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Color Infrared Film comes to The Film Photography Project On-Line Store!

Notes from Film Photography Project’s Michael Raso:

Even though I’ve been shooting 35mm film for over 35 years, I only just discovered the joy of shooting color infrared film. I thrilled to offer color infrared film to you, our podcast listener and store customer!

What is FPP InfraChrome Color Infrared Film?
Our Color Infrared Film is essentially the same as (and may even be) Kodak Aerochrome IIII 1443 – a color positive infrared film that produces a color slide.

Color Infrared Film…What is it?
According to Kodak: “ a False-color reversal film, high dimensional stability for vegetation surveys, camouflage detection and earth resources… an infrared-sensitive, false-color reversal film featuring medium resolving power and fine grain.

Original usage: This film is intended for various aerial photographic applications, such as vegetation and forestry surveys, hydrology, and earth resources monitoring where infrared discrimination may yield practical results

More info at Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared_photography

How do I shoot it?
In order to achieve the in-camera color effect, it is recommended that you shoot with a yellow filter on your lens. This is the filter I have used for the image examples on this page. Many shooters also use a orange or red filter. This will give you varied results. I encourage you to experiment. Filters can be purchased on ebay or at Freestyle Photographic

What is the asa (ISO)
Although we rate the film (and I have shot the film) at asa 400, technically, the film has no asa! This means that you can experiment and shoot the film at different asa speeds. According to what I have read, this will give you different hue results. I haven’t shot enough rolls to experiment with but if you ave, please drop me an e-mail with your images. Be happy to share it here!

How do I process it?
Since it’s color slide film, you process the film as E-6. You can also cross-process the film and have it processed as C-41. This will yield a color negative and further alter the colors! I highly recommend that you send your color infrared film to our friends at TheDarkroom.com ( http://thedarkroom.com/ ) They know how to process it and don’t charge an extra fee (like other labs)

How do I get some (now)!? FPP InfraChrome Color Infrared Film is available in 35mm cartridges at the FPP On-Line Store! - http://filmphotographyproject.com/store/film/35mm-film

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Infrared Film - Summer 2014 by Michael Raso - Film Photography Podcast on Flickr.

Pompton Lakes, NJ.

Image © 2014 Michael Raso
July 6, 2014

Shot with the Canon T60 35mm slr camera
Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 lens
Yellow Filter over Lens
FPP 35mm Color Infrared Film

Trust my Infrared E6 film processing to The Darkroom.com ( thedarkroom.com/ )

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Summer 2014 on Color Infrared Film!

Summer is a wonderful time to shoot color infrared film! With color infrared available at The Film Photography Project I’ve been loading up a second camera with FPP Infra Chrome and always having it at the ready! 

Canon T60 / Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 lens with Number 12 Yellow Filter / Processed E-6 by http://thedarkroom.com/

Shoot Film! Shoot Color Infrared!