we’ve got to get away from here by suspendrs (23k)

“It is my understanding that you are the most comprehensive member of this agency in the field of extraterrestrial life, is that right?” the agent asks. He’s trying to sound calm, but Louis can tell he’s shaken as well.

“Um, I guess so,” Louis says, glancing over at the man in the blanket again.

Suddenly, Louis’s blood runs cold. There’s something off about the man, something in his gaze, something Louis can’t put his finger on. It’s terribly unsettling, but excitement bubbles in his gut.

Or, Louis is an FBI agent who likes to think himself a paranormal expert, and Harry is alien that somehow ended up in his office.

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do you read/or write klance fics? and if you do read them what are some of your faves? or just recently read good ones? hope you're having a good day!!

i dont write fics but i do have some good fics bookmarked !! someone asked for a fic rec a while ago and totally forgot <:3c so here it is now !!

lipstick on a camera lens by just_plain_fanfics
this was SO CUTE. keith is a photography major and lances wears lipstick and BITCH IDK THIS WAS JUST SUPER CUTE

when the war is done by vivaced

so what are you waiting for by saltylances

love countdown by bluebellesie

short change heroes (watch you bleed) by mytay
this fic is part of a group of ongoing works so i suggest you read the very first written first before you read this one BUT THIS FIC WAS…….. RLLY GOOD. I LOVED THE ENTIRE SERIES SO MUCH ………. SPACE COWBOY MERCENARIES KEITH AND LANCE … LIKE ………. BITCH …….

shades of blue by vaziah
THIS IS THE WING FIC AU I FUCKING NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!! this fic was rlly cute and it starts off with a lance and shiro friendship i never knew i needed. <:3c this was just overall rlly cute and i cant wait for the next chapter !!!!!!

love letter to the universe by elysabeth

snow white by subtlehysteria

not my type by hannaadi88

knew from the first by xintong

red skies by angstinspace
real shit …….. this is actually my favourite fic rn …………………… just read it yall arent gonna regret it……… slaps my ass and dies

mermaid’s glow by kirinjaegeste
ASIDE FROM RED SKIES THIS IS ALSO ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVOURITES …….. keith gets bitten by a mermaid right .. and he turns into a mermaid ………… its rlly fucking good …………………..

thats all for right now but if you want more fics recs, check out my bookmarks on my ao3 @boys !!!!!!!! <:3c

The cold snowflakes landing on his bones, the gentle breeze rustling through the trees—they were simply background noise, secondary to the incredible feeling of Swap’s magic, humming against his. It wasn’t enough—but at the same time, it was all too much - Sixteen Rules by @alicedragons   (warning the fic is very much 18+ NSFW)

Magnus Chase Fic-Rec

Decided to make a list of awesome Magnus Chase fanfic since there seems to be a huge lack of mcga fic-recs:

BOUND X by imwastingmylifeinhere - The one where Magnus and Alex are tied together for an indefinite amount of time by one of Hearthstone’s runes (that TOTALLY wasn’t on purpose) // an actual classic in this fandom

Road to the White House by plalligator - To say Samirah al-Abbas’s rise has been meteoric is to undersell it. (Interview first published in The New Yorker magazine in July 2042) // AMAZING

Where The Sun Sets by tadamochi – Nine-year-old Magnus Chase and his mother go hiking in a beautiful sunny day of spring. What little Magnus did not expect was to meet someone with the prettiest eyes he has ever seen. // really, really, really cute <3

Pottery and Origami by 3rdgymbros – Magnus Tries to impress Alex with the ancient art of origami. // ADORABLE

pueri, pueri (children are children) by 3rdgymbros – Magnus is turned into a child, and Alex looks after him. // baby magnus is adorable

i’m with you (I love you) by 3rdgymbros - Basically, Fierrochase wedding day and Alex is in a gorgeous dress, except he’s not feeling too feminine and he’s scared it’s going to ruin their special day (and Blitz put SO much hard work and pride into this amazing dress). Lucky for him though, amazing, thoughtful Magnus exists. // side blitzstone

keep taking my breath away (you make me speechless) by 3rdgymbros - On Tuesdays, they release the wolves. Magnus hates Tuesdays. // blushy Magnus and blushy Alex; really lovely little fic

Wide Open by boatboatboat - (classic highschool au) in which Magnus Chase decides it’s a great idea to leave love letters in Alex Fierro’s locker. // Absolutely stunning fic

dirty laundry looks good on you by suspendrs (19k)

“So um, Niall mentioned you haven’t lived here long. What brings you to London?”

