Overnight timelapse of the Sand Fire burning in the hills north of Los Angeles, California. Will follow this up with a couple more clips of the smoke.


My friend William and I went by the firehouse yesterday to pay our respects to Philadelphia’s fallen hero, Gabriel Lee. The 42-year-old firefighter was part of Ladder Company 12, based on Cambria in North Philly. We were welcomed inside and placed flowers at the table where others had been by to drop off food and tokens of remembrance. We got to meet and offer our condolences to all of the crew, see a photo of Gabriel, and learn about his life and family. He was a father of 3 and a devoted public servant. He was quiet and gentle, but an avid boxer. His career spanned more than 20 years, and his absence is already being felt across the city. The pain of such a great loss was visible on everyone’s face, proving that Philadelphia has lost someone irreplaceable, who will be missed for years to come.

While no concrete plans have been made, his service is expected to take place this weekend. I will post those details as soon as they become available. If you are in or around Philadelphia, please plan to attend, even if it is just to line the streets in support of his family, and our first responders. Our hearts are with the Philadelphia Fire Department, and Gabriel’s family, including his children; Eric, Gabrielle, and Chase. We mourn as a city, a hero has fallen.

Special thanks to everyone at Engine 50, Ladder 12, and Medic 22, who welcomed us with warmth despite the somber occasion. You are all heroes, you have my deepest appreciation and respect.

R.I.P. Gabriel Lee


Type: Rapper, Fire


  • Booming System ( screams “ahh” to disorient the opponent)
  • Ty Tracker (uses flames to find out where other pokephon are)
  • Freaky Deaky Flames (flame attack by spinning)
  • Body Roll (defense move activated by body rolling )

Taemander is a Rapper type pokephon. Becuase of Taemander’s species  bad rep in the past, the newer generation tries to prove them wrong with responsibility, kindness, and leadership skills. However, when this pokephon is threatened, his eyebrows ignite with a burning aggression. It doesn’t do much it’s just for show. Very close with Pippip, and also Lee Soo Ash’s first stolen Pokephon.

El Nino at work: Amazon likely to see an intense fire season next southern summer

One of the major effects of the meteorological oscillation known as El Nino is a redistribution of rainfall patterns around the globe, including a tendency towards droughts in Australia, Northern South America and swathes of Eastern and Southern Africa (see the linked series below for discussion of this year’s events). Since the latest event (just ending, though where I sit in Montevideo the trade winds whose abeyance signal the event’s start haven’t really picked up again, despite putting in an occasional appearance after a year’s absence) is likely to prove one of the strongest on record, it’s no surprise that the annual fire forecast for the Amazon basin announced that it is in its worst state of dryness since 2002 as the tropical dry season starts, leaving the forest primed for a difficult season.

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