Lil 'mama {N.M}


‘Hi! Since you are taking requests, can you do a Nate imagine where you ask him why he calls you lil mama and he just becomes cute and possessive and lovey. Thanks so much!’

A/N: I was feeling the sweater weather cozy theme when I wrote this sooooooo, enjoy! It has an awkward ending😁😂

Y/F/S: your favorite show

Nate and I were snuggling on the couch in our apartment the smell of pumpkin spice filling the air from the candle burning in the kitchen. Y/F/S on the tv. Wrapped together under a warm fleece blanket, the room dark barley lite. I looked up at Nate admiring him, his droopy tired eyes, his crazy fluffy curly hair everywhere.

“Whatcha lookin’ at Lil ‘mama?” Nate says smiling poking my side where his hand had rested. I smiled back mocking his gesture. “Why do you call me Lil 'mama?” His eyes lit up and his smile grew large. He somehow picks me up by my waist placing me so he was sitting up and I straddling him. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning.

“You are my Lil 'mama cuz you take care of me, ur wifey material, you are all mine, your sexy as fuck.” He exaggerates. “You do everything for me, and I love you with all my heart your all mine nobody else’s. No one could ever take you from me, Ma I love you so much, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, understood?” His says. I laughed embracing the love I receive from him daily.

We soon settled down and went back to watching tv. I kept feeling his stare sink into my skin comfortably, I reached up to his hair gently grazing my fingers through the spot my hand had landed. I turned my head shortly after my eyes meeting his. Abruptly; he pulls me deep into his clothed chest kissing my head.

I placed my hand on his large bicep; escaping from his tight hold. “Nathan,” I chuckled “What am I going to do with you?” I say fixing my now messy hair. The buzzer went off telling us somebody was at the door. “I’ll get it Lil 'mama” he says removing me from on top of him causing me to smile remembering the reasoning behind 'Lil 'mama’.

Nate, Sam, and Swazz show themselves from the doorway Sam going to the kitchenette to gather himself some food as John sits in the reclined chair in the corner of the living room while Nate finds himself back in our previous position. The boys’ visits had never been planned it would just happen, and apparently today was one of those abrupt days. My mind still set on the events of earlier, Nate had truly made me feel good by telling why I’m called Lil’ mama.

“Y/N,” Nate says catching the guys attention as well. “There is something I forgot to tell you.” He says calmly. “What..” I say. “There’s one more reason I call you Lil’ mama.” He says while the guys scoff hoping this moment doesn’t go dry. “Don’t be cute fuckers.” Sam says throwing food into his mouth. Nate blushes making me smile. “Your a good fuck.” He says his raspy voice cracking. I felt my cheeks burn up as Sam and Swazz burst into laughter. “True, True.” John joins, settling down from his laugh attack kicking Sammy’s into full drive.

“How the fuck would you know?” I say to Swazz laughing with a confused expression on my face. “You look like a good fuck babe.” John says. I feel Nate tighten his grasp on me instinctively. “Dude,” Nate says blandly. “He has to be right.” Sam clucks in. Still laughing a little.

My cheeks were on fire by now had talking about sex or anything personal made me uncomfortable. Nate scoffs and directs his attention back to me smiling and kissing my cheek repeatedly until he reaches my mouth kissing me tenderly.