America’s Next Top Model Drinking Game

Rewatching America’s Next Top Model and working out a drinking game. Help me add some more! Also, proceed with CAUTION.
1) Drink every time a model cries
2) Drink if anyone uses the word “fierce”
3) Drink if someone tells a model they are “too commercial”
4) Drink every time you hear the word “high fashion”
5) Take a shot if Tyra says anything about “smizing”
6) Finish your drink if a model cries during the makeover
7) Finish your drink if a model has to go to the hospital because of a photo shoot
8) Take a shot if a model trips on the runway
9) Finish your drink if they knock into another model on the runway
10) Drink if one of the judges says, “in person, she’s a beautiful girl, but it’s just not translating to film”
11) Drink every time the models catfight/scream at each other
12) Drink if a model says, “I am not here to make friends, this is a competition.”
13) Drink if one of the judges says a photo is “ugly-pretty”
14) Drink if Nigel Barker says something flirtatious about a model
15) Drink if Tyra says anything about her mama
16) Drink if any of the judges says, “the camera absolutely loves her”
18) Drink if Miss J is wearing a costume
19) Drink if Miss J snaps his fingers
20) Drink if someone mentions “role models,” or, “I want to show young girls that…”
21) Drink for every “work”, “work it”, “work it out”, or “work it girl”

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend is a tundra and he's trying to get me into eating plants? What should I do

First off CONGRATS ON THE BOYFRIEND THAT’S NEATO I bet he’s handsome. IS HE HANDSOME? I’m just joshin of course he is

Second off DON’T FEAR THE PLANT. Sometimes they look all weird cos they got flowers and leaves and all but ‘less you’re pickin cabbages up in the Wyrmwound THEY AIN’T GONNA BITE SO DON’T BE SCARED.

Now what you gotta do is see the plant as MORE FOOD like extra food on top of your normal food. Puttin a positive spin on a thing is half the battle or maybe it’s two thirds POINT BEING trying new things is good.

I got this cousin who eats greens sometimes, what he do is takes two steaks and put a buncha salad between em and then he eats that right up. If he’s happy with that then maybe that’s something you can be happy with too POINT BEING experimentin is the mother of all invention

If that don’t work I got two other words of advice: STEAK SAUCE if that don’t work I got one other word of advice: KATSUP.

Now if plants don’t work for you it ain’t a personal failing it’s just how you wired up inside. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT NEITHER your boyfriend’s handsome and he’s gonna love you no matter what you eat.


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I really want Nepeta to be relevant again and I'm pretty sure you've said stuff like that too, so I'm curious about how you think that might happen. (it can be a complete crack theory too, I just want something to get my hopes up unrealistically about because I feel like Nep had more potential than we got to see)

my fave crack one is the Nepeta is the secret LE weapon like how Jade could hit Bec Noir with a newspaper Nepeta may do the cute Kitten eyes thing at Lord English