Tsum Tsum soulmate au!

Since I’m in the mood for soulmate aus here’s another one with Tsum Tsums that I’m long overdue to write out and share. 

Any of you remember those posts with tsum tsums representing your soulmate and Steve having tiny Iron Man tsum tsum while Tony had a Captain America tsum tsum? Yeah, this is it. Short one with Steve’s perspective. 

Nobody understood where these tiny little creatures, these little things people lovingly named Tsum Tsums, came from. Nor why they tended to follow one person around and only that one person. Why they looked like a person they would realize, upon meeting them, would become their other half was also beyond them.

Tsum Tsums were each different, each unique, and each had their own human. There was never a Tsum Tsum shared among people. A person’s Tsum Tsum was their own and nobody could change that.

Over the years the common feature among the Tsum Tsums, the one where they ultimately looked like another person, their intended, their meant to be, labeled them as keys to finding their soulmates. It was a lovely thought. One that was proven accurate over and over again. Could’ve been romantic or platonic. Perhaps Tsum Tsums really were a representation of their one’s promised, or perhaps they were there for a completely different reason and coincidentally looked like a person’s perfect partner.

Soulmates seemed more plausible and the easiest to accept.

So people each had their own unique Tsum Tsum. One that depicted their soulmate. Most were usually average and dressed in casual clothing, or suits or uniforms. Their outfits never changed and often represented what their partner’s passion was or what they were known for or what would become in the future. A Tsum Tsum dressed in a police officer’s uniform? Probably meant the person was really devoted to keeping the peace and streets safe. Their work was their life. A Tsum Tsum dressed in a suit? Could mean they were often seen with it on, recognized instantly because of it. Their symbol. Their mark in the world. A Tsum Tsum who wore a colorful costume but the person they represented didn’t own it? Most likely meant the person would do theatre in the future and be well known for the role they presented.

Tsum Tsums were truly amazing little creatures and everyone was thankful to have one. Especially Steve. He might have been skinny with almost every available ailment affecting him, but knowing he had a Tsum Tsum just like everyone else meant he was normal. Nothing was wrong with him.

Except, when his Tsum Tsum appeared to him for the first time he had to admit, for a split second, maybe he wasn’t that normal after all. Not when his Tsum Tsum was a… red robot?

His mama had always told him he was special. He just didn’t know she meant this special.

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Listen... Bucky being scared at night and wanting to sleep in Steves bed but being too scared/guilty to ask so he just stands in the doorway real quiet and finally something wakes Steve up and he just sees Bucky and doesn't say anything just scoots over so Bucky can climb in and snuggle I am emotional

oh m y godd. Bucky, the first night, ending up sitting outside steve’s door because he doesn’t know how to approach steve, doesn’t want steve to feel pressured to do anything, but he’s not sleeping well and it becomes obvious, dark circles under his eyes, reactions getting almost sloppy, taking longer than usual to respond to anything at all. then one night, steve leaves his bedroom door open, just to see, and falls asleep not knowing what to expect

what he doesn’t expect is to wake up in the middle of the night, eyes drawn to a shadow in the doorway that he can only just see, and he’s still mostly asleep so he just shifts a little, pushes the covers down in invitation

and slowly, slowly, bucky picks his way across the room, looking more like a skittish animal than a dangerous assassin, and crawls into bed. and he doesn’t move when steve tucks the covers over him, just keeps a careful distance apart, but steve doesn’t push, just smiles a little, not knowing if bucky could see the expression, and lets himself sleep again.

and when he wakes up it’s to an armful of bucky, hair tickling his nose and metal arm leaving imprints in steve’s skin, but he doesn’t mind because bucky’s sleeping, tense lines of his forehead eased and looking almost soft in the morning light.

they don’t talk about it that day, but that evening, steve leaves his door open again, and this time, bucky comes to him at the start, extra blanket in hand because he knows steve’s a blanket hogger even if he says he isn’t.

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hello!:) how do you think joshua would act when he sees his girlfriend breaks down rly badly for the first time? thankyou!

