Against His Better Judgement (34590 words) by lululawrence
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson/Original Male Character(s), Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Niall Horan/Gemma Styles, Gemma Styles/Original Male Character(s)
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Gemma Styles, Original Character, The Tomlinson Family, Anne Cox
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs, Miscarriage, Implied/Referenced Cheating, Kinda

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Or a husband. Whatever.

The modern Pride and Prejudice AU starring Louis as Elizabeth Bennett, Harry as Mr Darcy, Zayn as Jane/Charlotte, Liam as Mr Bingley, Gemma as Georgiana, and Niall as…..well…Niall.

French Kiss AU, Part I - manip by me, fic by lala-kate

This wasn’t the plan.

But there’s softness of her dress, how it whispers across his skin like silken magic, how the swell of her hips mold into his as if the two of them were crafted from the same slab of marble. Then there are the contours of her breasts, the faint flush of her cheeks, the small mole on her neck just beneath her left ear, one he is certain must be a mark of immortality, one he imagines tastes like honey and burns like wildfire. She isn’t supposed to affect him like this, reducing him to the status of a beggar staring at a feast he’s forbidden to sample, one that makes his mouth water, his palms sweat and his mouth empty save for an aftertaste of soot and ashes.

Who is the goddess now?

The words had tumbled from his lips before he’d had the sense to stop them when she’d walked out of the bathroom wearing that blue dress, her hair drifting just past her shoulders, her legs bare and perfect, her neck begging for his lips. But it had been her eyes that had done it—how they’d rounded when the texture of his words brushed her cheek, making her smile just so, enlisting him as her servant for the rest of his life.

Their bodies merge together, taking up a dance neither of them will remember initiating but will press into their memories for reasons of their own. It is a dance that will change everything. But for now, it feels like an end.

He’d used her. He’d followed her from Paris to The Cote d’Azur. He’d poked fun at her determination to track down the fiancée who’d dropped her for another woman and force him to see reason. But now he loves her…more than a thief such as he should be allowed to love a woman.  And far more than a woman such as she could ever love him back.


Her voice brushes his heartstrings, thrumming a melody reserved for her alone, one composed of modes both major and minor, a tune his soul can already sing by heart. His hands slide down to the curve of her backside, careful to keep them from straying any lower, even though his fingers now throb from the stifled need to explore her landscapes and memorize her terrain. Her nipples pebble against his chest, and her soft intake of air ensnares him with cords of silver, binding him to her in a fashion she cannot see.


Her eyes hold him captive, her mouth guides his fate, the beat of her heart insistently commanding him to do her bidding, even if it means releasing her into the arms of another man. It takes all of his self-control not to press his mouth onto hers and devour her body and soul.

“Do you…?”

She pauses. So does his heart.


They stand nose to nose, breath to breath, her lips parted and inviting, his heart unwrapped and exposed. He swallows, so does she, and he leans in closer, as close as she’ll let him, and she meets him halfway until he swears he can feel her pulse. Her breath warms his cheek, feathers against his ear, speeds through muscle and bone, igniting a fire that consumes him everywhere at once.

“Do you really think Daniel will want me back?”

He breaks open and collapses yet somehow stays on his feet, swaying with her to the music as his heart unravels around his ankles.

“Of course. How can he resist?”

He thinks she should smile at this. But she doesn’t.

“And you? What do you think?”

He opens his mouth and shuts it again, trying to breathe, trying to think, trying to collect enough moisture in his mouth to formulate an answer.

“I think you’re stunning,” he manages, nearly choking on his honesty. “In every way.”

Does she know, he wonders, when she freezes in his arms? Does she pity him for loving her when she wants another man? Does she sense she is both his life and his ruin, that he’d follow her to hell and back  simply for the chance to hold her like this the rest of the night?

“Well, then,” she hums, averting her eyes from his. “How can I lose?”

“You won’t,” he whispers, bringing her palm to his lips, pouring everything he feels into a mere brush across her skin. “I’ll make certain of that.”

She’s staring at him, and he knows he must either step away or press her to the wall and kiss her with everything he has.

Who is he kidding?  She’d run and never look back.

“I’ll take care of Zelena,” he continues, forcing a smile he hopes looks genuine. “She’ll be feeling hurt, jealous when Daniel realizes his mistake and chooses you over her.” He swallows down images that taste bitter. “And I will…I will comfort her.”

Her face scrunches into itself.

“Don’t look too pleased with your assignment,” she states. “I wouldn’t want you to do anything too unpleasant.” He can’t read her then, hoping what he sees in her eyes is jealousy, resigned to the fact that it’s reserved for another man. A man who doesn’t deserve her, he thinks with more than a fair amount of bitterness. After all, what man in his right mind would walk away from Regina Mills?

