So you think of the bubble and you wonder if Radiohead have always considered themselves outsiders. 

“Yeah, but I don’t think it’s something we go out looking for,” frowns Thom. “It’s not even something we deliberately set ourselves up to be. It just comes down to the five of us. We all seem to have come from really isolated backgrounds in a weird way. My main problem with the whole Outsider Art thing was that there was a really nasty element to it in the sense that it was a freak show; there were a lot of people who were murderers or emotionally unstable. It wasn’t normal housewives, most of them were pretty fucked up one way or another. And so if you read articles it would be about the personalities and not about the work.
That’s why I’m very reluctant to agree that we thrive on being outsiders. Because that smacks of being a freak show which, um, I don’t think we are.
If I ran around saying, ‘Oh, we’re outsiders, we’re tortured artists,’ I’d be lying, anyway. It’s just that we don’t have the self-referential context, we don’t have the reference points that make it easy to write about us”.

“So what would you say is the area that the band has grown in most over the years?”
Silence. Mild bewilderment. Weary expressions.
“Pubic hair”.
Thanks, Thom.

NME, march 18th 1995

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Those were good thoughts <3. Thought I had was that Johnny, bless his momma lovin heart, is not and never will be good at dealing with emotions. So his reaction to Jack's freak out is 'UM??? WHAT DO??? HUG?? HUG!' and then hug Jack for all he's worth. Jack could have been getting these attacks for 25 goddamn years and Johnny's response would always be 'Hug until better???' XD (it isn't always effective and doesn't always go well. It's fine, Johnny heals fast, w/e)



he was leaning on the door frame, leaning in. you freaked and pulled back, “um, nice seeing you Damon.” you stammered. 

Damon opened his eyes and looked at you, “yeah. you too.” you smiled awkwardly and closed the door. Damon sighed, ‘well that was weird. a girl not wanting to kiss me?’ 

MariChat Week

Started a fanfiction for MariChat week so if you want go check it out!

Chat Noir jumped from roof to roof, each jump increasing his feelings of anticipation. Ever since he rejected Marinette he couldn’t help but feel his heart twinge with pain when he saw her. She just wasn’t herself in school and everyone could tell. He felt guilty but he knew it wouldn’t be right to officially date her when there was someone else that he really loved.

That’s what he told her. Those exact words led to the moment he could see her heart break. The aftermath was probably the calmest he’d ever seen her. “Oh yeah, I get that. Um, well thank you. It was nice talking to you. Hopefully I didn’t freak you out. Um, okay, have a nice day!” Adrien felt his heart sink as he saw her jog away, but he also couldn’t deny that he had very strong feelings for Ladybug, whoever she was.

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i don't understand, what happened? why are ppl freaking out?

um so we’re getting an interview with katie where she apparently was “saucy” and made the interviewer blush and like… she discusses the “funny story” about how she found out about this fandom and it was strongly hinted she knows about the analpocalypse so basically rip

sorry to be this person but could someone??? say something nice to me??? i’m havign a panic attack maybe and disassociating and shit i’m not?? real???? this is weird weird idk ikd i’m sorry i’m just Freaking Out so um yeah sorry i am so sorry