✄ Joshua || Reaction to his S.O. having a breakdown for the first time

Originally posted by unicorn-svt13

  • In my opinion, Joshua has this innate ability to be soothing and gentle when needed most
  • If his significant other has a break down, he might not immediately understand
  • But he will still be able to make them feel better, ya feel? 
  • storytime So the two of you have been dating for about six months now
  • And everyone constantly jokes about how they thought the honeymoon period would be over by now but if there’s any couple that makes it work, of course it’s the two of you
  • Or they otherwise comment about how the two of you make the perfect couple
  • Like there’s Joshua, gentleman prince with a mischievous streak and enough under the table memes that only serve to make him more endearing
  • And then there’s you!! hardworking university student with your head on your shoulders and your whole life ahead of you – everyone thinks you’re destined for success
  • Not to mention you have nice smelling hair, a sweet smile, and a pretty laugh…. pretty much most of the younger members have a small crush on you
  • They would never admit to it though because you and Joshua are the literal dream team and no one would ever dream of splitting the two of you apart

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…so @reallycorking and I actually talked about this a decent amount in the later stages of working on Heart of the Jungle because really, Hinata’s hair would grow out while he was preoccupied with things like living in trees and kissing Tobio. His hair does get longer if you look through the art, yup! 

Anyway, we lack self control, so have some jungle boy domesticity <3

The jungle was a magnificent place, filled with wonders the likes of which Hinata never could have imagined. The year he’d spent expecting to leave it had been tempered by reservations, by his reluctance to truly fall in love, both with the trees, and with Tobio. But now that he’d been freed of those worries, he found that the world had opened up around him, to finally let him see its true self.

Hinata fell, deeper and deeper. He ran as wild as his new home.

For all its natural beauty, however, there were still some things to which he was growing accustomed. One aspect of jungle life constantly made itself known, as he swung through the trees, the ground blurring past far, far below him. He reached out to grab the next vine, and his hair billowed straight into his eyes and mouth. He spluttered, blinded, shaking his head vigorously.

Hinata had never had long hair in his life, but it had grown so now, past his chin and a little over his shoulders. He could shear it off with a particularly sharp rock, but still hadn’t gotten around to it. If he was being completely honest with himself, he’d ended up holding off, after it had become apparent that Tobio certainly didn’t mind it long, judging by how often his hands strayed to touching it, fingers tangling and stroking and brushing.

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full colour blindness is super rare but with steve’s luck he probably has it, so he’s just like these feel nice i’m getting them and nobody even thinks to tell him they’re not what he actually wants

and he sees no difference in them apart from like, how light they are or how dark they are, so he’s really bad at using one consistently when he’s sketching

so like, half of his sketch will be in green, then he would have misplaced that one and ended up using a blue bc they look close enough to him

and even though they never quite match it always looks absolutely stunning, especially when the light hits them just right, but eventually bucky tells steve, follows the lines of one of his sketches and tells him what colour he’s used for each bit, and steve’s never seen these colours but he knows he can experience them through bucky’s eyes, especially when bucky loves them so

((and he takes a couple with him, of bucky, when he goes to basic, looks at them after the serum, and is absolutely stunned))

[there is art and i am scream]

Whoop a Man’s Ass

Title: Whoop a Man’s Ass

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Summary:  A trip to a local bar after a hunt doesn’t go well.

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  1420

Warnings:  drinking, language, some guy being a jerk

Author’s Notes:  This was written for @sofreddie Ships Ahoy Challenge. It was due forever ago, but she was very understanding of my need for an extension - a long extension. Thank you for that, by the way. I chose Dean x Donna (of course) as the ship I would write. My song was Whoop a Man’s Ass (x) by Trace Adkins.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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CS AU || Not What You Expect 

Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.
 - Snow White, 3x11

Princess Emma, along with her parents, ruled over the kingdom Misthaven in relative peace… until one night, the Dark One comes to collect on a deal that her parents had made to ensure her safety before she was born.

Emma decides to strike a counter-deal with Rumplestiltskin: if she could find her true love by the next new moon, he would leave their kingdom and her family alone for good.

Not one to sit around waiting for a prince to come save her, Emma then sets out to find the one who spent his whole life (and then some) hunting down the Dark One—Captain Killian “Hook” Jones, notorious pirate and scourge of the seven seas. Together, they go on a quest to defeat the Dark One once and for all… and perhaps find true love along the way.

Happy Valentines to @beautiful-unfolding!
your CSSV, xoxo

OTP Prompt

B approaches A, and extends their arms toward A, as if asking for a hug. A instead lifts B up, and starts to belt out Circle of Life from The Lion King.

“Put me dooooown!” B whines, kicking their legs in the air.

A grins and continues singing, while B becomes an unimpressed potato, sulking and waiting impatiently for A to stop.

A sets B down, and says “you’re so cute and short,” before giving B a kiss and playing with B’s hair. B rests their face on A’s chest, and finally gets the hug they wanted.

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what about witch bucky mentoring little baby witches. maybe teaching them spells and things that were common pre WWII but have fallen out of use?

