oh no their hand is so warm
  • Yoosung is so laser focused on finding everyone else that every little thing makes him jump
  • but MC is scared, too, so the two are just a yelping mess, holding onto each other in the darkness
  • one leaf rustles and all of a sudden its a scream-fest with these two
  • great, the one time me and MC get close i’m too busy being afraid for my LIFE to enjoy it
  • just my luck
  • classic Yoosung
  • he makes it a goal to get over his fear of the dark so that the next time him and MC are alone in the woods at night together, he’ll be ready


  • engage hero mode
  • “dont worry, i’ll protect you”
  • MC is clinging so close to him he’s practically carrying them
  • and boy, he is loving every second
  • he loves playing the role of protector and he thinks the way MC squeezes his hand is so adorable, and of course he’s not afraid of the dark i mean what reason does he have to-
  • Zen goes from calm and collected to violently moving his flashlight to point it at a bush
  • of course, MC freaks out even more
  • “Zen, what is it?!”
  • “i dont know, but whatever it is, i’ll protect you from it”
  • please dont be something scary please dont be something scary please dont be something scary
  • “well…its gone now. we have nothing to fear, sweetheart”
  • which, i mean, he would do for MC in a heartbeat
  • but if it can be helped, he’d rather not


  • Jaehee would try to comfort MC in all the wrong ways
  • she says with a smooth voice, while gently rubbing MC’s shoulders:
  • “a fear of the dark isnt practical”
  • “even if there was something scary, its dark so we cant see it, therefore we cant be bothered by it”
  • “if there was a murderer in this forest they would have killed us by now”
  • “big animals sleep at night for the most part, and they dont like to eat humans”
  • suddenly in the middle of her “comforting” speech, Jaehee hears sobs
  • “MC, whats wrong?”
  • “Jaehee, your’re freaking me out!!”
  • “oh…um…aright..”
  • Jaehee is racking her brain for the right thing to say
  • she decides to take MC’s hand
  • “i guess what i’m trying to say is that everything will be alright”
  • MC pulls Jaehee a little closer and puts their hear of her shoulder
  • “thats all i wanted to hear”


  • at first Jumin is kind of like why are you so close to me
  • can we…..personal space, please?
  • and then when MC tells him about their fear of the dark he’s more like
  • ooooooOOOOOOHHHHHHhhhh
  • once Jumin realizes whats happening, he understands that its important to comfort MC
  • he may be socially inept but he’s not a heartless robot, no matter what Seven says
  • he would remind MC to stay close to him
  • he’d probably be the one to suggest they hold hands
  • “do you want my jacket, too?”
  • “dont worry, i’m not going anywhere”
  • walks with one around around MC


  • immediately takes advantage of the situation
  • “why are you walking so close to me? what, do you like me or something?”
  • “no, you jerk!!”
  • scaring MC every two seconds
  • he would probably keep doing it until they started crying, then we would panic
  • “hey hey whats wrong? i’m just goofing off!!”
  • “Seven, cant you see that you’re freaking me out?”
  • “oh i’m..i’m sorry…i just wanted to mess around a little…”
  • he would put one arm around MC and pull them in while they walk, unzipping his hoodie so that MC is kinda cradled inside with him
  • “Seven, you’re an asshole, yknow that?”
  • “yea, i know. but at least now we’ve confirmed that i’m the scariest thing out here”
  • until they found the other Seven would walk with MC snuggled into his jacket


Nontraditional // p.p.

A/N: so this is based off of @spideyyss ‘s headcanon post so all props and credit to them for coming up with this amazing storyline. This contains no spoilers for the movie, so feel free to read if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

Also, this is probably the shortest thing I’ve ever written and it’s super fluffy which I don’t really write straight up fluff that much so enjoy :)

The way the two of you met isn’t traditional.

You’re tired. Who wouldn’t be, staying up until five a.m. and then getting up at six to go to school. You took your hand off of the pole for half a minute, covering your mouth while you yawned when suddenly the subway lurches to a stop.

You stumble backwards, trying to catch yourself until suddenly you’re on someone’s lap, wide eyed and heavy breathed as you look up.

You’re pretty sure your heart stops as his brown eyes meet yours.

Holy crap he’s hot.

And then suddenly everything resumes.

“Oh my god I am so sorry,” you rush out, scrambling to get out of his lap, “holy shit I let go for five seconds and th-”

“N-no, it’s fine,” he smiles, “d-do you…would you like my seat? I can stand.”

