shounenchild  asked:

Hi I'm dying over here. I didn't realize that some people didn't know that every single character's name in Dragon Ball is a pun??? The families even have trends. All the Son's are food, Briefs are undies, the Piccolo line is instruments, Videl's family is gods/religious, etc. That's also what makes Pan's name so clever! She's a food for the Gohan and the Sons (Bread), a god for Videl and the Satans (Pan was a greek god)- she's even an instrument for her father's mentor, Piccolo (a pan flute).

Haha yeah exactly!!! :D thanks for detailing all of that! I really like how the names all have themes!


Dear white people,

Here’s a little tip. When you ask someone who looks ethnically different, “What are you?” the answer is usually, “A person about to slap the shit out of you.”