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A picture is worth a thousand words, this illustrates exactly what white privilege is.

Thank God he wasn’t a black or brown man. This would be a totally different pic. One of him on the ground dead for sure but hey this is the America of 2015. White privilege personified. And those who refuse to acknowledge that their skin offers them rights they’ve done NOT one single thing to earn are a huge part of the problem. The same way they haven’t done anything to earn said privilege is the same for us who have done nothing to not be given the same privilege except be born brown or black. #Hate it!

#love and hate #loveandhate #Hate it! #Love it!


I have a confession… I’m already craving fall/autumn!! 🍂🍁☕️

Definitely my favorite season!

Here are some of my fall essentials ⬇️

1. Leggings!! I definitely wear all of my black leggings during fall or I wear dark jeans!

2. Oversized sweaters! Those are a must! I usually only get shades of brown/white/gray so I can pair them with any scarf.

3. Scarves! I love big scarves, they honestly bring the outfit together!

4. Boots! Every girl has their favorite pair of boots during fall, I know I do plus a couple more! I would suggest to have one pair of knee high boots, and one pair of regular combat boots!

5. Knee high socks!! First off they keep you extra warm and they look super cute!

6. Hot chocolate/Hot coffee/Pumpkin spice latte! Anything you can drink that keeps you warm is always a must! Before I go to school in the morning on a cold day i always pick up a warm latte!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little falls essential! and yes I know it’s only August but like I said I’m ready for fall/autumn !! So I’ll be posting more fall stuff a bit early!