I’m literally. So gutted. Kick. Ass . Torrent is gone forever. First project fr. Ee tv and now. This. What the hell am I supposed to do pay for shit now ! .

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How do you think Sasuke would react if Sakura died?

Depends how, depends when, depends if he was there or not. But in any case, I think part of him would forever be destroyed and that he wouldn’t be able to find complete, fulfilling happiness in the long run. He could still find happiness, but the type that she gave him would forever be gone. 

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“I hate to do this to you” says Professor Willow as he receives yet another Pidgey.  He puts the cute Pokemon in the Candy Compressor, tears streaming down his face.  He presses the button.  Soon after, the Pokemon is gone forever and a small piece of candy rolls out of the machine.  He gives the candy a kiss and whispers sorry one more time before transferring it back to the heartless trainer that sent the Pokemon in the first place.

My two cents: Claire’s husbands

Let me get this straight:

Jamie Fraser – who believed his wife was gone forever – took almost 7 years to have sex with another woman, and not without some reluctance.

Damn Frank Randall – who had a missing wife – could not keep it in his pants during her 3 years absence. And when she was back, he could not stop himself from having affairs and sleeping around, even though he was willing to save their marriage and raise her baby as his own.

Well, I guess there are two kinds of husbands.