It had taken a long time for them to get to this stage, to be fair. But as the line rang, and rang, and rang, Bucky started to feel nervous. Sure, they’d spoken a lot, but only through chat, and honestly, he wasn’t sure they believed he was who he said he was. The line rang. And rang.

Bucky stood, forcing himself not to end the call, and paced away from his lapop. Steve, home not three hours from his last mission, was asleep in the other room, so he couldn’t afford to be too loud. On the other hand, had had to do something with his hands. Tea wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Bucky was stirring the steaming liquid carefully when he heard the call connect, and glanced at the clock in the kitchen. Oh, his laptop must have been a few minutes out, no wonder no one had picked up the call.

“Nice to meet you, empty couch,” echoed sarcastically through the tinny speakers, and he palmed his mug, heading back to the sofa with a “Yeah, hold on.”

There was a beat of silence on the other end of the line, and he dropped onto the couch with a soft sigh, sipping at his tea and watching as the young woman, Cara, must be Cara, on the other end of the skype call blinked owlishly at him.

You’re-” she started, when another face clicking on, splitting the screen.

Holy shit that’s-” was the next person’s helpful addition, and Bucky opened his mouth, speaking at the same time the third person did, just as they clicked into place on his screen.

“Bucky Barnes.”

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The Way It Ought To Be

Word Count-2092

Characters-Sam, Eileen, Dean, Cassie, Mick, Reader, Celeste and Roberta(OCs)

Warnings-a little fluff, a little angst, mentions of nightmares and previous injuries.


Prompt-Michael Bolton When A Man Loves a Woman

A/N- This one is for @sofreddie Ships Ahoy challenge.  I chose Michael Bolton’s When a Man Loves a Woman for Salieen.  I don’t ever remember reading or seeing anything about this before so I gave it a shot. Italics are ASL, bold is outside the dream. Tags are below the cut and as always if you want on or off the list just send me a message or an ask. Beta by @samsgoddess and @oinchavengewho thank you so much.


The beeping of an alarm and slight vibration of the bed woke Sam from a deep sleep.  He reached over and slapped the snooze button, pulling the comforter up around his ears.  But when soft fingers trailed up his ribcage his eyes shot open.

      “We have to get up before the kids, sleepy head,” Eileen said.

      Sam rolled over so she could see his face. “I know, just five more minutes, love.”

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After a two day break, I am back with more stuff! This is a little different this time, mostly because when I set out to write this, I somehow knew it would require a companion. And here it is! That being said, this is for my dearest @kaoruyogi. You are one helluva writer and I admire you *so much*. You are wonderful and I adore you. You have helped me through so many tough spots over the past months! You are a treasure. Please accept this paltry gift of fic and my mediocre singing which I hope doesn’t ruin the experience…


Pairing: Cullen Rutherford x Female OC

Warning: fluffy dad!Cullen ahead, you have been warned

Note: The song attached IS the song that’s sung in the story. The name of the song is the name of the fic, too.

Cullen woke up to an empty bed.

At first, the immediate alarm of something is wrong flooded his body with adrenaline and it took several rapid breaths for his sleepy brain to catch up and remember where he was: home.


Now fully awake, he waited, listening for the sounds of the darkened surroundings to tell him where his beloved would be and if she’d be returning to their bed soon. A soft sound from another room told him otherwise.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside [Dorian x Adaar]

Originally posted by maddies-suicide

Hello and welcome to a fluffy Satinalia story as written by the biggest Grinch in the world who hates holidays and stuff! I know, shocking, please don’t die :D That being said, I had signed up for @santa-age and I was chosen to provide a gift for @cherrymilkshake. She is a wonderful writer and I’ve spent some sleepless nights getting familiar with her stuff. I must say, her OC Bern Adaar inspired some seriously fluffy feelings so if you can, go check out her stuff. IT’S WORTH THE READ. But, without further ado, here is your gift! I hope you enjoy it :D

Pairing: Bernart Adaar x Dorian Pavus

Rating: PG

Summary: It’s cold outside and Dorian doesn’t want to go out in that horrendous weather. Thankfully, Bern has a warm blanket and an idea of how to keep things warm.

Read on AO3

The Inquisitor’s rooms had already been decorated for the upcoming Satinalia celebrations and as he climbed the last of the stairs, Dorian observed the unholy number of garlands that hung around the windows, the banisters, any available ledges, and even lining the curtains of the four-poster bed. Either Bernart Adaar really enjoyed the holidays or their resident Ambassador went a little overboard with her enthusiasm. Again.