“No no no, god no,” you shake your head, swallowing, “I’d really rather crawl in a hole somewhere, or maybe acquire some sudden amnesia.”

Peter’s smile widens, because holy crap she’s beautiful and she’s witty and no freaking way-

“I um…I like your shirt,” Peter says.

You look down at your missing proton shirt, blushing.

“T-thanks,” you stutter out, “I’m uh, I’m Y/N.”


You and Peter talk practically every second of everyday, finding out things like not only do you live on the same street, but in the same building no less. The two of you became best friends in just a week, feelings developing so fast it scared you, but in the best way possible. That day on the subway was probably the most embarrassing day in your relationship, which is probably why Peter makes you feel nervous and confident all at the same time.

The start of your relationship isn’t traditional.

You two are walking home from the subway station one day about two weeks later when suddenly just walking side by side felt weird. The wheels in your head turn quickly as you try to assess what felt out of place. Then it clicks.

“Hey Peter,” you voice, swallowing back the nerves, “can you hold this for me?”

Peter looks up from his phone, shoving the device in his pocket as he nods.

“Yeah, course.”

You take his hand, intertwining your fingers with his as you continue to walk down the street.

Out of the corner of your eye you can see Peter’s face flame up, a smile evident.

You smile as well, the two of you walking down the road in a mixture of awkward and comfortable silence.

Peter’s heart drops to his feet when you reach your floor of the building, you leaning against the door to your apartment with your hand still in Peter’s.

“S-so um…I uh…” he stumbles, shaking his head, “I-I don’t even know what I’m trying to say.”

You smile, thinking about how freaking adorable he looks when he’s blushing and stuttering and that only makes you like him more.

You press a kiss to his cheek, the warm skin leaving your lips tingly as you pull away.

“I’ll uh, I’ll see you tomorrow,” you say, “meet you at the usual spot?”

Peter breaks into a smile, nodding enthusiastically.

“Yeah, yeah I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It’s as if a switch flipped, because suddenly your fast friendship turned into something more and neither of you really knew what.

Nothing in yours and Peter’s actual relationship is traditional, nor is it slow. One week after you held his hand you and Peter shared your first full on kiss, and dropping you off at your apartment soon turned into practically staying the night at his house, only to sneak back into your room in the early hours of the morning.

Neither of you ever really said exactly what this was, nothing was ever really official, but two weeks after the day you took his hand in yours you were calling him your boyfriend, and you were his girlfriend.

The first time you tell him you love him isn’t traditional.

About a month after that day walking home you and Peter were stretched out on the couch in his apartment, your legs on top of Peter’s while your head is propped on one of the arm rests and Peter’s on the opposite while you both watch Empire Strikes Back. It’s coming up to your favorite part, and you just knew it was time.

You tap Peter’s arm with your foot, drawing his attention towards you as the scene comes on.

“I love you,” you chorus with the TV, Peter’s face practically splitting open in a smile.

“I know,” he says with the movie, and you feel your face heat up.

He moves your legs off him, basically straddling your body as he hovers over you.

“I love you too,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to your lips.

No, your relationship isn’t traditional, it’s fast paced and it’s intense. It’s everything you could wish and more, and it’s yours.

pandarificxx  asked:

Omg your art is so freaking good >.< Um if you take sfw requests do you think maybe you could draw a fluffy pic with like morty piggy back on Rick with like a balloon or maybe a stuffed animal cus Rick took him to like the zoo or something? If not it's cool just thought I'd ask ^.^

Absolutely! Here you go :) Have a happy Rick with baby Morty <3 I hope you like it!


“I can’t believe you two freaked out”, you stated. “Um, excuse me? It growled at us!” Stiles tried to defend. “Why do you keep this mut anyways? it’s freaking scary.” Scott added. “For the same reason I keep you two”, you answered.  They gave you a puzzled look. “He keeps me safe.” 

the-ice-goddess  asked:

For the prompts: Bucky thinks Tony is with Steve and Tony thinks Bucky is with Steve so they're both pining from afar and Steve is just so utterly done with his best friends' sad faces. Happy ending of course. :D

“Buck. Hey Bucky, are you listening?”

“Hm?” Bucky looked back at Steve, blinking at him in surprise. “Oh uh yeah. With ya, Stevie. Whats up?”

“Are you staring at Tony?”