“What is this, an interview?” Louis smirks, stealing Harry’s drink and taking a sip. “Wanted a change of scenery. Dunno.”

Harry hums and takes his drink back, narrowing his eyes playfully at Louis as he takes a long sip. “Can I buy you a drink, or would you rather keep sharing mine?”

“You most certainly can buy me a drink,” Louis grins, grabbing the bottle back out of Harry’s hand, “but I’m still going to be stealing yours.”

Or, Harry is jaded and sad and resigned to be forever alone, until Niall sets him up with a friend of his whose broken pieces may just fit pretty well with Harry’s.

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HEY you seem to be a Bencutio expert, do you have any fic recs?

u should totally read all of them there are a lot of great ones and more on tumblr that i didn’t list but here are a few that i really like/could find

on ao3:

let it rain all night long, let my love for you go strong is one of my favorites

i am too fond amazing high school au please read this

do not go gentle i’m not a huge fan of angst but this is really well written —warning for unreality and illusions/hallucinations

caro okay i haven’t actually read this one because it’s really long but apparently it’s pretty good

in pain — (unrequited) incest warning for this one

ao3 user birdbitch has a few very short but good ones

waiting — awesome

here is my stuff if you want to read any of it

off of ao3:

you’re the skid marks on my palm and the asphalt staining my skin - this one is very cute

cute tiny ones by fleurhtml

this one — warnings for unreality and illusions/hallucinations

unspoken words

who cares it’s bencutio fluff

nsfw stuff:

pedicabo is p good

this other one by liz also

autumn leaves by suspendrs (27k)

“Brave?” Harry frowns, caught off guard. “No, not particularly.”

“You seem brave,” Louis decides, pushing off the wall and stepping on the butt of his cigarette. “You are strong, and you are not mean. That’s good,” he assures, touching Harry’s arm gently.

“Thank you, but that’s not true,” Harry smiles ruefully. “I’m really not anything special.”

Or, Harry is an American soldier in France during World War II, and Louis is a French waiter that doesn’t mean to fall in love with him.

Captive Prince Fic-Rec (those are AMAZING fanfics!)

Kings reign by Idratherhaveyou 32/32 @itsthegameilike

Along for the ride by Idratherhaveyou 15/? 

Right now, you re smitten by Idratherhaveyou 6/? 

One the other by Ruby_wednesday 38/38  @ruby–wednesday

Stargazers by Ruby_wednesday 1/14

The Incident (Single Dad Modern AU) by Ruby_wednesday 2/?

The heir by Shinchiisanakyojin 6/6 @shinchiisanakyojin 

Not his king by Rumy (eyefuckingstiel) 3/?

*The list keeps updting* 

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any fics where steve is a quarterback or plays other sports and while tony is a nerd?

Grab your backpack and pom-poms, people!

Give me an K, give me a U, give me a D, give me an O, give me an S!  What’s that spell??? COMMENTS AND KUDOS FOR YOUR AUTHORS!

Captain (of the Football Team) Steve Rogers by Rionaa: “You just wait until my boyfriend gets here…” Tony muttered.Rumlow laughed, loud and derisive. “Oh yeah? What’s a namby pamby sissy faggot going to do about it, huh?”

Thunderstruck by @kurowrites: Yet another High School AU.Tony is a geek. Steve is a jock. Both of them might have a major crush on each other. Luckily, they have some very, very good friends.Friends that might sometimes be a real life-saver.

Astrophile: A Tale of Two Opposites by Agent C: Tony Stark and Steve Rogers couldn’t be any more different;Billionaire Inventor Tony Stark enters the Avengers Academy in the middle of the year, and his reputation as a rich boy precedes him. Rumor has it that his special admission is due to his father donating an entire tower.Council President Steve Rogers came from a military family, ans isn’t too happy about the new transfer student creating a ruckus in his school. He’s got his mark on Tony from the very first time they meet.A love for stars brings starts bringing them together.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (On the Bleachers) by SilverNoteXIII:  All Tony wanted to do was spend his lunch studying on the bleachers, he didn’t expect Pepper to set him up on a study date with school football player and long-time crush Steve Rogers. Steve may not have known about Tony’s crush on him, but there are things about Steve even Tony doesn’t know.

