I call this one: “Pissed off at West Lake”

WARNING: whinging ahead


Listen up on Saturday me and my friend decided to drive to Perfume Pagoda for the day. At a junction on the way, a motorcyclist driving up the WRONG SIDE of the road I repeat WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD swerved to avoid me (right side of the road) despite being far enough away to have driven around me, and fell off his bike. Within minutes we were surrounded by shouty Vietnamese men demanding we give the other man money despite not actually seeing the crash - they just assumed we were the dickheads in the situation and totally jumped on us. I gave him a bit of money and me and my friend drove off in tears, only to pull over a few seconds later to realise THE FUCKERS HAD FUCKING STOLEN MY PHONE OUT OF ITS HOLDER ON THE BIKE FML FML FML FML so we turned round and drove home oh did I mention we were 20 MINUTES AWAY FROM THE PAGODA WE WERE SO FUCKING CLOSE

And then today, TODAY you ain’t gonna believe this the fucking frame that holds the water tank COLLAPSED so the tank fell over and emptied its entire contents down the side of the house into the neighbours garden BRILLIANT and that couldn’t be fixed today so we just have dirty fucking brown water coming out of the taps which was awesome when i got back from my run earlier cos all you want is A STINKY SHOWER

AND OH THAT RUN I MENTIONED DID I MENTION it was the worst run of my LIFE four km of hell my legs were like stones and I had to have a walking break in between each kilometre i mean come on

So now I’m going to bed because good god I just want this fucking weekend to be done i am OUT 

P.S. nice views for my warm-up i have added for your enjoyment 


i’ve been wanting to build up my quads because my squat is feeling a little shaky so i’m up to three leg days a week for the next month it’s one quad focused workout. which was today.

1) warmup. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYSSSSS warm up your muscles. i just do 10 minutes walking or light jogging.

2) front squats are amazing for building quads and core. i warm up with the bar 2x20.
- 65 lbs 2x8
- 75 lbs 2x10
- 115 lbs 2x8
-135 lbs 3x6
i went extra light today because my wrist was in a lot of pain and i forgot my wrist wraps.

3) leg extensions are my favorite isolation! so i’m not sure if everyone has this problem but i have a dominant leg. my right is stronger than my left and with a move like a leg extension you’re pushing a bar up with BOTH legs. if you have a weaker leg your dominant is going to take over continue to leave your weak leg well, weak. so when doing leg extension do one leg at a time. R, L, R, L. something i also like to do one my last set is burn out with negatives until failure.
- 5x12 each leg
- negatives until failure w/low weight

4) seating leg curl. i do these the exact same way as i do leg extensions. one leg at a time, negative until failure.
- 5x12 each leg
- negatives until failure

5) hip abductors (ya know the ones you don’t wanna make contact on)
- 5x20
- drop set/ start at heavy weight and go until failure. drop the weight a notch and go again.

6) stretch 👏🏽 it 👏🏽 out 👏🏽 stretch those muscles and drink lots of water and eat lots of good foooooods.
when i have huge sets like i did today i rarely go over 4 or 5 different exercises.