“What?!” Bucky shook his head quickly. “No. NO. Steve, definitely not. I wouldnt ever do that. I mean oh shit, no. Why would you ask that?” Bucky kept his eyes as wide and innocent possible. “I wouldnt ever–”

“You’re being weird.” Steve frowned. “Now listen, we need to work on—”

“Whatever you say, Steve.” Bucky muttered, unable to tear his eyes away from the brunette sleeping on the couch across from them.

He felt guilty everyday for feeling how he did about Tony. What kind of friend was he, anyway? Falling in love with his best friends guy. Sure, Steve and Tony hadnt officially started dating or anything, but Bucky knew it was just a matter of time.

And he was nearly sick to his stomach with guilt for wanting Tony for himself.


 “Hey Tony.” Steve put a big arm over Tony shoulders and squeezed lightly and the genius looked up with a big grin.

“Steve. Hows my favorite blond?”

“Doing just fine. Listen, I wanted to talk to you about something. You and Bucky um–”

“OH MY GOD NOTHINGS GOING ON WITH ME AND BUCKY!” Tony nearly shrieked and jumped right out of his chair. “Nothing. Steve, I would never do that to you! I mean, sure Im a flirty guy but come on, Id never try to be like that. I wouldnt ever try to come between you guys. Why would you even think–”

“Tony. What the hell?” Steve folded his arms and squinted at his friend. “Why are you freaking out?”

“No reason.” Tony snapped his mouth shut and shook his head. “Not freaking out. Um. Im gonna head out alright. Maybe to the training room. Not because Bucky is down there but because– actually Im just going to go to my room. Bye.” Tony legitamately ran from the room, leaving Steve staring after him with a completely confused look on his face.

Then something occurred to him and he started laughing.

Those guys were so stupid.


“God damnit.” Bucky closed his eyes and swore when Tony walked into the suddenly too small movie room. This was exactly what he didnt need– time in the dark with Tony while waiting for the rest of the team to show up to movie night. “Tony um, hey.”

“Hey.” Tony looked equally awkward and sat uncomfortably on the other edge of the couch, too polite to sit farther away, and way too nervous to sit any closer. “So… just us so far right?”

“Looks like it.”

Silence fell– horribly awkward eternally long silence in which they looked everywhere but each other, clearing throats and shuffling their feet, Buckys arm creaking faintly as he shifted on the couch.

“So.” Tony finally said and then nothing because he didnt know what to say. “Um, you and Steve are uh what… six months now?”

“…No….” Bucky said slowly. “No. Not six months.”

“Oh sorry. I uh, I dont actually know when you and he started dating.”

“Steve and I arent dating.” Bucky said incredulously. “You and Steve are dating. You dont possibly think Steve is cheating on you with me.”

“Steve and I arent dating.” Tony actually laughed. “How awkward would that be? That would be like dating one of my dads friends.”

“Well Steve and I arent dating, that would be like dating my brother.”

“Wait.” Tony turned towards him slightly, peering at him in the near dark .”You and Steve aren’t dating?”

“Not even close. Gross.” Bucky snorted. “And um you guys aren’t either? Why are you always together then?”

“He’s one of my best friends.” Tony pointed out. And then “Ohhhhh my god.”


“Uh, earlier today Steve tried to talk to me about you and I freaked out because I thought he was going to call me out on always staring at his boyfriend. Oh my god.”

“Always staring at his boyfriend? You mean me? You stare at me?”

“…I might stare at you. Do you ever stare at me?”

“Jesus Christ Tony, I dont think I ever stop staring at you.”

“I see.”

Eternally long, never ending, completely akward silence all over again.

“So we gonna keep sitting here about a mile away from each other or are you gonna let me kiss you?” Bucky asked and barely managed to catch Tony as the smaller man launched himself across the couch and into Buckys arms.


“Hey Cap.” Clint said as he and Natasha came up the stairs. “All set for movie night?”

“Oh, no not tonight.” Steve was sitting in front of the double doors, making sure they stayed closed. “Private showing tonight.”

“I dont know what that means.” Clint complained and Steve grinned.

“Bucky and Tony are in there.”

“Oh thank god. They finally figured out that they like each other?” Natasha asked, laughing as Steve rolled his eyes.

“Took them long enough. I was just going to lock them in here until they figured it out. They both thought the other one was dating me.”

“Which is stupid, right?” This from Sam, who came up on them all in the hallway. “Since you’re dating me? On your left babe.” he winked at Steve and leaned in to give him a kiss on his left cheek.

