One of my favorite moments from robotics last week:

*safety captain and other team member hitting each other with pool noodles*

Another team member: *stop it y’all are gonna break something!!”*turns to safety captian* “why are you taking part in this?!”

Safety captian:

Safety captian: *hits her directly in the face with pool noodle*

The signs as: Things that have been said at Robotics
  • Aries: Wheels are just misunderstood circles
  • Taurus: Our team colors should be orange and orange
  • Gemini: I'll let you do that because if it's messed up, it's your fault
  • Cancer: You're supposed to be helping us build a robot and you call a fork a spoon
  • Leo: We don't make sense, we make robots
  • Virgo: And now I look stylish with my Avengers bandaid
  • Libra: Smash Mouth isn't a Christmas song
  • Scorpio: People who breathe die, so just don't breathe
  • Sagittarius: I can't, she's hitting me with a churro
  • Capricorn: Daylight savings time was created by lizard people
  • Aquarius: I connect with that furby on a personal level
  • Pisces: Dean Kamen is the love of my life
the signs as dumb stuff people have said at robotics
  • Aries: You're not my REAL dad!
  • Taurus: I stab myself in the arm so I can go to competition.
  • Gemini: I don't believe in muscles.
  • Cancer: *becomes a wizard and directs the robot while on pain meds*
  • Leo: In 2044, I'll be living on a boat without a brain chip and if you find me, I'll be your radical anarchist vice president.
  • Virgo: Safety is one of our concerns! *does something incredibly unsafe*
  • Libra: What if our steering wheels were poisoned? We could kill everyone here.
  • Scorpio: I can bend this metal if I superheat it with my breath!
  • Sagittarius: The entire electrical team has been taken with sickness - stay away!
  • Capricorn: I went grocery shopping and dropped a yogurt at 2am and I couldn't even blame the mess on someone else.
  • Aquarius: The University stole my bisexual Tuesdays and now everyone has a day!
  • Pisces: We should ally with Brazil for World War III.

Hey guys, I don’t post my own content a lot, but this is really important. Two national robotics teams, Team Gambia and Team Afghanistan, have been denied vizas so they can’t come to what’s basically the robot Olympic Games (First Global)…it’s an awful situation.

We can’t really do much about it, but you guys could really post some encouraging messages to them bc they’re shipping out their robots and they are going to compete anyway, but they’ll be skyped in and that’s super unfair. Their team hashtags are #Teamafghanistan and #Teamghana and I’ll add links to their facebook and twitter pages as soon as i find them

Post-FRC ramblings:

Sooo…. Power up is over for us (also is FRC for me since I’m a high school senior) and here are some of the most important things I learned during these 2 years of being part of the FRC community:

• There are times you’ll win and you’ll feel like you’ve lost.

•There are times you’ll lose and you’ll feel like you’ve won.

•You are allowed to be weak, you are allowed to get frustrated, angry, stressed or even sad, but always be kind. Building season is hard on everyone, and you never know what others might be going through.

•It’s fine not knowing how to do something. You are learning. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

•Sometimes a hug (or 10) can fix the world, and make it all better.

•Your team is like a family, and probably some of the most wonderful humans you’ll meet in high school. Take care of them.

•Have fun. Enjoy every moment during competition and during the season. You will not live it twice, and once it’s over you’ll miss it a lot.

• Do your part. Everyone is trying their best, do it too. You are like a gear in the robot, if something’s missing many things can go wrong.

• Give your absolute best. Work and try hard. Then do it even harder. Leave your heart at it.

•Take care of your self. Your team is important but so are you.

•Share your love for STEM. Inspire people. Friends, family, little kids or anyone, but share a little (or a lot) of what you do!

•Be proud of yourself. Winning or losing, what you are doing is amazing and very impressive. You will learn way much more than just robotics, but you need to be willing to do it.