The Evil One

Sen hesabı ödemeye gittiğinde küllükten aldığım bir sigara izmaritin var bende. Türk kahvesi içmiştik o gün seninle. Dudağından izmarite kalan kahve izleri vardı. Ulan atamadım, atmaya kıyamadım. Bana da yazıklar olsun.

painting in response to one of the photographs I’ve take and edited.

I stretched paper and used watercolour paper. I was really happy with the quality of the paper as it didn’t crumble because of water (I tend to water down acrylics a lot when doing shadowing). I’m not particularly happy with it as the colour is overwhelming which I guess does follow my intention. However it’s also a bit boring and I dont like the brush strokes. I also want the colours to be stronger. More contrasting maybe. I really like how the faces turned out looking like masks on top of each other. 

Final Shoot Complete!

Finally after all of the planning the final shoot is finished. It went to plan and I believe I got everything I need to create the last piece for the narrative. The weather played into my hands with there being a good sunset over the Olympic Park to really finish the photo. The only little thing that didn’t help was that there were no clouds in the sky. It just means that there is less texture then I would prefer. I will alter this in post production to produce the exact sky I want.

In terms of creating the main image it was fairly simple. I arrived at the Olympic Park with no people in sight. That gave me the perfect opportunity to park the Jaguar right in the line of where the sun would set. The idea is to get it just coming over the boot of the car to break the light and add texture to the foreground.

The first few photos in the contact sheet are location photos in case I need to us them at a later date. I then experimented with camera heights whist I had time before the sun was low enough in the sky to shoot. Images 2532-2536 were taken at different angles and heights to work out which one would best show off the shape of the XJS. Being as the car was very long, putting the camera up high with the combination of a wide-angle lens had the complete opposite effect by making it look like a toy car in comparison to the backdrop which looked much bigger and the centre of attention.

With the testing I came to the conclusion that the Jaguar looked more dominating from a lower angle. To enhance this as much as possible I put the camera underneath the tripod and had it so it was suspended just off the floor. I also felt this angle would help draw more texture into the foreground when the sun dropped around the sides of the car. My aim is to make a visually impactful piece and I felt this was the best way to achieve it under the conditions I had.

Ideally having some clouds in the shot under a timed exposure would help to add movement to the image. It overall felt very static and the idea is to show modern design and stepping forward in technology. I had two thoughts that I covered in the shoot. Idea one is to manually add clouds in Photoshop and use motion blur to achieve the effect, or add something into the photo to convey the notion of progress. From experiencing professional practice in automotive photography its in my best interest to operate as close to this methodology as possible. As a result I found an alternative in shots 2553-2556. Here I did another HDR of a construction site facing the opposite direction to the main photo. I simply turned the tripod and remained at the same angle and focal length and took the shot. The plan is to use this construction site and composite it into the final photo to accentuate this part of the narrative.

Although I may never use the photographs in the final edit, I wanted satisfaction in knowing that I had covered all areas in as much detail as I could. In the end I didn’t need to use extra lighting because the sun did a good job in providing me with the perfect amount to work with. I always like to finish my photoshoots by taking a step away from the car and using a longer lens. In turn it allows me to capture the vehicle with a more true to life figure due to the smaller amounts of distortion. I took in the smaller details and used my 70-200mm to find the natural lines in the Jaguar. I shoot these as added extras for both the car owner and also myself if I ever need more textures and supplementary images for the future. This way I always know I have extra content should I need it.  


this project is going to ruin me i swear :”””””D one scenefinished, 1000000000000 more to go and three weeks left! who decides to do a full on hand drawn 2d animation as their major illustration project knowin they have just one month to go?


Rough illustration samples in acrylic paint and pen // Making these helped me realise. that I would like to be more illustration based during this project. Featuring my florals & mouths concept to represent ‘inner wild’.