This is my “I may have had to give in to the excruciating pain my shins but I’m not going to let that spoil my summer of awesome healthy eating and getting in shape” face.

That run went a bit tits up. So, I’m going to have an evening of feeling a bit sorry for myself involving cooking a vegetable curry and stuffing it into my face whilst watching a crap film and maybe having a little cry, and then I’m going to make myself a badass recovery / workout / healthy eating wall chart.

I’m really angry about my shins though and I really really want a cuddle but don’t tell anyone

Currently Cramming

Its super busy this week, because I have my second exam for gross anatomy next week and I am trying my damnedest to bring my grades up.

So I’m basically kicking into overdrive; library session twice a day as well as hitting up the gym to blow off some steam and help me sleep better - gotta take care of body and mind.

It’s a really rough ride but I’m excited to show you guys and more importantly bring my grades up. I need this hard work to pay off.

Monday 👊 Went into work feeling like I got hit by a truck but Lots of drinking and subpar eating and lack of sleep all weekend will do that. Nothing a leg day can’t fix though 😊💃 finished a sweaty mess but definitely needed it! I live a very flexible lifestyle and train according to my goals and things going on in my life. I will never not live my life because of fitness, it’s an aspect of my life not my whole life. You have to be able to live, love and eat freely ❤️ Week 2 of high protein low carb as I’ll be back at the beach for round ✌️ this weekend! 4 day week and Ima keep killin it, hope you all plan to do the same! #fitfam #fitties #fitgirls #prettygirlswithmuscles #liveyourlife #happygirl #forevertraining #backontrack #week2 #slimthick #selfbuilt #gallongear #greatestthingever #mondayblues #legday #wheelz #monday #loveyourself #flexiblelifestyle #personaltrainer #anytimefitness