“So stupid.” Steve agreed. “Lets give these guys some privacy.”

Today at the Library I found a Transformers Picture book on display. Apparently, the Decepticons and the Autobots are just one big dysfunctional family to hear this book tell it.

I’m not even kidding. This picture book literally starts with Skids and Mudflap trying to figure out how to tell Optimus that they weren’t watching the baby Sam as close as they should have and Optimus goes into full Hover-Dad mode. The following is a paraphrased transcript of this hilarious, probably-not-canon book.

Optimus: “Skids, Mudflap, weren’t you two supposed to be babysitting Sam (since I sent Bumblebee and Mikaela on a mission, because clearly they’re more responsible than him)? What are you two freaking out over? …..where’s the baby?”

Skids and Mudflap: “Okay, um. Don’t freak out.”

Optimus: “Already freaking out.”

Skids and Mudflap: “It’s not as bad as you think! Sam is working at a grocery store - college kid job, or whatever - but we think his coworker is a Decepticon spy.”

Optimus: “Well is there a giant robot in the grocery store?”

Skids and Mudflap: “Uh…no?”

Optimus: “Then it’s probably not a Deceptcion. Now go back to watching Sam!”

Skids and Mudflap: “But Boss! We thought that Alice creep was a human too! Remember how that turned out?”

Optimus: “…..don’t let Sam out of your sight.”


Megatron: (cackling maniacally) “Let’s see! How can I ruin Optimus’s day today? Killing him usually works. Aw, but he’s busy all the time! How can I draw him out?”

(thinks for probably longer than he should)

Megatron: “Ah-HA! The Boy! Optimus will do anything to make sure he’s safe. Hmmm….except he normally doesn’t let him out of his sight… Hey you! Random Decepticon Who Was Never In The Movies!”

Random: “You rang, Lord Megatron?”

Megatron: “Yes. Go scan a human and go to that grocery store where the Witwicky kid works.”\

Random: “Wait, why?”

Megatron: “I just really need someone to keep the nephew occupied for like, five minutes so I can actually have a decent fight with my brother. Is that so much to ask?”

Random: “I mean, when you put it that way…” (goes into Pretender mode and spies on Sam Witwicky to keep him out of Megatron’s non-existent hair)

Megatron: “Ah, now I will send a fake text message from Sam - and never you mind how I can fake his cell-phone number. I certainly  haven’t been using this to prank-call his human parents. And I definitely wasn’t using it to order pizza and leave him to pay the bill. Nope, not me. - and Optimus will think the boy is at school in trouble of some sort. Of course, that’s not entirely a lie: I’ve seen his report card, it’s pretty bad.”


Optimus: (bursts into gymnasium like the Kool-Aid Man, and sees Megatron) “You’re not Sam!”

Megatron: “Very perceptive, Optimus!” (there’s about a 60% chance that he’s not being sarcastic.)

(fight ensues, much punching, such destroy, very collateral damage)

Sam: (runs in, having ditched all three robot babysitters) “Hey Optimus, that text you got wasn’t from me!”

Optimus: “Yes, Sam. I think we’ve all figured that out at this point.”

Sam: “Uncle Megatron, stop being such a turdburglar! Leave Hover-Dad alone!”

Megatron: “Every time. Every stinking time. What’s an evil overlord got to do to pick a fight around here?!” (shakes fist and swears vengeance, then leaves)

And that is basically how the Transformers picture books go. Admittedly, it’s more amusing to me than the majority of the Bayverse movies’ scripts.

LoveBug Jugbug Part 1

Jughead x Reader

words: 1,371

A/n: Jughead is becoming infatuated with a photography student who shares the same english class, what happens when y/n may have captured a picture of Jason Blossom’s killer?

Y/n pov -

You were in the dark room just behind the photography studio in school, developing some photos you had taken the night before. Looking back at the photos taken of the River and the nature flourishing around it. No one had really been back to the River since Jason’s body was recovered but you couldn’t help going to capture the beauty around. You loved the way you could create art in one single snap of a second, then the moment was yours to hold forever.

You take a look at one of the photos you took of a tree and notice a figure walking in the background. You couldn’t help the nauseous feeling in your stomach at the fact it could have been someone following you, Jason’s killer even. You push the feeling to the back of your head shaking your head, hanging the photo up to dry. You collect your things and unlock the dark room door opening it only to bump into a chest. You look up to see Jughead Jones, tall dark and handsome, staring at you with his always present pissed off facial expression.

