“Walk tall my friends”

Insert ugly sobbing here

I actually cried when Tony sent me this photo. He did such an incredible job and captured the feeling that stood out to me in this game, the bonds you make with those important to you. If you ever get the chance to work with him, please do he has helped me bring every visionI’ve brought to him to life.

The cool thing about this is we found the PERFECT road going to Meteor Crater, so even though the crazy rocks and the signs are photoshopped, the side of the road blended so well into the actual in game shot, we were blown away. We had to shoot here! Even if that meant jumping off the road as cars passed in between shots 😂

Incoming long sappy post.
I am so incredibly thankful for our life, for these wonderful people in these photos that make my crazy dreams come true, for the friends that we’ve made along the way, and for our supportive family. I am so impressed with the amount of incredibly talented and creative people we’ve met along the way and can call friends. There are so many of you and we love you all and are so lucky to create and spend time with you. I couldn’t imagine a different life. Making art and wonderful memories with all of you has meant more than I can express. I am thankful for this life and all of you. I hope you get to spend time, not only today, but in your life with those that make your life worth living.

📸 @tonyjuliusphotography
Prom/gladio @frankandnats
Noct/Iggy us

Prompto, Ignis, Noctis by @ardawigs

Just when I decided to have a semi-break (sans raid) from FFXIV, suddenly Rival Wings Astralagos PvP!!

Kyaaaaa! Ark is thereeee! I mean.. Cruise Chaser (always called him “Ark” cuz he was one of my fave summons from FF9)

I…. like Cruise Chaser >//< sho coolio..

A9s-A12s was the new tier for when I started raiding. I was the kind of WHM who was confident about tossing stones during the fight while taking pride in her MP management!……. until I met Cruise Chaser… BOY.. HE MADE IT HARD FOR ME TO DPS LIKE THE MADWOMAN I WAS AAAA!

I was totes SCHOOLED! That was when I learned how different raiding is from dungeons or (ex) trials. I was also still gearing up for raids and was staticless for months sooo I worked with a lot of pugs in PF to get my weekly A9S-A11S. I only got to A12s after I found my second static >u</

A11s had a lot of heal checks because of the consecutive AoE damage Cruise Chaser does. So it was a challenge for my MP (which wasn’t very bountiful for WHMs pre-SB) and for my DPS cuz I couldn’t hit as much, and working with pugs made things unpredictable with the co-healer (SCH/AST was the preferred set back then too.) As some of you may have read before, I am an Asian resident playing in the NA server, so I had to be extra fast and memorize fights better due to the latency! Imma say I struggled so much learning A11s and took the most time trying to clear it cuz ughh! Forward and back moving forward and back all day everyday! Most of my time be spent on thinking about Cruise Chaser, looking at Cruise Chaser, and having intense feelings for the mechanics he tosses at me… then I realized I started to like him ._.)

Anyway, the new Rival Wings PvP is hella fun! It reminded me of Ragnarok Online’s WoE cept with mechas :> RO was one of my super fave online games til now and I used to participate in WoE (guild wars) back then where you would have to conquer a castle by breaking the enemy guild’s “Emperium”-a crystal deep in the fortress (‘course ya hadta do away with players in your way and def too!) Though I play healers in both RO and FFXIV, I enjoy being a SMN in pvp better. IMO it’s easier to heal in pvp if you’re on keyboard but I’m on controller so imma just Ahk Morn them AND UNLEASH THE MIGHTY BOI xD Also, thanks SE for plugging in the music while we mount the mechas 'v'b I learned to love the Forward and Bacc song~

A Sip of Delight, and You! - A special event tying in with the engagement ceremony of the proprietress, and the Day of Gratitude. Ryuusei Tea Room will be happy to host improvised and prepared performances alike, for whoever would like to take the stage! Show off your talents for the audience, and be entered into a drawing to win a few prizes! Let the starlight within you dazzle on!

When: Sunday, November 26 2017
Where: Ryuusei Tea Room, Sawa Sanctuary, Plot 43 Shirogane Ward 11 (Southern Shirogane Subdivision)
Server: Balmung Server

OOC Summary: Let’s lighten up the tea room with some performances! If you have a dance, poem, story or song you’d like to perform on stage, now you have a chance to do it! 

Details: Performances should be up to 5-10 minutes long at maximum, contain no lewd or disturbing content, and can be as flashy or entertaining as you desire. Keeping in with the theme and ambiance of the tea room (And the theme of the event, “Gratitude and Delight”), they shouldn’t be too loud and aggressive or -too- depressing. Six performances will be taken, if you’re interested, please send a message to: @foxlike-ffxiv​ / Foxlike#5941 on Discord before Sunday, November 26, 2pm Pacific Time! Macros are more than encouraged, and all performances will go into the /yell channel!

Prizes: Mog Station Gift Codes! (  ICly, this will be a koban prize, to trade in for items. )

First Prize: 25$ worth of Mog Station items, of your choice! + A tea and meal in your character’s name on the menu
Second Prize: 15$ worth of Mog Station items  + A tea and meal in your character’s name on the menu
Third Prize: 10$ Worth of Mog Station items  + A tea or meal in your character’s name on the menu
Consolation Prize: 5$ Worth of Mog Station Items! + A tea in your character’s name on the menu

Winners will have to list whatever they want for us to issue a gift code for them! We will be selecting winners based on content, engagement and how entertaining they are! Please don’t feel too restricted, there are no hard themes on what to perform. Just interpret “Gratitude and Delight” as you see fit!

All Performers MUST be ready to go on stage by 7:30pm Eastern Time! Good luck to everyone, and let’s delight everyone this coming evening!

The final five characters left for the FF30th Heroes Poster are the original Final Fantasy’s Thief and Monk, and Final Fantasy IV’s Cid, Tellah, and Fusoya!

If you are interested in drawing any of them email with your top TWO choices. Traditional and digital artists are welcome to participate! 

For more poster information click here!

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