Pitchfork: Festival Report/ Coachella


Whether it was Perfume Genius or Drake or Touché Amoré, the most exciting acts of the weekend were ones whose mere presence subverted ideas of what’s supposed to “work” at Coachella—all performed like they had to prove they belonged. There’s an undeniable streak of patronage to Coachella that should take this into account—I mean, they didn’t have to give Drive Like Jehu andSwans and Ride the chance to play to a few hundred diehards in a giant tent when any number of Alesso affiliates could’ve filled it to capacity and then some. And since Coachella has basically a captive audience that sells out both weekends even before the lineup is announced, if an act can command a stage and a crowd, why not forgo the retreads and get weird? 


Managed a fair bit of progress today, its almost ready to be a whole car! Next session I will be adding a snow plough and possible even a mini gun, yes it sounds crazy, because it is.

While in Camber Sands I also shot a roll of 35mm VistaPrint film and am really pleased with the results. The images came out slightly darker than I wouldve liked but that could easily be rectified in Lightroom if I were to consider printing these to show as my final work.

FMP Proposal

Title: Perspective/Light

I am working towards producing a series of outcomes that softly focus on complimenting both the natural environment and the human figure. I want to play with the importance of perspective and see how the focus and intentions behind the camera simultaneously combine to affect the outcome of a portrait.

Influences, Research and Ideas

I see myself being heavily influenced by a range of photographers for this project. The vast majority of Davis Ayer’s work is my main inspiration. How he uses the landscape and takes risks in manipulation are things I am very interested in pursuing and experimenting with using my own methods. In addition, I am curious about the use of focus and rich colours in Alice Q. Hargrave’s Untitled (Expedition & Family Pictures) series. Other inspiration for use of light stems from a select few of Jordan Fuller’s portraits in ‘More Then Words Can Say’ and Amani Willet’s ‘Disquiet’ series. For more portrait-focused inspiration I adore the composition and content of Heather Evans Smith’s photographs in ‘The Heart and The Heavy’. Finally I would like to use Paolo Roversi as inspiration for his technique when it comes to shooting a lot of his portraits.

My initial intentions for this project are to investigate more into portraiture and the simplistic aspects of nature. I want the challenge of both photographing a person and finding an environment that reflects something important to them. This combination could be explored through singular environmental portraits or two separate images presented in the form of a diptych.

Techniques, Processes and Timescales

For timescales see attached tracking sheet.

This project will be shot digitally. In terms of techniques I want to study, I am very interested in using multiple exposure photography. In addition I would like to try using coloured filters and play with the perspective caused by the focus ring.


The method of evaluation for this project will be in the form of a Group Critique and I will progress to use information from this to write a final evaluation for my work. This combination of peer and self-review allows for many perspectives to be shared and makes for a well reflected, less biased review. Throughout the project I will have tutorials with Elissa and seek advice from peers. There will also be written self reviews throughout the project after each shot to question how I can improve which will further be evidenced by reshoots.


5 Books: (Title, Author, Publishers)

  • The Fashion Photography Course by Eliot Siegel, Thames & Hudson
  • Twilight by Gregory Crewdson, Abrams
  • The Edge Of Vision by Lyle Rexer, Aperture
  • Jim Zuckerman’s Secrets of Colour in Photography by Jim Zuckerman, Writer’s Digest Books
  • This Is How I Remember, Now Portraits by Jim Dine, Steidl Publishers

5 Websites: (Full address)


The shoot itself went better than I could’ve asked for. Everyone acted very professionally and despite the gale force winds (which actually added to the aesthetic of the shoot) I really enjoyed my first FMP shoot. 

We were incredibly lucky with the weather which meant I barely had to alter the images in post production - which was ideal as I want to keep the images as natural and unedited as possible. 

Considering it was her first proper shoot, the model Freya was amazing and I am so pleased with the final outcome. 


Here is how I developed the back of my postcard pledge. To begin with, I had no order to my type and it was confusing as what to read first. So I went on to use the hierarchy of information so I can choose what people read first. I then tried centering all of the type. I then printed out a test in black and white so I could look at the layout in real size. I found that the type in the centre looked much too large when printed. I then edited my designs so that the type is smaller. I thought that the type positioned to the left looked good, however there was a blank space to the right. In the design where I centered the type it looked too much like a triangle. I then positioned the type so it is on three lines- filling more of the page and extended the signature box so it lines up with the edge of the type. I think this design uses the space well and you can clearly see which type to read first.