I Ain’t With It by secretly_a_savior:  Tony’s jealous because Steve’s been spending time with the new kid on the football team, and he fears he could be replaced.

Locker Boy by huggabee:  No one had ever imagined the football player and the nerd might get together, especially when the nerd was another guy, but things change when Steve Rogers walks into the locker room and hears a voice inside a nearby locker begging for help.

Finders Keepers by zams: Tony really hates football, but he really loves Steve.It’s not all torture, though, because Steve certainly fills those tight pants out well, and Tony never misses an opportunity to blatantly ogle Steve’s ass when he bends over to hike the ball.

Miracles of Detention by StarsAlign:  Steve was a good boy, really he was. It wasn’t his fault that he ended up in detention, like, all the time. Honest! But the one day he really doesn’t want to be there is the one day he’ll never forget.

Open Field in Front of Him by orphan_account (though I know who you are and this is brilliant, so I just wanted to say that):  Steve Rogers’s football season is functionally over after a loss to Rutgers, but he finds a distraction in Tony Stark (yes, THAT Tony Stark). A college AU Stony fic.

Guaraldi’s Christmas Lessons by nausicaa82: “Hey, Tony, you know I’ll always back you up.” Tony took Steve’s elbow and started guiding him towards the house.“That’s so good to hear because I also told them that you were my boyfriend.” Tony quickly whispered into Steve’s ear.“Wait, what–?”

Neanderthals in Tights (Also Known as a Football Game) by @wordsplat​:  In which Tony supports Steve at his first big football game, with guest appearances by an exasperated Pepper and an embarrassed Bruce, because yeah, okay, maybe Tony’s not really one hundred percent clear on the rules of this game. Why, exactly, are a bunch of neanderthals tackling his boyfriend again?

Can You Feel My Heart Beating? by snarkstark: Tony sighed, handing Rhodey his helmet and very pointedly rolling his eyes. “I still don’t know why I’m here."Tony hates football, but thinks he can learn to love it if they’re all as hot as Steve Rogers.

the last touchdown by calciseptine (WiP): All Tony Stark wants is to finish his robot. What he gets is an embarrassing and adolescent crush on the quarterback, Steve Rogers.Alternately, that story in which Tony can’t take care of himself and everyone knows it.

Love Me Like You Do by iStark:  Steve and Tony are in high school, and both pining for each other. Steve is the popular football star, and Tony is the nerd. Clichés everywhere.

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Dude I for one am part of the jungkookx everyone fandom but it's like so difficult finding some fics,do you kno some? I've read one on ao3 called rain and raspberries. It wasn't smut or anything but it was SO SWEET. If u don't know it u gotta read it. Plz.

OH YES Rain and Raspberries was really cute and sweet. HERE it is for those who want to read it. 

Now for some JungkookxEveryone fics, but before that, in case anyone didn’t know I’m a writer for JungkookxEveryone so I have a decent amount on my AO3 which can be found HERE.


5+1 Jungkookie AO3, Ongoing, a series of JungkookxEveryone one shots that are pretty cute. 

Tiny Waist AO3, Complete, because Jungkookie’s waist is so him and perfect, yes JungkookxEveryone smut.

철권 AO3, Oneshot, I haven’t read the entirety of this yet but it’s written by superman_crib and honestly anything written by them is good so check it out, but beware of the tags!

Orange Blossoms and Sea-Salt (Let the Light In) AO3, Ongoing, angsty (please heed the warnings).

He Ain’t Heavy (he’s out maknae) AO3, Ongoing, series dedicated to JungkookxEveryone and mostly hurt/comfort. 

Let’s Burn Baby Boy AO3, Ongoing, I haven’t read this yet but it looks pretty promising :)

Mercury Rising AO3, Oneshot, the hyungs taking care of Jungkook then the one time Jungkook took care of them. 

Sweet Killer AO3, Oneshot, assassin au. 

Begin Again AO3, Oneshot, OKAY THIS IS CUTE, Jungkookie not wanting to be an Alpha because he’s afraid the hyungs won’t coddle him anymore. 