“I do it for you,” he assures her. “So you can win back your Daniel. So you can be queen of the castle again.”

She sighs and lays her head on his shoulder. He shatters into a thousand pieces.

How can let her go, this woman he met by chance on a plane, this woman who called him out for using her to smuggle a vine through customs, this woman who knows he stole a necklace to finance a childhood dream fading into oblivion, this woman who for some reason let him join her on a journey he’d once found laughable and childish?

It’s now a journey that burns in his gut and makes him want to scream. It’s a journey that will ultimately taker her away from him forever.

“Just hold me,” she whispers, her hands now colder than they should be. He collects those icy fingers, encompassing them one by one, knowing the imprints from this last dance in the dark will only deepen when he finally has to let her go.

Many thanks to Laura for this lovely prompt! We will have a part 2 coming out soon so be on the look out!

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i feel like i've read every decent frerard fic ever but you seem to have like. a limitless source of good fic so. do you have any recs of anything less well known or maybe new?

ok ok so here r some good fics that r not discussed as much (or at least ones i havent mentioned as much on here)

cover to cover

all i want for christmas is you and its sequel the permanent thought of you

midgets and madmen run this scene

sixteen tons (how frank made it happen)

something wicked this way comes

like a stone in the sea

your heart the only place that i call home

in a pretty how town

this tornado loves you (ok i actually talk abt this one a Lot but its important that u read it if u havent already its my whOLE SOUL)

against the wind

i was your silver lining

public enemy

art could save a wretch like me

on the midtown direct

cupids chokehold

life as a symptom

no experience necessary

til i find a place

you will leave a mark


moth to flame (or whatever) - i went thru sO FUCING MUCH 2 find this link bc i didnt hav it in my bookmarks and couldnt remember the name all i could go off was ‘the florist!frank au’ and then i remembered reid ratkinq did a drawing of frank from that fic so i went back thru her art tag until i found it basically god bless u reid w/out u i would b loST

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Ryan! What kagehina fanfics would you recommend?

im crying im responding to this so late but the truth is i haven’t even READ that many hinakage fics…..i kind of stopped reading fanfic once i started writing so i would be able to keep my characterization straight, BUT

gold star, ash sky is the only haikyuu fic i’m currently following and it deserves every one of it’s kudos and MORE. it’s a httyd/edo period au with samurai, dragons, spirit bonds, angst, gay, and my fav kageyama characterization (bc he’s a dick for the first two chapters). LONG CHAPTERS!!! ANNE IS AMAZING!!!!

once more, with feeling is my favorite for fluffy hinakages….i have read it 4-5 times and i just keep going back to it…..first kisses (but like. really REALLY well-written first kisses)

love & victory should be read by every hinakage fan ever, because it is THE college au and anne might possibly maybe hopefully be writing a sequel. it’s like…it made me fall in love with hinata and kageyama all over again, okay. let’s just leave it at that.

and of course, since it’s me you’re asking….two good smut fic recs:

when you’re away this is…..a skype fic. if you don’t know what a skype fic is, let me allow you this great awakening. okay, but really, kageyama’s pov and characterization are so on point, and the mutual masturbation is SSOOOOOOOOOOO DHNDNSJSKKK (also, the ORIGINAL skype sex fic is HERE i promise you don’t even have to be in the fandom to appreciate, it’s THAT good)

come on closer burned my crops and ate my children. it was….really, really hot. don’t read this if you’re in a room with other people. it’s hands down some of the best sex i’ve read in a long while. i had to get up and take a lap twice in order to keep myself together. actually, i’m going to reread it rn.

(ofc there are other more well-known hinakage fics i’ve read but since those ones are rly rly popular, i tried to include some fantastic ones that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve)

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what fics are you loving rn? what are your favorite personal headcanons? what are your favorite fandom accepted headcanons?

Fics I’m loving: Four Nights by theapolis has just been completed on AO3 and it was a delightful read; arranged marriage and miscommunication and protective Erik and everything good in the world. Made me super happy. I am currently about a third of the way through The Boy With The Heart on his Sleeve by euphorbic and i am soooooo in love and I don’t want it to end ;__; I’m trying not to rush reading but but it’s just so. fucking. good!!! The writing is astonishingly beautiful. (Obviously there are heaps more but those two spring immediately to mind.  Jesus this fandom is talented!)

