Ben Morse - Music/Documentary Photographer

Ben’s work best represents how I would like my project to come out like. He has clear interaction and engagement with his subject and is able to get intimate and striking images.

Whilst the crowds may not be as big at Joe’s shows in Germany, I’m still hoping I can get some of the crowd interacting with him.

But most of all, I’m concerned about getting images like the first image of Frank Turner, in his pants, with his guitar, checking his emails.

[FixMyPosts] UPDATE: Version 1.2C


Fixed whatever atrocity Tumblr decided on this time. It’s likely not exactly the same (padding and margins are subjective and I don’t know what Tumblr’s values were previously) but here is what I’ve got for you. It should restore the visibility.

Update instructions are here, since it’s been a while: http://thetimeisneveright.tumblr.com/post/128247356355/here-is-the-unofficial-xkit-extension-to-fix

NOTE - I suggest clearing your cache before updating, just to make sure you get the updated script.