The build up of the Roy/Riza relationship in brotherhood is SO freaking good. It’s seriously the most subtle thing I’ve ever seen. For example, when Bradley tells Mustang he knows exactly who to use against him, the scene shifts to Riza’s name being spoken and the reveal of her transfer. Then, we see Roy silently freaking out. It’s like why is this a big deal? Just like when Riza freaked out when she thought Lust killed him. You keep asking WHY when these moments happen. The reveal of their back stories and relationship is legit the most organic thing ever. It’s a freaking masterpiece. Ok I’m done. 


It’s becoming increasingly obvious…

So I have a great idea for a show

First, you take two brothers who are really close, and then shove one into a fucking portal.

The main villain should probably have one eye, and be some sort of “all-powerful” being.

For the last three episodes let’s go with the whole “apocalypse theme” but make sure it only includes a small portion of the world. Also draw lots of circles on the ground.

At some point you gotta have that completely blank and empty “mindspace” with the single black door. Also the main villain should be defeated by punching it in the face.

In the end the main protagonist should sacrifice something of great value to save the ones they love, and while doing so please surround them with a shit ton of blue fire/lightning.

Make sure you end it with the main character giving narration while looking out a bus (or train) window. Also the credits scene should probably consist of photographs of the characters being all happy and shit together.

For the final step, throughout the entire show make the audience think that there is a very high chance of a tragic ending, but then give them exactly what they want on the very last episode.

Yeah… Sounds like the perfect show to me.


Edward Elric’s Alchemy Notebook (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) Commissions

the images above are collected from a commission I completed not long ago.  Each book is made from a distressed moleskine notebook and the content is custom selected by the commissioner.  Concepts derived from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga with light supplementation from historical scientific/alchemy texts.

available in both full commission and ‘half-size’ commission HERE.

Fuhrer Trump

America, you guys know that Donald Trump is only running for President of the United States because he wants to steal your souls to make a philosopher’s stone right?

Please take this into consideration before you vote for him.