Kdrama Women’s Week || Day Two: Favorite Female Driven/Dominated Kdrama


It feels almost like I’m cheating to pick this show after all the squeeing I did about it, but I’m going to pick it anyway. I like action/adventure/thriller-type dramas, but one of my major complaints about them is how few women there tend to be in them. But not Healer. No, Healer decided to fill its ranks with women in all sorts of roles, whether or not they were conventional fits for them, and it was all the better for it.

Young-shin started out at as a website tabloid reporter with big dreams, and she gave everything she had to be the best at her job. Her compassion, her courage in the face of fear, her ability to improvise, her determination to protect others, and her desire to find out the truth won me over in short order.

Min-ja, the forty-nine-year-old, knitting, kimbap-making, frumpy-clothes-wearing, genius hacker, was a delight. Throughout the show she projected the air of a woman who did precisely what she wanted and was damn good at doing it. Her skills were invaluable to our heroes, and without her help and guidance, they never would have been able come close to winning. And let’s not forget that she used to be the leader of a cybercrimes team before her days as Healer’s hacker.

And then there’s Myung-hee, who spent her youth as a reporter and activist who ran an illegal radio station, who suffered and lost many things in her and her friends’ pursuit of a better society, who eventually remarried to a dear friend as part of rebuilding her life. Myung-hee, who picked up on the clues that her second husband was shady and at great personal risk yet again hunted for the truth, who said thank you for twenty years, but I am leaving when she discovered the evil in her home, who reunited with her daughter after twenty years and loved her with everything she had.

The show might have been named after the Healer, Jung-hoo, but Young-shin, Min-ja, Myung-hee, and even Min-jae and Dae-yong had crucial roles to play in the story.

(Photo credits: Dramabeans)

Runners-up: Dalja’s Spring, Dream High, Can We Get Married?, Secret Love Affair


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