do you ever think about how one day youre gonna be an adult and all your passions fall into fond memories of childhood and you may be going through old boxes and notice a small figurine of chica or something falling out of one and you pick it up, and call out to your spouse; “HONEY! LOOK AT THIS! DO YOU REMEMBER FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS?”

sircookiebear  asked:

Could you draw your favorite character From fnaf sl?

((wELL,, i guess its p obvious that funfoxy is my fav, but theres so much of her on this blog i thought i should draw my second fave who is vERY close to tying with her omg. i love enny so much u dont understand))

We’ve been waiting every night, now it’s play time!
You can run and you can hide, hope and joy is pointless.
We can hear you in your room, but don’t worry,
Death is coming very soon!
But it wont be painless!

- All Alone


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve drawn the ventriloquist bear child.
Suggested by @teddytemper
Shout out to those who joined me in my stream!


Attention please

Hello everyone, I’d like to inform you that I’m going to put this blog into hiatus. But not only that, I’m also going to leave FNAF fandom (for a while, maybe). You see, I’ve been in this fandom for years, even since the rise of FNAF, and thanks to FNAF my drawings have been improved! However, I still need to improve myself by trying to draw something new aside from FNAF. If you’d like to follow my progresses, you can check my other art blog here, or check my main blog here.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you, my followers (or any of you), who’ve showing your loyalty to this small blog of mine.