The Anguish of Silence and Indecision
I speak of Aengus at the very end. He is the ancient Irish god of love, youth, and beauty, and he employed four birds who carried messages of love. I have lost my heart to a friend who is already c...

by diddles25

Cùmaidh mi mo theanga, ‘gabhail ormsaI will hold my tongue, pretending

Fad ‘s gun cùm mi m’aghaidh sonaWhile I keep my face happy

Fhath’st ‘na làthair, ghàire ionmhainn,Still in his presence, his beloved laugh,

‘S miann leam a mhealtainn là leis…I want to enjoy a day with him…

Ciamar ‘thaiceas mi an fiamh-gàir’ seoHow shall I sustain this smile

Air a bheil fios agam breugach cruaidh dhomhThat I know is painfully false to me

Air a shon? Oir chan fheum e bith ‘n amharasFor him? For he mustn’t suspect

Oir th’ an t-eagal orm airson ar c

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