16 things i learnt by the age of 16
  1. Always speak up your mind - your thoughts are what makes you unique. Never ever hide your opinion.
  2. If this girl pisses you off, just go and tell her. Don’t be a cunt and don’t act like you like her when she comes around. Don’t complain to your close friends hоw annoying she is. Action is always valued.
  3. When you have a dream, go and dedicate your whole life to it. ‘’ Taking no chances means wasting your dreams..” ― Ellen Hopkins
  4. This girl is very pretty, that’s true. But you’ll never be the same as her and she will never be the same as you. You have amazing qualities as well so don’t waste your beauty trying to be someone else.
  5. Go out,communicate with people - take the good parts of their personalities. That’s how you grow yourself as a person. 
  6. Do not respect your cousins and other family members just because the same blood runs in your veins.
  7. People will disappoint you - don’t close your eyes and forget them so easily. Taking a revenge doesn’t make you a bad person.
  8. Rely on yourself. No one else. Just you.
  9. You will gain and lose weight all your life. But a number definitely cannot define how beautiful you are. It is a hard thing to learn but you will see.
  10. Jealosy is toxic. Once you let it change you, you lose.
  11. This is actually something that i read on the internet, but ‘’Your whole life depends on how well you do as a teenager.’’ - loved it.
  12. Do not let the fear of not being the best stop you try.
  13. Happiness, just like sadness, is temporary. And life is not about concentrating one of this terms, but making the best of both.
  14. Your parents got divorced? You haven’t failed. Just because something bad happened to you or your family doesn’t automatically mean that your whole future is ruined.
  15. People will hate you for telling them the truth. But no matter what, always to that!
  16. Don’t spend months waiting for a message from people you love. Looks like your friendship isn’t a priority of theirs, which is totally fine and you shouldn’t suffer because of their choices

WIP of some concept art based on a prompt! 😁
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