Welp, this should be good for now hopefully haha.

love is simple, it’s just that simple by larrytale (6k)

“Love,” Harry says, and it’s kind of a routine now, because they’ve been together for 3 years and Louis has had insomnia for way longer than that. “Come back to bed.”

louis has insomnia, and harry has a whole lot of love for louis

far afield by quickedween (11k)

Harry Styles is a witch who owns the best flower shop in Manchester. Lottie Tomlinson is planning her wedding, and brings her brother along to her first appointment. Both men have been having a bad day and sparks fly.

white ibis by colourexplosion (19k)

au. they work at a zoo. it’s all very cute.

tea for two and two for tea by orphan_account (26k)

Louis turns five centimeters tall one day at work. Harry accidentally takes him home.

wind and rain (series) by darkerwings (45k)

Louis has been looking after Tessa since he was sixteen. Harry’s a man in a business suit who has loved his daughter’s babysitter for three whole years.

paint the sky with stars by kiwikero (62k)

On 10 April 1912, Harry Styles boards the finest ship the world has ever seen. Still grieving the death of their mother, he and his sister are being sent to America to live with a callous uncle who cares more about his business connections than family. Harry prepares himself for a long, disappointing voyage alone in his stateroom.

Louis Tomlinson has borrowed and saved, and finally has enough to purchase a Third Class ticket to America. With all of his belongings in a single ruck sack, he boards the Titanic filled with hope for a brighter future. Never one to sit still, he can’t resist exploring the massive ship, and soon goes sneaking into First Class in a stolen steward’s uniform.

By a twist of fate, Louis finds himself in Harry’s stateroom, entranced by the most attractive man he’s ever laid eyes on. He keeps returning day after day, even if he doesn’t understand what it is about Harry that continues pulling him in. That’s all right; Louis has a week to figure it out, and Harry is plenty willing to help.

Except they don’t have a week. They have four days. Because on 15 April, their entire world will be turned upside down.

Or, the historically accurate Titanic AU with a happy ending.

here in the afterglow by fondleeds (88k)

“If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.

Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.”


1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

resist everything except temptation by domesticharry (100k)

The lethargic sound of heels clicking against wood resonated across the sea. Footsteps descended the staircase, every assured step creating a menacing aura as it grew closer. Perspiration gathered along Louis’ palms as the rhythmic sound halted in front of him.

“Captain,” Malik greeted.

Louis watched out of his peripheral as Malik’s boots shuffled back a few steps. Sweat matted the hair along the nape of Louis’ neck as he waited for something to happen. He felt as if a sharp blade was twisting his gut as the silence became tangible.

There was a metallic slide of a sword being pulled out of its sheath, the sound startling Louis out of his cocoon of sterile shock. His shoulders jumped as the tip of a blade flattened underneath his jaw. Louis’ distorted reflection stared back at him in the polished metal. Engraved rose petals twisted his appearance as they crawled up the length of the sword. The sword lifted and took Louis’ chin with it.

Standing in front of Louis was Captain Styles.


The one where Louis is the commodore’s son who is forced to become a part of Harry’s crew when he is captured.

swim in the smoke by whonknows (101k)

“What about this, Captain?” Liam asks, nudging the boy kneeling between their feet with the toe of his boot. The boy hisses and swipes at him, slurring out something unintelligible around the makeshift gag Niall had to stuff in his mouth. He misses by a mile and tries again, just as ineffectively.

Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.

“Put him in my cabin,” Harry decides, turning back to deal with the rest of the loot. The boys screams out jumbled curse words at Harry’s back, muffled by the gag, and Harry can’t understand any of it.

let’s fall in love in a place you want to stay by embro (134k)

A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down.

this post will be updated every time i find a new fic to adore, so keep an eye out!

Fic Recs: Hannigram AUS/Canon Divergent

 Happy holidays everyone! I thought I’d put another fic rec list together to spread the cheer! I am not the biggest fan of AUs, which means I am not familiar with many. I have, however, been blown away by some I accidentally crossed paths with and hey, what a better time for AUs than when you may want to escape your holiday surroundings!? :)

Many of these are about 20k or 30k words in length (my jam!), most are mature or explicit, no WIPs, and all more or less have happy endings (NEVER major character death, but still MIND THE TAGS!) 

