Well, I got rid of Lolly…

thanks to some raspy ass bitch named Kate who scammed me out of her. A+ cool you’re an awesome person. 

This is literally the first villager trade I have ever tried to do.

Here’s all our interactions after she asked to trade Gaston for Lolly, right up until the conclusion of this thrilling saga where she deletes her fucking tumblr.

Anyway, fuck you and I can’t believe I just wasted TWO HOURRSSS to get fucked.

STAY AWAY FROM “KATE” FROM “PEACHES.” I took a screenshot of her FC so changing her blog/name/whatever wouldn’t matter.

Blacklist 5129-3536-7391 because she a trick ass hoe and gave me a headache.

i’m so into the no control project it feels so nice tbh

like sure 1DHQ will make money off our free efforts and there’s something to be said about the evils of capitalism, but to me the fact that we’re doing this simply because we want to is what makes it beautiful (hah). it’s just straight up passion about music from us and i fucking love that. any movement where people come together makes my heart soar. 

also i love no control and i want to hear it at every goddamn club this summer.


It’s annoying and makes it harder for the the writers to keep track of it. And then ignoring requests to take it down is NOT cool. It often makes us uncomfortable, or simply unhappy. If we ask, take it down.

There are a million posts out here like this one, but apparently this had to be remade.






Hundreds of thousands of eyes are on the auditorium as the Bethesda press conference begins. The opening bars of The Ink Spots’ I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire play out over the darkened hall. “War… war never changes,” croaks Ron Perlman grimly. The audience are slavering. The word “Fallout” fades in on the large screen at the back of the stage. The people cheer. But the “4″ never arrives. The cheering stops dead, and a colon appears.


Oh no.


Dear God, no.


One man stands, shrieks; a savage, animalistic sound.

“of Steel 2″.

Panic spreads like a virus throughout the bodies gathered in the conference. Chairs are heaved up from the floor and become makeshift bludgeons. Some members of the gaming press forego weaponry, choosing instead to simply beat each other with their fists. The room inexplicably catches fire. Jeff Gerstmann, stood at the back of the auditorum, can only put his head in his hands and weep quietly.

“Coming 2016.”

anonymous asked:

Naah, Twilight was never about abuse or anything like that. The one thing that people keep mentioning is that Edward used his superpowers to watch her sleep without her knowledge. Which is creepy, and illegal, but it's not actually that terrible

I worry for you anon. Please read over what you just wrote. Furthermore, Edward controls her phone usage, who she sees, what car she drives, where she goes, what she says. He tries to withhold things she wants to manipulate her into decisions. He tries to pressure her into an abortion, and his family are so concerned he would try and enforce one anyway with or without her consent they have to stand guard over her. If anyone you know is exhibiting these behaviours, please for the love of god see the police. 

Be a pagan or general heathen on Tumblr and YOU TOO can participate in moronic arguments that should never happen ever, like:

 - Is Christianity just a cultural appropriation of Judaism? Can the only pure, unappropriated religion come from a child I locked in a box for its entire life with no contact from the outside world?

 - Did the Egyptians practice, like, for real-real slavery or like jk u kinda deserve it slavery? Suck it, Jews!

- Did Christianity steal every goddess ever and somehow cobble them together into the word “Easter?” Even the pagan goddesses that Europeans didn’t have contact with?

- I just started practicing a week ago, but all Christians should stop doing this thing they’ve been practicing from the pagans 2,000 years ago, because does cultural blending even exist???? Excuse me while I drink this bean that came from South America and dress in clothing made by a toddler in Bhutan.

 - Sure worshipping Loki from the Marvel Universe is stupid, but I think the even better question is, isn’t this religious persecution?????????

Come be a heathen on Tumblr, where we’re so fucking ill-read that it’ll make you miss the chucklefucks that made you leave your last religion!

I fail to see the big deal about Idina not hitting the end note.  A. At least you know she was live.  B. When we used to carol around town in the cold?  It kills your throat, it feels like someone is scraping it with a butter knife, let alone hitting that kind of a note.  C. Unless you can go out there in do it in that weather?  Get over it.

She’s human.