((Ametrine’s themes:

Gender: Agender (He/She/They)

Sexuality: Pansexual/Polyamorous

Height: 5'9"

Pistols. They shoot bullets made out of light. They’re strong, but certain gems are not easily penetrated by these bullets, making it harder for Ametrine to defeat them,

Short-distance teleportation: Can teleport up to 100 yards away, but can only teleport so many times in a row before overheating. If they overheat, their body becomes hot to the touch and lets off steam. They are unable to use any of their abilities in this state, cool down takes about 2 minutes.
Air-walking: They can stand, sit, jump, and run on air.
Insight: Their eyes become like high power scope-lenses, making it easier to see very far away objects.

I am -NOT- open for fusion requests at this time, but if you want to you can draw fusions with any of my gems as long as you link back to me!


I made an updated ref for Ametrine!! It’s about damn time, really.
-Here’s the old one-

-Ametrine’s Past Forms-

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sorry for being absent for so long. in august i was holding off 2 jobs. and when september came, i was getting a lot of school work. now that im settled in, im free enough to post all of my work now! thanks for your patience!!! its great to be back! 😄 #imback #sorryforthewait #finally

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My favorite part of Ghostbusters was when they were trying to find the ghost below the concert and Patty walks by the room of mannequins and says “Nope. That’s a room full of nightmares.” And just KEEPS ON WALKING. Like I have been waiting MY WHOLE LIFE for a character to be like “well fuck that” and just not fucking deal with it, like the ghost had to come and get her and she outran the bitch