The man himself stood at the opposite side of the room, wrapped in a blanket that was just large enough to cover his torso, and watching whatever was happening on the other side of closed glass doors. Dorian took a moment to study his lover, the solid, muscular body, the twist of his horns, and the twist of white hair that looked somewhat messy and stubborn at this particular angle. He took a few steps forward, hoping to go unnoticed, but nothing could escape the ears of a rogue.

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Prompt!!! :D Cuz I'm thirsty for more Cullen/Mila and I cannot wait :D I would like to see the first time they (or one of them) say "I love you" :D

Slightly longer than expected, prepare for a cut! Thank you for the prompt, I love these guys!

“… Damn. Is he all right?”

Alys looked up from her coloring, curious concern covering her face at the sound of her Daddy’s worried tone. She knew he was talking to Auntie Mia, but it didn’t sound like it was a good sort of talk. He was pacing, one hand rubbing through his hair. He only did that when something happened that was unexpected and he didn’t know what to do.

“Well, I’ll call Mila and make other arrangements,” he said after a pause. “No, Mia, stop that. It’s no one’s fault. A date can always be rearranged; you can’t ask the ‘flu to come back at a more convenient time.” He chuckled faintly, but Alys could see the anxious line of his frown even as he made his voice lighter for her aunt’s sake. “It’s fine, Mia. Look after your boys. And yourself - no point nursing them back to health if you succumb. I’ll call tomorrow. Night.”

Hanging up the phone, he turned to Alys with a disappointed expression. “Liam and Uncle Gav have the ‘flu, Nuglet,” he told her, “so you can’t go to their house tonight.”

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91. “Can I hold your hand?” from the prompt thingy :)

(SWTOR. Nine/Theron, because do I ever write anything else? NOT TODAY.)


Her birth certificate- wherever it is now, purged from the Imperial database long ago with the rest of her records- may have said Dromund Kaas, but Nar Shaddaa feels like home.

The thoroughfare around them hums with life, with shouts and whispers and the roar of speeder engines, the soft whoosh of hovercars passing overhead and the low thump of bass from the cantinas on either side of the street, and Nine takes a deep breath in and smiles. Turning to Theron, she-

Where did he go?

When she looks back over her shoulder he’s a dozen paces back, scanning the menu posted outside a café. Whatever he sees, it doesn’t appeal; with a shake of his head, he starts back in her direction.

“Nothing you like?” She doubts he can hear, but he reads the shape of her mouth and shrugs as he draws even with her.

“Menu’s okay,” he says, “but I’m pretty sure someone just got stabbed in there to judge by the noise and the blood trail, so-”

Dodging out of the way of a chirruping astromech, she nods. “The next block over’s quieter. Fewer bars, fewer murders, better food. Come on.”

The alley on their right goes straight through to the street she means and it’s mostly safe by Hutt space standards- not one she ever would have picked to use as a dead drop or a meeting place, too wide and too well-lit for bad behavior. Ducking around the corner, she reaches back for Theron, to pull him along with a tug on his sleeve; instead, her hand finds his and her fingers slip through the spaces between his, unthinking, a comfortable reflex born of enough nights spent in bed, now, curled around each other in waking and in sleep, that she’s grown used to it.

This isn’t her quarters, though, or the cabin of a shuttle. This isn’t hiding. This is standing in the middle of a Nar Shaddaa alleyway, in full sight of the street, hand in hand.

(She never cared before him. But she’s not sure it ever mattered before him.)

She freezes.

In the next second an armor-clad Nikto almost barrels her over and she has to let go to keep from pulling Theron down with her.

“Out of the way, lovebirds. Some of us got places to be.”

Before she can answer the Nikto’s halfway down the alley and she doesn’t bother replying, just straightens up and brushes invisible dust from her clothing to cover her awkwardness.

“I-” she starts to say- “it’s this way. I didn’t mean to-”

“He came out of nowhere. It’s okay.”

She wrinkles her nose. “I meant that I ought to have asked you before I did that. We’re out here in the open, and I just-”

“Are you asking me,” Theron grins, looking down at her hands now pressed against her waist- better there, or they’ll do something unwise of their own accord, probably- “if it’s okay to hold my hand?”

It really does sound stupid when he says it like that, but- “Possibly. Yes.”

“Possibly? Or yes?” His smile broadens; she’s never quite sure, when he looks at her like that, whether she wants to punch him or push him up against a wall or both in variable order. Mostly both, she thinks.



She sighs, reaches out toward him again. “Can I hold your hand? While we walk?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he says, and laces his fingers through hers.