And don’t forget: Go send these authors some love!

(If they are on Tumblr and I couldn’t find them, tag them so they get some love :))

Black Rock Mountain by @bokunojinsei


“Will is a hitchhiker with questionable hobbies. Hannibal is a man who has questionable motives. When Hannibal drives by Will who just so happens to need a ride, things quickly take a turn from the questionable to the downright depraved.“

This is amazingly written, in-character, savage, tender and super insightful all at once! The sequel Lafitte is even more stunning, with nuanced understanding of these characters’  turmoil, love, trust,and intimacy. Damn, I wish I could read it again for the first time!

Eremite by @drinkbloodlikewine and @whiskeyndspite 


“Will Graham is homeless in Florence, making money reading people who pass by. Set post Red Dragon verse.“

Ever had a craving for more Dimmond? Maybe as Will’s friend? What about a slow-burn starring Will’s stubbornness, self-hate and pride, and Hannibal’s tactless attempts at making amends, all wrapped up in searing prose? This is for you!

Turn the Page by @disraeligearsgoestumblin


“After Hannibal went to jail, Will sold everything he had. He bought a motorcycle and ran.He ran…but eventually, if you run long enough, you’ll end up right back where you started.“

Oh man, this is so beautifully written and well-paced. Will is gritty and steadfast in this, and I love how he stays his ground with wanting to move forward and find his inner peace. Also what an amazingly hot and threatening “cowboy” Hannibal makes. Just saying, this is an amazingly satisfying read.

The Fox’s Wedding by @thehoyden


“Because Will’s life is bullshit, he gets gently kidnapped from the hospital after Hannibal guts him.“

Ah a courtship made with amends, distrust, love, and some wicked dialogue. What can taste better?

Sleeping in the Knife Drawer by @emungere


“Hannibal’s an FBI agent. Will’s a serial killer. He still has a lot of dogs and dislikes being sociable. Hannibal still wants to wind him up and watch him go.”

A short, but oh so haunting AU that convincingly switches Will and Hannibal’s roles, showing that they are not that different after all. Emungere wrote my favorite canon-divergent series in this fandom, Ladders, (haven’t read that? run, don’t walk), but this piece helped me see how great AUs can be.

A Tower to Broadcast our Dark Dreams by @coloredink


“Hannibal and Will have to pretend to be a couple for a case.  Everything goes downhill from there.”

Oh @coloredink, making AUs a thing of beauty since my BBC Sherlock days! It’s a fake relationship AU, a beloved and well-worn staple, but here the unpacking of emotions is so quiet and well-measured it stays delightfully in-character. It is the sequel to this which is equally beautiful, if less smutty :)

The Thorn of the Rose by @aglassroseneverfades


“ ‘Beware,’ it is said, “Beware, beware, do not go into the forest at night.” Yet go Will must in order to save his best friend Alana after she goes missing in that gloomy, forbidden wood. He finds her in the dungeons of an abandoned castle at the heart of the forest, imprisoned by a fearsome horned beast. A bargain is struck, one life in exchange for another, and Will learns that all is not as it seems in the ruins of Castle Lecter.“

My first AU in this fandom and the one that started it all. It’s a dark retelling of   Beauty & the Beast and it is so smart, so compelling, so wickedly well paced and written, and has a wonderfully unexpected ending. Head bravely into that dark forest, my friends!

Tale As Old As Time by @fervantrabbit


“I would consider very carefully before moving any further, Will,” says Hannibal. Will can feel the mirth dancing in time with Molly’s pulse.

“What am I considering?”

“A great perhaps,” he says.

If he could learn to love another, the spell would be broken. But who could ever learn to love a beast?”

Want more Beauty & the Beast retellings this time less magical and more literal? Prepare for some amazing fusion with canon! Also a brief but brave Molly appearance, kidnapping and falling in love in an old estate. The descriptions of the estate and forest, plus Will’s slow burn falling for his beast are stunning! 