Favourite personal headcanons: 
- Charles and Erik met when 17 year-old Charles was at Oxford and after [something horrible] Charles wiped Erik’s memories of the whole thing. Which is horrible to think about but ohhhh the delightful extra layers of angst it adds
- I know his powers manifested in the camps but I like to think that when Erik was a baby all the cutlery in the house would rattle whenever he cried.This is why Edie’s got so much faith that he can move the coin in Shaw’s office :(
- Erik loves Charles’ telepathy and finds it a huge turn on. The “you’ll know to stay out of my head” thing was more like “hey i just met you and this is crazy but those are my most traumatic horrible personal experiences that made me into this sad revenge machine so maybe don’t look too deep in there”? But he’s pretty chill with Charles in his head most of the time. He just doesn’t like being seen as vulnerable, ya know? 

Favourite fandom accepted headcanons: omg, so many!! 
- Charles and Erik first hooked up on the gay mutant road trip 
- Erik is a brilliant cook and Charles burns cereal
- Charles protecting Raven from Kurt and Cain’s abuse
- Erik has a huge dick and Charles has an even bigger size-kink
- Plane sex in dofp (and again in their paris hotel room)
- Alex and Darwin were in looooove and in every AU verse they should be together (and alive)
- Charles the slutty bisexual who fooled around with EVERYONE at Oxford
- Chess is basically foreplay
- Erik is good with babies and small animals 

There are so many more but I can’t think of any right now! Thanks for the great questions <3

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Could you Rec some SteveTony in which the other avengers bet on, react to or tease them about their relationship in a friendly way? Thanks love :)

Hi love ♥ Here you go:

Hope these are what you had in mind (:
Defiance and Progress - rosepetals42 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

When Derek literally stumbles into Stiles at a slave auction, he expects to buy him and his friend and stop worrying about him. He expects it to be simple and easy. But there’s nothing simple or easy about “owning” Stiles. And Derek never does stop worrying.


It certainly isn’t the proposal of her dreams, the one she imagined from the time she was little, but there is something comforting about his voice, about his presence here beside her, despite the disappointments of the evening. That’s what she’ll focus on while he’s gone, as she tries to build something in her heart for him that isn’t based on hopeful foolishness.

This set is dedicated to  Saskatoon Berry Pie,  written by the insanely talented just a dram. Sansa’s family is killed in a train accident, and she goes to Canada to live with her cousin, Jon Snow, who joined to Mounties.  There are two excellent chapters written with the promise of more coming! I am so excited for this story!

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Hey I love REALLY LONG modern at fics, some favs are Love In Idleness and Nothing Gold Can Stay by Purkynurples, have any other suggestions????!
Between Darkness and Light
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

By exaggeratedspecificity aka brotherslovershunters

Sam and Dean finally found happiness, a tiny scrap of peace in the otherwise violent cacophony of their lives. They moved back to their hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, letting domestic life fold in easily around them as they built a life together away from the darkness of their past. For a while it was good, better than maybe either of them deserved. Sam finally let himself believe they had escaped the bloody, violent death he always feared was in store for them. Sadly, suddenly, the greed, violence and jealousy of mortal men swooped in and took it all away.Twisted by grief and consumed by revenge, Sam paints his face with a Glasgow smile of white and black and tracks down the men who split his soul in two, making them pay for what they did.

This was inspired by The Crow graphic novel by James O’Barr. This is a horror story. Read the warnings and please heed them. There is beauty, love, and light woven in between but you will need to wade through darkness to reach it.

Soundtrack on Spotify

Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Violence, Revenge, Domestic Winchesters, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Animal Death, Hurt Sam Winchester, Hurt Dean Winchester, Sam Kills Everyone, Crimes & Criminals, Drug Addiction, Overdosing, Homophobic Language, Sexual Violence, Murder

Art by the incredibly talented chomaisky  

My deepest thanks to my best friend and beta dollylux for her constant love and support and the talented homo-pink for inspiring me to push myself as an author  

random HL fics

It is 1943, and there is a boy in Louis’ basement. Set during World War II.

Louis is a creative director in a small advertising firm with a deadline to meet. Harry is a duke who’s fallen through a portal in time and space. They meet and fall for each other. A Kate and Leopold-esque AU.

AU. Harry’s band is on the verge of breaking up. Meanwhile, he meets Louis on the London Underground.

louis is haunted by villains and doesn’t believe in superheros until a kid with overly-large green eyes shows him how to see the extraordinary in everyone.

Harry’s got more on his mind than he’s comfortable saying, and Louis has nothing to hold back. Louis is brighter than the sun, and it shows in everything he does. Harry thinks he shows nothing at all.

Entrancing. Mesmerising. Unique. Exciting. Adventurous. Fascinating. Unpredictable. Whirlwind. Rush. Beautiful. Harry is still not sure whether he is describing the sea or Louis.

