“Swimming With Sharks” by Alex Schaefer

Getting stuck in open water is terrifying to me not because of how expansive it is, but because you can’t see what’s beneath you. I hate that feeling!

So it got me thinking about how I could relate that fear back to my own life. And to me the idea of being stuck in open water reminds me of a creative limbo where there’s really no sense of direction and always a fear of what could happen around you. It reminds me that with sharing your work often comes a fear of abandonment, but that embracing that fear only makes you a better artist.


The location I used to shoot this image was a small lake near my house. When I got there to shoot, I had an unexpected surprise- the entire area of the lake where I was going to shoot was covered in lily pads. Oops! The last time I shot there was for my portrait “Anchor” and that was last March.

the false one,the most real | The Uncanny Files series

photography by Vassilis Pantelidis

“Lucky 8″ The New Americana chasing after danger. Luck 7 is now six feet under. 

Photography by: Gabe Tomoiaga



We Created A Bouquet Of Burning Roses ( Boredpanda )

“The Ash” was a simple idea, we dreamed about creating something we have never seen before, something which is impossible to see in the world we already know. It mays sound pretty odd, but one of the first thought which came to Peter’s mind, was a scored archetype of beauty – a figure which still retains its shape – just before a total collapse. Peter Jaworowski

“Your Lioness”

When a man’s pride and ego is stripped by the world she is there to comfort and encourage to move on. There is no Lion without the Lioness.