Here we have Part Eight, where we find out about a secret Fitz has been keeping, and adorable li’l Evelyn turns a month old. 





“Baby powder?”




“Change of clothes?”

“Double check.”





Jemma finished securing Evelyn in her car seat, standing and releasing a breath. “Okay, then I think we’ve got everything.”

“Sounds like it,” Fitz agreed, shouldering the diaper bag he’d been searching through to confirm they had what they needed as Jemma listed them off. However, as she picked up the car seat and they began heading for the door of her flat, he paused and asked, “Do you think perhaps we’ve…over-packed?”

Jemma frowned, glancing over her shoulder at him, though it quickly turned into a wince as her gaze dropped to take in the two bags he was carrying. “Oh.”

“I mean, we are just going fifteen minutes away to Bobbi and Hunter’s,” he pointed out. “I think we can leave Evie’s entire collection of stuffed animals at home.”

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So back in February, @lesbianjackrackham​ and I had a 7 hour brunch theorizing what would in Season 5, assuming that they didn’t make it into the Framework until then. So we wrote this right after 4x13 (“BOOM”), the Agnes episode. Because we’re too damn proud of ourselves, the first seven seconds of the video is a screenshot proving that this was all done on February 11.  The video takes you through the midseason finale of Season 5.  The rest of the season is below the cut (under the text of what’s in the video)

Here’s a list of things we accurately predicted:

  • Someone will have to go into the Framework to rescue May
  • Jemma is dead in the Framework
  • Mace dies at the end of season 4
  • Radcliffe dies in season 4
  • A character doesn’t want to leave the Framework because of a child that doesn’t exist outside of it
  • Ward comes back
  • Trip comes back
  • HYDRA comes back
  • There’s a scene where power is draining on someone who is plugged into the Framework and they have to decide what to do
  • Fitz makes some ethically questionable decision
  • They have to track down a dead Radcliff in the Framework to help them escape

If you don’t want to listen to us talk over each other for 13 minutes, the text version is below the cut, along with the second half of the season 

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we’ve known for a while that the real Fitz doesn’t like to be called “Leo,” and this episode implied proof for my theory as to why - it’s what his father called him.

“Don’t touch Lola.” - Phil Coulson

Jemma; *Is resting her elbow on Lola* 

Skye: *Is leaning on Lola* 

Ward: *Is “sitting” in the drivers seat* 

Fitz: *Is standing at the co-drivers place* 

May: *Is freaking chilling on the hood* 

Coulson: *Is the only one standing away from the car*