The Fault in My Code by LiaSo/ @elfnerdherder


“Soulmates find their other half when they look into their eyes. After the next time they sleep, they wake with one eye the color of their intended. […]Things go horribly awry when he looks into Hannibal’s eyes, though. The next morning, he wakes up with one eye blue, the other maroon. He’s never wanted a soulmate, least of all one behind bars for murdering dozens of people and eating them. Hannibal thinks it’s delightful -it’s been dreadfully boring since he was locked up.“

The exciting soulmate universe created by LiaSo where a grumpy Will fights against the biological connection established with a very incarcerated Hannibal. Sexual tension for miles, featuring a kickass Molly, a funny Beverly, a coffee bogo for soulmates, and a very devious Hannibal :)

To Fuel Your Radiance by @GoldenUsagi


“AU where Will is the actual Devil.  After Hannibal sells his soul, a fascination begins to develop between them.  Will is intrigued by the unique monster Hannibal is, while Hannibal thinks Will is the most magnificent thing he’s ever encountered.  As their conversations continue, their involvement with each other becomes something else entirely.“

This is one of those cases where role reversals, like emungere’s, just shed light on how similar Will and Hannibal are, though their differences are what truly fuels their attraction and the wonders of seeing them banter, fight and fall in love. The dialogue in this is EXQUISITE.

Slip the Veil by @thisbeautifuldrowning


“He misses me, Will thought. He wanted what could have been, so much. He was lonely, looking for someone to finally see him for who he is. To accept him as he is. He thought he’d found that someone in me.

And how do we feel about that, Mr. Graham?”

Prepare for all those post-Mizumono feels and all the slow-burn negotiation that comes with grief and forgiveness!

Uncharted Sea by @louiselux


“Hannibal finally wakes from his injuries, and it becomes clear that he remembers nothing.“

This is bittersweet but so lovely. The dialogue is brimming with emotion and so well nuanced. I love the way this writer makes the mundane touching with their turn of phrase. Check out their other work and encourage them to finish their WIPs!

POST S3/POST CANON: Heed for angst with happy endings, new murderers, and plenty of sassy/conflicted Will.

Widow’s Walk by hysterbyrd @littlethingwithfeathers

“In the aftermath of The Fall, Will allows himself to be pulled back into Jack’s world of serial murder investigation. Someone is killing with quite elaborate purpose, marking their victims by smashing all the clocks in the house at the time of death.“

When This Old Tired Body Wants to Sing by @KareliaSweet / @lovecrimevariations

“Fuck me quicker, darling,” he purrs with liquid insincerity, “God forbid you see my face.”

Will never touches him unless it is in the dark. In the daylight he is a ghost.”

Byline and Bygones by @thenecron

“Jack struggles to accept a truth he already knows, and Will struggles with the beast. His, and Hannibal’s.”

A Wood Not Marked By Any Scar @ arboretum

“The beast was his, whether he wanted it or not.  And he did, he found, want it.  He did. Life after death: Will navigates his way through whatever mess he’s gotten himself into.“

Consumption by @deathstranded

“Sometimes Will imagines that they will die in this bed, fused together. He pictures it mentally. Perhaps he can get Hannibal to draw it someday. He is certain it would horrify most people, but he finds it rather romantic, their skin one large sheet, their bones twisted like old tree roots.”

Want a short tasty bite? What about A Photo by @red-earth-rising?

Some sadness, some miles to go and promises to keep.

 tagging people who can spread the love:








“Can we read this one?” Max asks, thrusting the book into Alec’s grip.

“Oh, well.” Alec’s hesitancy is evident in his voice, no matter how he tries to hold it back. “Are you sure you don’t want Hansel and Gretel?”

Max shakes his head.

“What about the Princess and the Pea?”

This only earns him a silent glare.

“Or Beauty and the Beast? I know that’s your favourite.”

Max pouts in an obvious sulk and Alec can sense the beginning of a headache just behind his eyes.

“Why won’t you ever read me this one?” There’s a shimmer of tears in his eyes now. “Everyone else gets to hear it. James says it’s the best one.”

Alec should have known. Max and James had become fast friends over the past few weeks and whatever James does Max will copy, whatever James likes Max now likes too. Sighing he settles down onto the bed beside Max, resting the book on the sheets between them.

“Once upon a time there were hunters blessed by angels that protected the world from monsters.” Alec begins.

Max is terrible listener, but for Alec it’s the best part of telling him a story. He’s always been this way, constantly interrupting and asking questions.

“Like Dad?” He asks when Alec introduces a warlock.

