Entire Seattle football team kneels during national anthem.

Seattle’s entire Garfield High School Bulldogs football team — including both players and coaching staff — kneeled during the national anthem during their season-opening game against West Seattle High this week. 

The action was taken in solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Coach Joey Thomas said the idea came entirely from the student athletes. According to their quotes, they sound like the best coaches ever. 

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Stadiums in Brazil and in the world turned green in honor of the tragedy with the Chapecoense team.

In the end, football is just that. In the end, football is all that. It’s not just a game, not really.


What makes you a true football fan is that you put the beautiful game above     everything.
  Support your team till you die.
  Never forget your players and their contributions.
  Appreciate the better performer, even if it is a riva
l. “

_ Adarsh Jarangal

R.I.P  Clovis Acosta Fernandes “ Gaúcho da Copa “

Football. Fucking football. Imagine not being into it. Those poor, poor half-alive bastards.