“I’m so sorry Jughead, I wasn’t looking where I was going” you explained looking up to his gaze with apologetic eyes. he simply shuffled passed you awkwardly mumbling an “okay” you just shook your head and walked passed Archie stood next to the door. What were they even doing in the studio they didn’t take photography?

Truth of the matter is you’ve been bumping into Jughead an awful lot lately, you were unsure why because your paths had never crossed before, he just always seems to be around whenever you are lately.


(Later that day)

You sat in your usual booth at Pops, camera in your hands looking through photos you’d recently taken. Regulars of the diner waltz in, Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead, they walk straight past you and go over to their usual booth, ordering food and talking intently.

Jughead’s POV -

Me and guys headed to our booth at Pops when I saw her again, just sitting there looking at her camera, she was so captivating I don’t know why but I was just drawn to her. We shared the same English class, she sat three seats away me, everytime I’m near her I just get weird and awkward and end up coming across rude.

“Hey that’s Y/n from English lit right?” Archie suddenly pipes up nodding his head towards the lonesome girl in the booth. “uh yeah, think so” i grumble and put my head down opening up my laptop.

“why don’t you go and sit with her, she’s almost as secluded as you” Veronica jokes lightly pushing my shoulder. “No I don’t wanna sit with her, I don’t even know the girl, besides she’s busy with her camera or whatever” I continue to brush off the people pestering me. “Oh you know you have a crush on her, just go and talk to her” Betty adds.

“Who said I have a crush on her?” I fire back defensively “You did. Just there, stop being so difficult and go talk to the girl” i just frown and shake my head. Archie kicks my leg under the table and gestures towards her.

With a sigh i get up and approach Y/N’s booth, “uh hi mind if I sit?” I ask her she jumps and drops her camera on the table looking up to me with wide eyes. “I uh- yeah sure” I jump down onto the seat beside her and she shuffles round the booth a little. I examine her as she takes a sip from her milkshake and looks back at her camera. “If you don’t mind me asking why are you here?” she quizzes me with a confused look upon her face.

“well, I just noticed you were alone and thought I’d come keep you company, if you don’t mind that is” i replied matter of factly. “So Jughead Jones, perhaps the king of riding solo was concerned for another human beings loneliness” she giggled towards me.

I shook my head with a breathy laugh and look towards her camera.


I notice him looking towards my camera and I suddenly become protective, my hands tightening around it slightly. “can I see some of your pictures?” he asks looking genuinely interested, I hesitate before answer slightly pushing it towards him. “ Um they aren’t that great but yeah I guess” I press the play button on my camera and we scroll through the pictures. He gets closer to me as we scroll, his arm leaning behind me on the booth, I subconsciously lean in closer to him as he looks at a picture in more detail.

“Y/N these are incredible, when do you take these?” he inquires looking at the camera amazed, for all the time I’ve known him i’ve never seen him this, well exhilarated he always seems so glum. “Uh these ones are from the summer onwards, I just take pictures when I’m bored, I like capturing a moment and finding beauty in it, I like to think that in some alternate universe everytime I take a picture, time freezes just for a moment. It’s dumb but it’s nice to be optimistic” I let out a small giggle and a smile. He just looks at me in amazement. “That’s kinda beautiful, it’s eccentric, I like it.” he smiles

we scroll through a couple more photos when he discovers something. “hey when was this taken” Jughead says looking intently at the photo by the river, I click on the photo and the date comes up, July 4th. The day Jason went missing at the river I just so happened to be taking photos of. “whats wrong?” I ask looking concerned at the photo.

“Look there’s somebody there, on the other side of the river, behind that tree..” he points out zooming into the photo. “What, no. there can’t be” i breathe out in disbelief, I take the camera and zoom right into the area he was talking about, just there on the screen was a dark figure standing just behind a tree. “ I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before” i say shocked. Jughead’s arm comes down to my side as we examine the photo but it was too dark to see who it was.

“Is there anyway we can make this clearer? you may have caught Jason’s killer on camera” just the thought sent shivers down my spine, I stare blankly for a moment, Jughead’s hand coming in contact with my thigh in a soothing manner, he could tell I was freaked out.

“um I think if i can crop the picture on my laptop and edit it to lower the contrast and adjust the brightness we may be able to see a bit clearer” I say.