“Why doesn’t he marry the Warlock?” He demands when Alec tells him the Hunter has proposed to the new leader.

“This story is dumb.” He complains, arms crossed in frustration, when Alec begins to describe the wedding ceremony.

“What happened to them?” Max queries, as Alec finishes the last page.

“They lived happily ever after.” A voice from the doorway has both their heads turning, and there stands Magnus, leaning against the doorjamb a wistful look on his face.

“Forever?” Max yawns as Alec shifts off the bed to tuck him.

“Forever and ever.” Alec whispers, smoothing the hair from his forehead and placing a kiss there, he’s asleep before Alec finishes the words.

He walks over to Magnus, into the arm that’s outstretched and waiting for him. With one final glance back at Max he switches the light off.

“That’s my favourite fairy tale.” Magnus tells him.

“Mine too.”

For @asexualalexanderlightwood 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you knew of any stony fics that involve time travel? Like tony or Steve going back to the 1940s? Thank you for posting so many fic recs! You’re amazing!

Time Travel is one of my favorite tropes.  Lots to choose from, but here are some that feature travel back to Steve’s time.  Enjoy!


Thanks for the Memories by @wordsplat:  When Tony is sent crashing-all too literally-into the 1940’s by an alternate-universe Loki’s spell, neither Tony nor Steve are prepared for the consequences.

Every Damn Day by @musicalluna:  The longer his relationship with Tony has gone on, the more Steve wishes he’d gotten the chance to sock Howard Stark in the nose.He finally gets his chance.

Would You Believe Me by Knowmefirst:  Tony has to travel back in time after Steve was sent back to 1945 during a fight.

The Twice-Told Tale by arysteia:  For someone he’d hero-worshipped for so long, Steve Rogers in the flesh is a pretty big disappointment. For one thing, he keeps looking at Tony as though he reminds him of someone else, and even if he never says anything, Tony’s pretty sure it’s his father. A lifetime of not measuring up to Howard’s expectations is more than enough, thank you very much, and he’s certainly not going to make an effort to live up to any of Steve’s. Steve’s pretty clearly failed to live up to his expectations, in any case, and that’s not hypocritical at all.  (The most popular Stony fic for a reason!)

Through Time Darkly by Professor_Fluffy:  When Steve and Tony end up in 1940’s Brooklyn, Steve is forced to make a decision he never thought he’d have to.

Back to the Past by Oh_Toasty:  When Tony takes the missle up into the wormhole, the wormhole takes him back to the forties where he meets Steve.

Calls Me Home by steve-capsicle-rogers: Tony can’t help but notice the far away look on Steve’s face. The visible pain and loss. It wasn’t right and giving Steve back everything he’d lost was the right choice. The right thing. And honestly Tony didn’t do the right thing near enough.prompt fic: time travel, WWII, Steve/Tony

Her Mysterious Man by superhusbandfeels:  Tony had just created Time Traveling.(Take that, Reed!) But he is not to interact with ANYONE in fear of tearing apart the space time continuum. But nevertheless, he is still able to travel anywhere through time. So, why does he end up in 1942? And who is that gorgeous woman in those red dancing heels sitting all alone? And why does she seem so familiar to him?

Black Eye by wirewrappeddaily:  “So, I was just in 1945 punching your father in the goddamn face.”

A Shadow Hanging Over Our Fate by CaptainDean13:  The Avengers get sent back in time to WWII where they run into the Howling Commandos… complete with Bucky and Steve. Little hard to explain that away, especially when you are trying to keep some major secrets. Secrets like how you ended up in the future and why the hell Bucky is now a scary (reformed) assassin with a metal arm, not to mention that you married your friend’s son.

Full Circle by azuredragonsleeps: Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark in an alleyway in 1935.Tony Stark meets Steve Rogers at SHIELD in 2012.

Double Time by @sineala:   Cassino, Italy, December 1943. Special Agent Tony Stark, former Marvels adventurer, is sent to investigate a Cosmic Cube found by the Invaders – and it’s the perfect opportunity for him to rekindle his secret romance with Steve Rogers. But when Hydra attempts to steal the Cube, an inadvertent wish for help leads to the appearance of a Tony from the future of another world: Director Stark of SHIELD. This Tony is a man with a lot on his mind. He refuses to tell them anything about the future, but he seems to know much more than he should about Captain America. And something’s happened that’s clearly killing him inside, but he’s not talking. When Director Stark’s failed attempt to return home leads to the unexpected appearance of another visitor from his universe, all the lies come undone. Now there are two wars to fight, and the second one could ruin all of them.