The trees sprout fingers, but an even more shocking event steals the spotlight. A Welcome to Night Vale AU ficlet.

It’s been a year since Louis got hurt.

Sometimes, when Harry’s alone, he catches the scent of Tom Ford cologne where it doesn’t exist. Louis’s never stepped foot in this room, but Harry breathes in the ghost of him and pretends not to notice the goosebumps breaking out across his skin.

Keep reading

Fic Rec!

I just finished The Wedding Planner and I don’t even know what to tell you tbh. I can’t do it justice with a one line summary. I died. Personally, I love angst as long as it ends on a good note but this one still managed to drain the life outta me….in the best way possible. I should mention, the smut is just- you’re gonna die. its a must read! 

Fav line ( more like paragraph but I can’t I have to) 

“Are you sure you wanna be with me? Like really fucking sure? Because I gotta warn you, Mickey, I can be a fucking handful sometimes. There will  be times when I talk way too much, or start fights for no good reason. I will  figure out how to push your buttons and I’ll definitely fucking push them. I can be a fucking slob. I don’t clean up after myself…at all. I’m stubborn as all hell, I’m a fucking psycho,” he continued once Mickey was standing in front of him, his tattooed hand reaching up to cup his cheek. He swallowed the thick lump in his throat and kept going, “I’m unpredictable. I’ve been okay for the past couple of months, but who the fuck knows when I’ll have my next breakdown. I’m a goddamn mess, Mick. I’m a mess. I just want you to be really  fucking sure that you want this, that you want me. That you’re not going to wake up one day and regret me.”

Mickey caressed Ian’s cheek with the pad of his thumb before leaning forward and pressing their foreheads together. “I want this, Ian,” he murmured. “I want all of this. I want all of you.”


Two more fic recs

I know CS AU week is technically over, but I just discovered these fics yesterday, and I love them. Both author’s writing styles are totally up my alley. Check them out, if you haven’t yet. :-)


Dark Horse by initiala​

Emma moves back to town following the highly-publicized scandal that leaves Killian Jones as the new owner of the Huntsman’s Horn Stables. She’s determined to help pick up the pieces in the wake of the tragedy, even with the eyes of the racing world on Storybrooke Downs–and the eyes of the new trainer on her.

Unwanted Destiny Trilogy by bookstoreromantic

No-curse AU. Princess Emma has a magic charm that lets her slip into the city unnoticed. On the eve of her 21st birthday she meets Lieutenant Killian Jones and a different sort of magic takes hold.

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could you pretty please recommend me some johnlock fics? thx so much!

ah yes of course! i don’t know what you’re looking for but i’m gonna just rec you my favourties here alright just tell me if you’re looking for something specific

the paradox series by wordstrings is a masterpiece and you’ve probably read it already but just read it again ok

bloody but unbowed by beautifulfiction is my secret favourite. the most cliche scenario you could possibly think of but i love it so so so much.

performance in a leading role by mad_lori is a classic and everybody knows it. probably my favourite au.

NO WAIT. it’s not my favourite au. that would be two two one bravo baker by abundantlyqueer! i can’t praise this enough. flawless writing and the plot is so good oh my god.

be here now by todesfuge is also one of my favourites because irene has a major role in it and i just love the concept of the story.

idk if you want anything else just let me know xx

soulmates au

In a serious, like, fit of cosmic irony, the name on the inside of Louis’ wrist is HARRY.

The moment their eyes meet, the man’s giving a ridiculous ten-watt grin, dimples popping on either cheek. However, Louis hears a string of shitshitshitshit that obviously isn’t coming from either of their mouths.

Soulmate AU where when two soulmates meet they can hear each other’s thoughts for a limited amount of time.

“Must be fate,” Harry jokes, rolling his eyes and Louis’ face softens as he nods in agreement. “Well Harry, we are soulmates after all,” Louis reminds as if he thinks Harry might’ve forgotten, even as his hand is still stuck to the wall.

AU where Harry doesn’t believe in soulmates despite living in a world where soulmates and fate are key words. Louis is just a boy he meets but at the same time, he’s so much more.

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This is your semi-regular post to tell you that you should read Loaded March

(I’d like to start with an apology to my long-time followers who were convinced to read LM a long time ago and still see this post a few times a year)

RIGHT LADIES, GENTLEMEN, AND ALL THOSE WHO FIT INTO NEITHER CATEGORY. Who loves reading fanfic? I do, you do, the person who sat next to you on the bus that time who was smiling at their phone probably does!

Who loves Merlin the BBC show? I do, you probably do, and all the viewers from when it was first broadcast to now do.

