Rogue Division series: 8 of 8

Bang Yongguk. Rogue Leader. Trademark weapon: unable to confirm as he uses many. Specialising in the co-ordination, contracting, training and management of the crew. Enters the field only for the highest priority jobs.  Age unconfirmed. Enemy list: extensive. Allies list: equally extensive.

DA Character Reference Chart: aka. ‘Underwear I would like to own’

Left to right: Elspeth ‘Wren’ Lavellan, Rosalyn Adaar, Ilynwe Lavellan, Nydha’sa’nalinaë (Nydha), Jocelyn Hawke, Kestrel Mahariel, Ysobel Surana

Respective class: Mage (Arcane Warrior), Archer, Mage (Rift), Mage (Weird fade shit), Mage (Force), Rogue (Dual-wield), Mage (Entropy)

I’ve been meaning to draw all my ladies together in one picture for ages, and here they are in all their glory. This started as a height and body type exercise, and finally got finished. Underwear was picked to reflect their personalities and tastes, though if this was truly accurate Wren and Nydha would be going nude. Nydha is technically Arlathan era, however she has a fic of her own so she gets to join the team. 

Today I finally finished my boomerang table to fit with the rest of my retro home. I drew the shape on paper, brought it to a guy who could cut it out of MDF for me in that shape, bought some legs on eBay and then I spray painted it black multiple times. I’m excited. I think it looks neato

Silently Spoken

The much overdue christmas oneshot that I teased about in an ask meme a few months ago and finally made myself finish last night. Also, the sequel to Shut Up and Dance, if you’ve ever read that one.

Title: Silently Spoken

Summary:  Some languages don’t need words, and through snowball fights and community holiday events, Sapphire is starting to learn.

Rating: PG-13 cause Sapphire can’t keep her eyes to herself

Word count: 6000


Much thanks to @mintly​ for the beta!

EDIT: this isn’t being posted on because all of my work has been ripped off of that site and put onto multiple spamming websites without my permission or, until recently, even my awareness. I have reported all five of the websites that I’ve found my stolen work on, but lord knows how many more there are. Until this shit gets fixed, I’m not going on for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Happy Post-Civil-War-TV-Spot-Day : D I finally finished this! This was started as my final inktober piece… yep, it’s been lying around since October/November.

Which is also why this includes Agent 13 but not Scarlet Witch.. they had only revealed the first concept/promo pieces at that point.

This was the first time in years (I’m not joking. I think 2012-ish.) that I’ve actually worked on a bigger-than-A5-drawing on paper. I fucked up a lot in the beginning (see metal arm) but I think I progressed quite well (Cap’s helmet, Hawkeye’s suit).

It’s also the first time I’ve tried this comic style. It’s hard, but I think I like it!

ok so like i havent been posting much on here but like ive been tweeting So Much and like, oh my ogd.

season 2 episode 8 got me into Such A State holy shit i was like , 100% convinced that they were going to make ahsoka kill barriss

bc the title card thing was “attachment is not compassion” and like!!! oh my god!!!!

barriss literally says kill me and then like theres the shot of ahsoka slashing her lightsaber at barriss and i was so distressed

tthen there was this shot and i was worried she was fvcking dying in ahsokas unconscious arms

like for a split second i thought she was Already Dead but then i saw her breathe btu until anakin actually said barriss is ok i was still so worried i literally wailed in relief lmAO DONT BPLAY ME LIKE THIS!!

bbut that title card is so ominous and they ended the episode with anakin of all people comforting ahsoka for not killing barriss and we all know how well attachment went for anakin

lleave barriss alone shes too good n pure for this oh my god