“Don’t worry about it right now, lets just forget about it for a while and chill yeah?” he says quietly, still sensing my nervousness towards the situation. “Do you wanna head back to the Drive-In with me?” he suggests a smile on his face.

“the drive-in?” i question “Yea, uh thats where I reside” he says with a beautiful smug look contorted on his face. I just smile and nod and we get up exiting the Diner.

We go to the drive in and Jughead takes me into the projection room where there was a bed set up and a bunch of posters. “wow you’ve got the perfect nihilistic teenage sad boy room, haven’t you” i giggle. “Hey!” He playfully punches my arm “I’m kidding, it’s actually quite perfect” i sigh sitting myself down on his bed. I take my phone out playing some music on a playlist and put it to the side. ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie comes on, Jughead looks at me in disbelief “you like good music too, damn” he says shaking his head, I just laugh and get up off the bed pulling him to dance with me, the silly flailing limbs just displayed the perfectness of the scene. We were two weird lonely kids joining together . Now we just need to discover who was in that photo.    

Imagine telling Chris you love him for the first time.

A/N: Finally had some time to just sit and write, so here’s that request from @createdbytinyaddiction. I hope this meets what you requested, my mind’s kinda in holiday mode.

The sun rose over the Manhattan skyline as you awoke from your sleep. Your eyelids fluttered open and you smiled when you remembered you were still camping out in your living room in the fort that you’d made with your boyfriend, Chris, and his adorable co-star, Mckenna, on Thursday night after their movie ‘Gifted’ premiered at the New York Institute of Technology. You’d promised her the last time you saw her at the Los Angeles premiere that you’d let her have a sleepover at your apartment after the New York premiere. She’d been wanting to see your apartment for a while now, from the moment Chris told her about how you had the most beautiful workspace with the prettiest teal blue typewriter- she’d been begging you to see it. Mckenna showed a great deal of interest in creative writing, so it didn’t surprise anyone that when she met Chris’ writer girlfriend that she’d cling onto you.

You didn’t mind though, you found her incredibly adorable and sweet. You remembered meeting her at lunch after she was casted, you’d fell in-love with her immediately. Chris had brought you along because he’d bring you everywhere with him if he could, and usually he could- you were a freelance writer, you could work from anywhere at any time. But you also knew the real reason he’d brought you along was to see you around kids; he was a family man who wanted a family of his own eventually, so he had to make sure the one he was going to settle with had the same family oriented values that he did. Now he knew you had nieces and nephews like he did, but he’d never really seen you with them as you’d only been dating six months. The two of you were still in the honeymoon phase where it was all about the two of you and no one else mattered. You’d met his parents and he’d met yours, but that was it. You were both yet to meet the rest of each others’ families, though plans had been made for the Fourth of July.

Despite the relationship only being six months old, you were both pretty sure about each other already. Even before the meeting with Mckenna went down, Chris had no doubt about you because he knew you shared the same mindset as he did. You may not have been as big a kid person as he was, but you did believe in doing things for the ones you loved and you loved Chris. If he wanted children, you’d have children. Be it for him, or with him- you’d do it because the love you carried for him was indescribable and unconditional, and it was enough to erase any fears and uncertainties that you had about having kids. Before you met Chris, you didn’t understand what your mom meant when she said “when you meet the one you’re meant to be with, you’ll want kids.” After meeting Chris, her words had never been more clear.

The only thing now that was standing in your way of getting that happily ever after was yourselves. Neither of you were fearless enough to push past the concept of time, you both worried that things were progressing faster than they normally should therefore preventing you from professing your love for each other. He didn’t want to scare you away and you didn’t want to scare him away, which was ridiculous because neither of you had plans to go anywhere. One of you just needed to find the guts to pass that first 'I-love-you’ barrier then things were going to fall right into place and you’d both live happily ever after.

“Morning,” you heard Chris whisper as he rolled onto his side, draping his arm over your stomach. You turned to face him, pressing your hand against his stubbly cheek. “How do you always look so beautiful so early in the morning?” He quizzed with a sleepy smile that made your heart flutter.

“I just watch and learn from you,” you answered then giggled when he chuckled. “How’d you sleep?” You asked, running your fingers through his hair which was so much fluffier when he didn’t have any product in it. He groaned as he stretched and you knew sleeping on something other than a bed was starting to take a toll on the body. “Think it’s about time we tear down the fort and sleep in the bedroom?”