The War Was In Color by cvsossong:  Steve Rogers lives a domestic, peaceful life with his husband and son in the Avengers Tower. But when Loki sends him back to the 1940s, into the battlefields of WWII, it’s up to the team and his family to bring him home before they lose him forever.

paradoxical scar tissue by isawet:  Tony travels back in time to pre-serum Steve, where they spend time together and Steve becomes attached–until Tony disappears. Fast forward and Steve is reunited with Tony–who doesn’t remember him at all.

finding my way back to you by theappleppielifestyle:  Ten minutes after a botched attempt at proposing to Tony, Steve is thrown back in time.

Tomorrow’s Reality by Fluffypanda:  A Hydra plot accidentally brings Steve Rogers to the future before he becomes Captain America. (kind of the opposite of the ask, but still fits the general idea, I think)

I Started a Joke by naferty: "Tony?“"Who the hell is Tony?” (thank you for the suggestion @coffeeandcake96)

Beckon Me Home by @winterstar95: A change in circumstances switches the tables on Tony. When an assassination attempt leaves Steve debilitated, Tony is his only hope. In order to save Steve, he might very well have to suffer the same fate as Steve. A story about the paradox of love.

anonymous asked:

have you tried reading Russian Roulette by Vixen Tail?

Good god, yes, YES I HAVE. It’s one of my biggest KHR fanfic obsessions currently. I even made a fanart of it too on my DA page. :D 

Sonya is an amazing character, and I’ve always loved how Vixen Tail writes. This is one of the few fics that really, really does OC-writing right, and the literal world-building is fantastic. Fighting scenes, though few, are rather artfully written, character interactions always leave me wanting for more, and the way the mafia world has been structured in this is just so dynamic.

It might be a bit (okay, a lot) slow-paced for some people, but I honestly feel it is highly worth the time to read. So for those of you who haven’t read it - please do try it out, if you have the chance!

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Which are your favirite fanfictions?

Silver Pard.

SILVER PARD THO. Please read Alternative and Oneiromancy at least but basically read everything from this person please. The best thing about Silver Pard in my opinion is how subtly and delicately they could describe the characters’ emotions, too good to be healthy anymore. Those above would very likely break you but if they do, read Adaptation. Good luck and take care. 

And then Phlegethon River. If you have been around me long enough and have a good memory you will recall a period where I could not shut up about Nilahxapiel. Well that period is not over. Please read Nilahxapiel. Her more well known fic would be Memento Mori and it does live up to the reputation and expectation. Nilahxapiel’s stories always have brilliant plot. Even her coffee shop AU is pleasant I have no word. Recommending everything she has written but especially The Scream.

There’s a collaboration between Nilahxapiel and Dante’s Muse called Spira Mirabilis. It’s unfortunately dropped but it is still a good read. By good I mean excellent. I wish more people knew about this AU.

This one, Second chances and the sequel Third time lucky by Spades 44 [ fairyunprincess ] . I did try my best not to swear until now but holy sh-t do I even need to talk more about this. No actually I had a complex relationship with this one very fic but it is incredible. Fantastic world building, interesting character development.

Last one. Putting this on the end just because I have a feeling I’m expected to list this first so I’m just gonna do the opposite lmao- sorry. Those who stand for nothing fall for anything by halfpromise [ youcannotrelight ]. This fic sent me straight to bed halfway of my first read for a good week and then constantly hammers my heart until the present point to make sure that I’ll never recover but I don’t want it to end. This is the end of me. The best story written in the first person point of view I have ever read, actually manages to exploit everything good from that. Very intense and realistic depiction of emotions that always feels like burning. Please read if you haven’t. Also recommending A Cure for Love.

I in fact have read I liked a lot of L/Light- (wait did I mention? this whole list is L/Light or very close to that) fics but these listed above are the ones that leave the most impact on me and I think I have spent an obscene amount of time to think about/ draw scenes from them (apart from Silver Pard- I don’t have the ability) and I regret nothing.