Who loves well-written literature which includes fantastic characterisation? I do, you do, many people since the dawn of writing have and do. Your English teacher certainly does.


Well guys it is your lucky day.

Take my hand and allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of Loaded March.

Loaded March is a fifteen part series (with the 15th and final part coming out soon!) set in a modern universe in which Arthur Pendragon and his knights are an SAS team called Excalibur and Merlin is a communications specialist assigned to them. I realise that the summary I just gave you really does not do this fic justice so just bear with me please.

But Cat, I don’t like military fics, is this really for me? Well friend, I have a confession to make: military fic is not my thing either. In fact, it’s why I didn’t read LM until after the 9th part was published and even then it was only because I was procrastinating revision and was running low on really good fic to read. So I thought what the hell and I have never looked back. The army setting is actually really easy to get your head around, and most terms are explained within the fic. For those that aren’t? There’s this page on the wiki (more on that later). warning, the rest of the wiki is not spoiler free.

I still don’t know though, it seems kind of long? Welll… yes. It is. BUT the first part is less than 35k. Easily read. It’s a series so you can take your time over it. Radioman (the first part) is wonderfully easy to read and really serves as an introduction to the world and the characters. The series doesn’t really feel all that long because you can take breaks between the parts if you want to. Plus, you get so into their world, you don’t really notice the time passing (a sign of good writing!).

Hang on, SAS team? Isn’t that like 16 characters already not including any off the team? Isn’t that a lot of characters to remember? Here we come to one of the best things about Loaded March. Each character is given the time and development needed for you to not only remember them, but care about them as well. How is this done? By not attempting to throw all of the characters in from the beginning. Radioman really focusses on the main characters – Arthur, Merlin, Leon, Perceval, Gwaine, Lance, with appearances from the others. Slowly, other characters are swirled into the mix. I think it’s not until maybe the 4th part that my personal favourite character, Kay, really starts to get his development. And it’s absolutely wonderful because it means that he isn’t rushed at all. None of them are. The characters get brought in bit by bit, so we know each character in depth, before another one is brought to the limelight, so we remember each individual as just that: an individual. They are all written as real people. Which means that by the time that the drama  really ramps up a few notches, you care about them. You care what happens to them. And a lot of what makes Loaded March so wonderful is the emotional connection you feel to the characters.

Okay, but I’m not really sure you’ve told me what it’s about. I know, I know, and I keep trying to work out how to describe it without giving the game away and I’ve decided that I just can’t do it justice. The best way to work out whether or not this is for you is to do what I did and just dive in and read it.

So go read it here.

Okay so I’ve read it and come back to this post to tell you how right you are about the wonderfulness of Loaded March. What now???
Now you get to really experience the Hive.

What’s the Hive? Some sort of allergic reaction?
The Loaded March Hive Mind (shortened to LM Hive Mind, or just simple Hive) is the name for the fandom, as named by Footloose herself. This wonderful mesh of individuals is the support system you find whilst going through the Loaded March experience. On tumblr, we use the tags loaded march and LM Hive Mind. Please please please be aware that these tags are not spoiler free. However you can still use them before you’ve finished reading. Simply make a post using either tag, and people will flock to support you and get to know you.
Occasionally, people say that they were intimidated to join the Hive as we all seem to know each other well, but I promise you, we love meeting new people and very quickly you will find yourself getting to know a lot of new people! We’re all very friendly I promise! Simply introduce yourself and say you like Loaded March and you’re accepted into the family with open arms.

They sound nice! So, is that the end of LM then?
Certainly not! Not only do you have many people to theorise with and talk about the characters in depth with (at one point, before Lucan was brought into the limelight, out headcanons provided more lines for him than the canon! Which ment that we were even more delighted when it was his turn to be developed!), but you also have the extras to look at!

What extras do you mean?
Well first of all, there’s the Extras with a capital E. These are the smaller fics which don’t fit tidily into the main narrative but Footloose has blessed us with sharing. They come from a range of times during and before LM is set. They are particularly wonderful and we enjoy them a lot.
Next, there’s the LM Wiki page. This is set up by the Hive and has both facts from the canon, and headcanons on it, as well as some recipes and reviews of LM.
This LJ page is updated by Footloose herself to give us updates on LM and some of the other fics she works on.
The website is so wonderfully put together and helpful and words cannot express how wonderful this is.
Finally, the deviant art page shows some of the beautiful fanart for the series.

THE FUN BEGINS WITH THE READING, AND DOESN’T END THERE, SO GO AND START YOUR LOVELY JOURNEY TODAY! And please feel free to drop by my ask to tell my that you’ve started to read! :)