Carmilla @ NY Comic Con FAQ!

Hey all,

@newyorkcomiccon is fast approaching and we’ve noticed that there are a few questions that keep popping up, so we wanted to address them for ya!

When is the panel?
October 06, 2016, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Room 1A21

Do I need an extra ticket besides the NYCC pass to attend the panel?
NOPE! You just need your NYCC pass - yay!

Will there be an autograph signing, if so, when?
Why, yes!
2:45 PM – 4:45 PM, 1B Autographing Area
Please note!! Because NYCC is such a busy fun-filled event, we do not have any leeway with the end-time. Unfortunately when the clock strikes 4:45PM, we will have to leave. Please try to be considerate to your fellow Creampuffs and try to flail at the wondrous Hollstein, Steph and Jordan as quickly as humanly possible (tall order, we know!) so the maximum number of Creampuffs can get through :)

Will you be filming the panel and posting it later to KindaTV?
Of course, cupcake! We’d never leave our international Creampuffs hanging!

That’s it for now - Looking forward to seeing you in the Big Apple!!

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When you have a bad suspicion about a Muslim in your heart, you should increase your consideration toward him and make dua for him. This way you will infuriate Satan and will be able to drive him away. Because of this, Satan will be reluctant to put evil thoughts into your heart, afraid that you would increase your consideration towards your brother and will make dua for him again.
—  Imam al-Ghazali (rahimullah)
A much-needed update!

Hey everyone! Since Artists-Everyday is slowly but surely growing- I’m going to be updating the blog a bit– But I need your help!

Since I want this to be a community, I want your feedback as artists to help me make this blog more accessible! I’ll compile all of your comments/suggestions and I’ll come up with new rules and resources for the blog based on what you guys want!

If you have any suggestions about:
-queued artwork
-creating an open community vibe
-anything else,

Let me know what you think! Send a message to @seanwillustration and I’ll make sure to take all of your responses into consideration!


anonymous asked:

No one in this fandom appreciates Mick's influence on Harry smfh bc most don't know shit about Mick educate yourselves kiddos

up-closes of his hands arms thighs etc in Another Man he’s !! imitating Mick !! Jagger’s !! 1975 !! Polaroids !! by! Andy !! Warhol !!! Same !!!! with !! the car pic !! same !!! CAN WE APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT HE RECREATED ICONIC PICS

Juxtaposing these two comments for your considerations (maybe they’re part of the same anon, I don’t know, but still)…. x

‘A quiet moment from the late summer’ by #Arkansas photographer Terra Fondriest (@terrafondriest). To submit your images for consideration on our feed, follow @childhoodeveryday and tag your photos #childhoodeveryday. // #blackandwhiteisworththefight #blackandwhite #monochrome #monochromatic #fineartphotography #artphotography #contemporaryphotography

heroscafe  asked:

for your consideration: garak being terrifying in a fluffy robe and those wee little toe spacers and a towel wrapped around his head. just. threatening someone. doing his especially unsettling lil grin.

Holy shit

If you’re an author/publisher/agent and have sent me and ARC to read and review, I want you all to know I’m working on it. It’s taking a while as things this month have been unusual hectic over here. Lots of things are happening in my life right now, and while I’m really excited, I’m also feeling a bit drained and overwhelmed. So I’ve decided that October is going to be solely dedicated to reading ARCs. I’m so excited to dive into the lovely books you’ve all sent me 💖 If it was possible I’d do nothing but spend my days immersed in books, but as it is, I have a full time job and a social life to consider as well. Though the latter has been sorely neglected lately, too 😂 It’s freaky how fast the days go by. Anyway, I want to thank you for your consideration and your patience 💜

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“Boy Meets Modern Art’ by photographer Chandra Isenberg (@chandraisenberg), taken at the Gallery of Modern Art in #Edinburgh. To submit your images for consideration on our feed, follow @childhoodeveryday and tag your photos #childhoodeveryday. // #portrait #minimal #minimal_perfection #mindtheminimal #learnminimalism #modernart #contemporaryphotography

“I really want to capture the energy and imagination of childhood,” photographer Katie Decker (@omgitsjustkt) explains, “I’m hoping my images spark the feeling of being a kid.” This photo is part of @childhoodeveryday, a new Instagram account welcoming any images that highlight stories of growing up around the world, curated by the editors of Feature Shoot. To submit your images for consideration, follow @childhoodeveryday and tag your photos #childhoodeveryday. // #familydocumentary #documentary #portrait #portraits #portraitphotography #contemporaryphotography

Portrait of a girl by #Orlando photographers and parents of three Ken Kinzie and April Riehm (@kinzieriehm). To submit your images for consideration on our feed, follow @childhoodeveryday and tag your photos #childhoodeveryday. // #portrait #portaitphotography #portraits #documentary #familydocumentary #contemporaryphotography

An RP FYI for New Followers

All bolded items apply to this blog; italicized may sometimes apply; strikethrough things are right out.

– I will…

  • role play with anyone
  • be selective
  • be highly selective
  • be exclusive
  • plot
  • do whatever comes to the muse
  • write shippy plots
  • write angst ridden plots
  • write silly plots
  • write dramatic plots
  • be NOT safe for work
  • be safe for work
  • have potentially triggering material
  • role play with canon blogs
  • role play with OC blogs
  • role play with single muse blogs
  • role play with multi-muse blogs
  • role play with main blogs
  • role play with side blogs
  • role play outside my fandom
  • role play privately
  • role play publically
  • role play using other media (Skype, AIM, message boards, etc.)
  • use icons
  • use GIFs
  • use other images
  • use formatting
  • post character content
  • post out of character content
  • post fandom content
  • post welcome starters
  • post specific starters
  • post open starters
  • send memes
  • post memes
  • send starters (either submit or ask)
  • message/ask  IC
  • message/ask OOC