“Probably,” he chuckled, resting his arm on your stomach again. “I do like sleeping in this fort though.” You nodded in agreement as you admired the interior; it was a lot prettier at night as there were fairy lights you could turn on. “Mckenna did a great job decorating it, I don’t think we could’ve pulled it off without the kid.”

“Neither,” you agreed with a nod. “She’s pretty talented, that one.” You smiled when you remembered you were having her over again soon. “I can’t wait to see how well my bake day is going to be with her as my sous-chef, I bet she’ll be more helpful than you.” He scoffed, pretending to be more offended than he actually was. “All you do is distract me, I never get anything done with you in the kitchen.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” He smirked and you laughed, squirming when he tickled your sides. “I’m the best sous-chef and you know it,” he poked your cheek and you rolled your eyes, nodding mockingly. “Say it, Y/N.” He tickled your sides again and you laughed. “Say I’m the best sous-chef, say it.” He urged as he continued to tickle you.

“You’re the best sous-chef!” You managed through your laughter and he stopped, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him. “You’re the best sous-chef, okay?” You caressed his face in your hand and you rested your forehead against his. “You’re the best sous-chef, the best actor, the best boyfriend. You’re the best everything, Chris,” you told him, smiling as you lost yourself in his kind eyes. “And I love you,” you whispered, completely unaware that that was the first time you’d ever told him that.

“What?” His eyes widened and his lips parted; he may have been waiting to hear those three words for a while now, but it still took him by surprise. “Did you just-” He cut himself off when he saw panic wash over you. “No no no,” he chuckled as he tried to calm you down. “Don’t um- Don’t freak out, Y/N. It’s a good thing, you love me. It’s- it’s fantastic.” You pulled away from him and sat up, burying your face in your hands. “Hey,” he sat up and placed his hand on your back. “Y/N, listen to me. I’m-”

“I’m going to go start breakfast,” you said and quickly scrambled out of the fort and to your feet. Chris followed you, chuckling softly. Your panic rose as you felt his presence right behind you. “Do you want pancakes?” You tried to quicken your pace only to have him stop you by grabbing your wrist in his hand. “You don’t want pancakes?” You mumbled nervously when he spun you around, eyes watching you with an intense gaze.

“Can you shut up for a second?” He asked and you pressed your lips together; he chuckled softly then smiled as he whispered, “I love you too.” Your heart rid itself of all that horror and panic, and sang a thousand melodies. “I love you so much, Y/N. You don’t even know how long I’ve been wanting to tell you how much. If you didn’t say it then, I would’ve said it at breakfast. I just-” he cut himself off, licking his lips. “You’re the love of my life and I’m in-love with you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you serious?” He laughed and you bit back your smile. “Yes,” he cupped your face tightly in his hands, “I am absolutely sure that I am one hundred percent in-love with you. I’m thirty-six, sweetheart. I wouldn’t be with you if I wasn’t sure you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I think I should be the one asking that question seeing as you’re the baby in the relationship,” he chuckled when you scoffed, slapping his chest ever so gently. “So are you sure?”

“I loved you even before you knew my name, Chris Evans,” you responded, wrapping your arms around his neck. He smiled, releasing your face to wrap his arms around your body to pull you as close as he possibly could to him. “So yes, I am very, very sure that I’m in-love with you.”

“Good,” he smiled. “Because I’ve got great plans to marry and spend the rest of my life with you.” You smiled and tipped your head, inching closer to his lips as he inched closer to yours. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too,” you smiled then kissed him.

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Anyone who says this arc was crap can FIGHT ME.

Okay first of all,

I love the relationship Himiko and Twice have (and I don’t mean this in a shippy way)

Spinner is freaking hilarious

And even though he’s working with the bad guys, he’s kinda always been a good guy himself?




Yeah um….I think that driver is dead? Poor guy.

I really hate the fact that I feel so bad for Overhaul right now, like he had his the work he dedicated his life to taken away…just like that, he was taunted, and humiliated…and tortured….like damn Hori.

Shigaraki cheated though, he waited for the heroes to do all the dirty work so he could claim the prize, that was pretty clever. He’s actually a lot more sinister than I thought.

Look at these poses lol, and who gave Shigaraki that jacket? Anyway, the art in this chapter was freaking AMAZING as usual, this is probably the reason why the chapters are so short…

This was a really good way to conclude the arc though (Horikoshi’s pretty good at concluding his arcs)