150716 TRB in NYC | BTS - Tomorrow.

Still proud of this one.

Finally uploaded to youtube lol.

30 July 2015 / 23:35

よるみーおん( ❛ω❛ )ノ
YoruMiion ( ❛ω❛ )ノ

Rehearsals today as well!

I think I’ve organised parts I’m not sure with today?
I’ll do a final confirmation tomorrow, and I want to approach the real show in perfect condition (`・ω・´)

Photo is from quite some time ago, with Haruppi-san ♡

Kept the photo all this while for some reason. LOL
I finally uploaded it (OvO)

The 5th volume has finally came(;_;)
It’ll be the last round where I’m tasked as the personality.
Everyone, please please please listen to it, alright ♩

おやすみーおん( ˘ω˘ )
Good night-Miion ( ˘ω˘ )

From Miion.

ka-mui asked:

ur blog is my only way of knowing if the psycho pass movie is subbed yet and for that, i thank you ^^ i will def keep checking to see when it finally gets uploaded lol 😊

Oh my gosh as soon as someone posts a legit link to the subs I will be all over it! I just pray it’s soon… Otherwise I’ll be put in a retirement home by the time we get those damn subs xD

we-up621they-down asked “Chello again! i would once again love to ask what videos of the…”


Hi.. I forgot to change the name of the video when it is finished downloading, so I could not find a link to the original video. But, Finally I uploaded on my youtube, hopefully this link can running (lol, this is the first time I upload a video on youtube hahaha. I fell asleep waiting for the completion of this video was uploaded, poor signal haha)

Do you have twitter? If you have, you can ask me via twitter as well. My twitter account is @ayuditakarinda. Just to make it easier if you want to ask for video.. But if you want to ask via tumblr is also not a problem :) 

My SEVEN SWORD. My seven Gunpla, My seven collections, My Fav Number, I’m bought it on 17th and began build it on 27th and finally today in july i’m upload the pic lol 😀😀😀😀 all is about SEVEN 😉😉😉 #Kaidelenz, #Phonergraper #Gunpla #Plamo #Mokit #GunplaBuilder #Gundam #Bandai #Hobbies #MyCollection #Toylover #AnimeLover #Otaku #Indonesia by kaidesan


Finally uploaded and ready to be watched! I know the camera and audio quality is rubbish but I think the idea is ok! :D Please watch, like and subscribe!