Cereal Magazine Glencoe

There are some great shots of the Glencoe area on Cereal Magazine’s Instagram account. This is one of the places I’ll be visiting in Scotland and hoping to explore extensively. I love the first shot of the snow covered mountains. I’m hoping for similar weather conditions as it will be a perfect break from the green and brown vegetation I shot plenty of in the Peak District. I would like to have a clear visual distinction between each of the locations when they are presented in the book. I would be disappointed if all of the locations looked very similar. 

These images show the style I’ve already been trying to achieve whilst shooting for the major project. But nonetheless, they provide inspiration which is always useful. 

The composition of the second image, is wonderful. The way the mountain side scoops up to the corner of the frame, miniaturising the house in the foreground is something that I haven’t seen done in this way before. It adds a perfect sense of scale to the landscape which is often difficult to achieve when photographing vast spaces such as these. 

Another point which I feel is important to think about is the weather conditions. In the Peak District, I was extremely worried when I thought that the conditions would be thick cloud for the duration of my trip. However, in these shots, the thick cloud doesn’t seem to hinder the quality of the shots in any way. I think hat the tiny amount of texture in the clouds is important to making the sky look real but nonetheless, there isn’t a lot of detail or colour in the sky and it will works. So thats encouraging. 


• purity •

Model - liqxr

took some basic portrait/profile shots for lily’s portfolio, turns out they were all so angelic so i decided to use them for my project development and interpret them into another archetype.

in relation to the photos angelic qualities, this archetype is based around “purity” - the depiction of a young girl who is “pure” or a “good girl” stereotype

- key characteristics being the white plain background and soft shades combined with silver jewellery and makeup giving off the angelic look. (thanks to the joint effort of photoshop in aiding the minimal saturation of harsh colours and tones)