I animated this.

Storyboard and backgrounds by Jay Hasrajani

Color script by Luz Batista

Written by Heather Anne Campbell

Editing by Nathanial Atcheson

We had about one week from start to finish.


I animated this in eight days.

My little brother drew Sans today and I had to share. He is super embarrassed and didn’t want me to, but how could I not? hE EVEN CAME DOWN THE STAIRS PLAYING SANS’ THEME WHEN GOING TO SHOW ME. 

His name is Will and today is his birthday!!  

He really loves undertale. I think it really helps him with his Asperger’s, OCD, ADHD, and tourettes. It also distracts him from bullies in school and the fact that he doesn’t have many friends (I think he has like 2 true(?) friends).  His favorite characters are Temmie and Sans!! But he also really loves Undyne. 

He thinks he isn’t good at art, so I thought maybe i could show him that he is a good one!! Please like and/or reblog this maybe? ;o; I wanna prove that he can be good at art too!!!


Here’s some of the more recent stuff I’ve done for the ADHD shorts. We don’t get very much time to work on these and most of the time we have to work with pre-drawn poses and pre-decided timing. I try to keep the quality as high as I can within those restrictions.

I silhouetted the guy because I didn’t draw him.

It’s been fun working here so far.


Here’s the most recent short I directed/storyboarded/designed at ADHD! This is the most creative freedom I’ve been given on a project here and I’m proud of how it turned out. The team killed it with the animation and bgs!

Here’s some concept art and stuff I made for the short :3


The Little Mermaid except with a shark.  There are not words to express my love for this short.