Japanese gameplay trailer. 

Compared to the English version it is shorter but there are some new scenes and music here, so it’s still worth a watch.

Can somebody translate the Noctis x Iris part please???

Karasu Redbeak From “Final Fantasy XIV”.

I love this guy, although he is a very obscure character, even in the actual game(Screencaps HERE). You only get to see his story if you run the full lvl 30+ Ninja Questline, but he’s a flamboyant, eccentric ninja with green highlights and pink lipstick and therefore made of win and totally worth it!! :P

If you could marry NPCs in the game and not just other Player Characters… I’d so have my Champion of Eorzea gay marry Karasu! lmao!

*DeviantArt Version Here*


Steel yourself, child. Only unbending resolve and merciless strength can conquer what lies ahead. The weak can do naught but to weep under the pall of their own misery. As did the frail child I once was…