Something I experienced as I was applying for a 6-month internship. Most employers want to see experience before you even finish studying (at least in Germany). How is your experience? Reblog and answer :).

A comic about my new venture into an illustration career! I may not be the best, but I’m working hard to develop my style again after a 15+ year break of doing art. I hope you enjoy this little comic short! 

Basically, these are my sleep patterns since I’ve caught the art bug! 

xoxo Nick

Last night after work I went to the gym and did about an hour and 20 minutes of cardio. My entire body is sore from that rough leg day on Monday and I worked out with a buddy of mine on Tuesday for a few hours (no photos from that), so I didn’t want to push it. It’s definitely been a while since I have been at the gym and not been there to lift, but it felt great to get a lot of my weekly cardio out of the way in one shot.